I work with women who want to change their eating habits – without restriction or overwhelm.


I work with women who want to change their eating habits – without restriction or overwhelm.

You can either spend a lifetime attempting fad diets and cookie-cutter meal plans you found online...

Here’s the thing: you cannot rely on anyone outside of you to tell you how to eat long-term.

Despite what the diet industry leads you to believe.

This is what has been keeping you stuck.

You’ve been focused on the wrong thing.

Which is looking outside yourself for a “healthy eating how”.

...or you can gain the tools to create your own rules for healthy eating.

You’re constantly trying new methods of eating.

You Feel Out of control With Food and have no idea why you eat the way you do.

You’re left feeling unsatisfied from Foods you think you "should be eating"

Healthy eating feels dull and boring.

You’re confused as to which foods are healthy and which foods aren’t.

You genuinely have no idea why you don’t have the results you want yet.

Here's what happens when you give your power away with food:

If this is YOU, I totally get it.

I started by attempting every diet, health fad, and weight loss program on the market.

I was desperate to find the “secret diet” that would fix my food problems forever.

I spent years attempting to force myself to healthier eating habits.
This only left me feeling out of control with my eating habits & body.

From this place, I began to focus on what really works.
Which isn’t eating “the right foods”.

But on what brings us to take certain actions with food.

This process is the foundation of the Own Your Eating Habits program.

The truth no one is talking about: 

Which is why mass-marketed, cookie-cutter, quick-fix methods will not work for you.

It’s not getting the root of how healthy eating habits are created long-term.

What you eat is never the problem – it’s the symptom.

To change your eating habits we need to focus on the cause.

You never rely on outside methods to tell you what to eat.

You’re always eating foods you love, while providing your body with the foods it needs nutritionally. 

You’re able to separate your emotional state from food.

You always eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

You create nourishing eating experiences that feel satisfying.

You feel complete freedom and enjoyment around food.

You’re able to create the results you want with your body – without fuss.

Here’s what happens when you commit to the deeper work with food:

The Program

What’s been preventing you from eating healthy

What led you to your current eating habits

Evaluating your dieting history

Understanding your overeating patterns

Rewriting your past food story

Once you join, you will begin this 5-step process:

Learning how your brain affects eating choices

Managing your mind to create desired food results

Navigating your emotional eating patterns

Taking full responsibility with food

Changing your food beliefs

Learning to eat the way nature intended

Understanding your innate body wisdom

Listening to hunger and fullness cues

The truth about weight loss and stress

Creating body confidence

The Body


The “how” behind healthy eating

What aspects of nutrition to focus on

Managing your time around healthy eating

Creating a food plan that you can actually follow

Writing your own healthy eating rules (so you never, ever have to follow a diet again)

The Tactics


The Mind

Establishing your healthy eating identity

How to leave old eating habits behind

The life phases of healthy eating you should expect

Creating your life-long future relationship with food 

The Past


The Future



The Details

Each week, we will meet virtually for a 45-minute coaching session. During these sessions, you will learn lessons, evaluate progress, and determine the next steps to reach your goals.

Weekly 1:1 Coaching

I will be regularly providing you comprehensive video lessons as needed to ensure you have a full understanding of the concepts learned in this program.

Video Lessons

During the program, you will have 24-7 access to me as your coach through a private messenger. This is an opportunity to get coached on anything that comes up for you during the week.

Access to Your Coach

Is Own Your Eating Habits right for you?

This program is for you, if you feel like you’ve tried everything to change your eating habits.

And if you’re left feeling stuck and overwhelmed with what to try next. 

Everything in this program was very intentionally designed to clear up the noise and provide you with everything you need to eat healthy long-term.

That being said, this program is a commitment. 

We want to be sure it's a perfect fit.

You want a step-by-step process to change your eating habits long-term.

You want the ability to create your own food rules, so you never have to rely on a diet again.

You want to manage healthy eating with a busy schedule.

You’re sick of searching for a meal plan or diet that actually “works”.

You want customized coaching so you can have an individualized approach to healthy eating.

Here's how to know if it's right for you:

You’re done picking up healthy eating habits only to put them back down a week later.

You want the exact steps to follow so you stop wasting time and energy.

You’re ready to commit to a process that you know will give you the result you want with food.


Are you ready to finally change your eating habits – for good?


“Before I met Kat, I felt overwhelmed with books, diets, and weight loss programs. I needed a clear process to help me move forward and actually form healthy eating habits that lasted longer than a week. I felt helpless and like a failure much of the time. I knew I wanted to invest in Kat as a coach because the things she was saying about my eating habits were exactly what I needed to hear. I discovered how I would never have to live a restrictive life to get the results I wanted. I now will forever have a clear plan for healthy eating and weight loss that I never had before. I’m so grateful for my experience with her.”


Kat always takes her time to make sure I have everything I need to make the changes I want. She’s extremely patient and informative in her coaching. And she really, really knows her stuff! Before working with her, she was the first person to tell me that a meal plan was not the only way to go. She also took the time I needed to unlearn my unhealthy eating tendencies from my past. I appreciate her so much. Working with Kat will change your eating habits and your life.

- Liz D.