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In the beginning of the call, I’ll spend a few minutes getting to know you. We’ll talk about your job, where you live, your interests etc.

Then, I’ll ask you to share “what hasn’t been working for you” in terms of eating healthy. During this time, I’ll be taking notes and listening. Don’t worry if you ever feel stuck. I’ll be there to guide you.

From here, we’ll be discussing your vision for your future with food. I want to know what your dream end-result looks like for you. This allows me to get a clear picture of where you see yourself after working together.

Here's exactly what happens on the call:

Then, I’ll be providing you my feedback for what hasn’t been working. I’ll be sharing the root cause of your current eating habits. And what steps we’d take moving forward to get you the results you want with food.

At this point I will share my pricing and describe all of the specifics of my coaching program.

By the end of the call, you will have a plan for moving forward — whether you decide to work with me or not.
Regardless of the outcome, you will leave the call with clarity on what to do next.

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