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Jun 24


Frustration Kat Rentas

Feeling frustrated and stuck in your journey with weight loss? Or feel like you’ve done everything you can and the results are still out of reach?

In this episode, we dive deep into the emotion of frustration—a common yet challenging feeling that many of us encounter on our journey to permanent weight loss. You’ll learn how to recognize and effectively validate frustration without letting it stall your progress.

We’ll explore:

→ How frustration manifests in your brain and body, making it tough to process

→ Why the particular emotion of frustration leads to feelings of confusion and being stuck

→ The importance of acknowledging and correctly validating these frustrations to move forward

→ How to move beneath your frustration so you can effectively take responsibility for your results

This isn’t about indulging your frustrations, but rather validating yourself for the emotions you experience along the way. When you do this, you’ll clear the path to take actionable steps toward permanent weight loss without resistance.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast today. I am very happy you’re here with me, and we’re going to talk about frustration today. So strap in and get ready because this is really a topic that is so important to consider when you want to Eat healthy naturally and lose weight for the last time.

It’s a fairly unexpected emotional experience as well. I see with clients when they’re doing this work, because what I want you to know is if you’re doing it right and healing your eating habits and removing your food struggles, frustration is a completely normal emotion to expect. So today I really want to give you the insight, the tools, the perspective to help you move through that so you can normalize it.

But before we get into the content of today’s episode, I want to give you a very exciting announcement. It’s an announcement that I am very pumped to tell you, and that [00:01:00] is that I am hosting a free challenge for all of you called Solve Your Food Struggles in five days. So here’s what’s going to happen.

You are going to go to catrentas. com forward slash challenge, and you’re going to sign up. And what we will do is over the course of five days, we are going to workshop and coach to help you solve whatever food struggle is occurring in your life now. So when you join, you will get access to our private Facebook group.

You will connect with the other ladies participating and show up each day of the challenge. starting Monday, July 1st. So we will be meeting July 1st through July 5th, and we are going to get to the root of what you will do to solve your food struggles permanently. I will personally be coaching you and supporting you on these calls.

So if you love these podcasts and get value from them, this challenge is going to take you to that next level. Level. So I’m so excited to meet all of you in person on zoom or in the Facebook group from [00:02:00] this podcast and support you that week, I’m going to be in there coaching all of you and you guys, it’s completely free.

So make sure you join today. If you’re driving right now, set a reminder. It’s at Katrentis. com forward slash challenge. It’s going to be epic my friends. All right, so let’s get into the super fun topic today of frustration but in all honesty, it’s actually one of my favorite emotions to talk about just because I personally feel like all of the Methods or protocols presented to us with healthy eating and weight loss.

Don’t touch on this enough. They don’t tell us what to expect when it comes to frustration or what to do with it or why it’s there. So I’m really excited to give you this resource so you can feel safer and more prepared in your journey. Now, the first thing with frustration that we have to do is you will need to give yourself some space.

Okay. To acknowledge. What [00:03:00] frustrations come up with healthy eating and weight loss? Now, I want you to just hold some space for yourself in this moment. And what thoughts come to mind about why you’re frustrated with where you’re at? And here’s, what’s interesting is you may not have ever been given this permission, right?

It’s not very often that we’re told, Hey, just tell me why you’re really frustrated. And so I invite you to do that. Notice what thoughts come to mind in terms of what frustrations you have. With healthy eating and weight loss. Now here’s the main frustration I hear. It’s the thought I’m tired and feel like I’ve done everything. Okay. So this is a valid. And I want you to take a moment and validate a thought like this if you haven’t yet. Maybe you never really have had your own back with this thought that I’m tired and feel like I’ve done [00:04:00] everything.

When you validate a thought, it’s not agreeing that you’ve done everything. It’s not agreeing that you’re powerless. It’s just saying, Oh, this has been hard and it makes sense why I’m feeling what I’m feeling. You can hold space for that thought without shaming yourself or trying to fix it. So, first do that.

Notice if you have that thought or a similar thought of, I’m just tired and I feel like I’ve done everything to eat healthy and lose weight.

This is a recurring thought that a lot of you have on repeat in your brain when it comes to this area of your life. Now notice the possible frustration in your body that occurs from a thought like this. That specific emotional signature and vibration. Frustration tends to be what I like to call throaty.

It will sit and lodge in your throat. It’s not necessarily at the base of your belly. It feels very [00:05:00] reactive and it’s tough for your body to process. I want you to notice how it sits in your human body because what is What you want to know about emotions like frustration that are tough to process is that these are the emotions that day to day tend to not be the most useful in terms of the results we want.

And so we want to manage frustration in a way that allows you to take action and create the results you want. Now, this doesn’t mean when we think about managing our emotions that we’re robots and we turn off the frustration like a light switch. That is not what’s going to happen, my friends.

But it is just useful to note that frustration and that particular emotion will not be the emotional fuel that ultimately creates the results with food and body that you want. Because here’s the thing about reactive, throaty, tough to process emotions like frustration, they’re not easily digested. And [00:06:00] when an emotion is not easily digested, you’re going to accumulate and pile on a lot of thoughts in your brain.

So you’re going to ruminate, overthink, spiral a bit, and it’s going to get stuck in your head. You’ll notice maybe with frustration, you feel confused and stuck a lot, because frustration is not an emotion you can resourcefully problem solve from, right? Notice this. It’s not focused on moving forward. It’s focused on holding on to suffering, piling on the thoughts.

and creating that lodgy, tough to process feeling in your upper chest or your throat. Notice these thoughts and how it makes complete sense. When you’re thinking, I’ve tried everything and nothing is working. I’m tired. It makes complete sense why this emotion is not properly fueling for changing the way you eat and solving for your weight loss.

Again, I’ve tried everything. Nothing is working. This is happening to me. These aren’t things that you can solve for [00:07:00] or that you will believe you even have the power to do. power to solve for. It all connects. The main points to keep in mind right now are that you will have thoughts about healthy eating and weight loss that create frustration for you.

No one is exempt from this. I want you to expect it, or maybe you even notice it now, which is great for us here because you can be your own case study. Then I want you to find these thoughts and just notice them. Notice that they will sound very victim y, hopeless, and even dramatic, and we all have them, so there’s no shame.

And it’s also important that you acknowledge them and validate their existence. Have your own back, say, of course I feel this way, of course I’m thinking this, and this doesn’t mean you have to logically agree with them. Then you need to understand how tough to process and reactive the emotion of frustration is and how it will compel you to stay stuck in your suffering.

You will feel confused, you’ll have less [00:08:00] access to logic and problem solving, and if you really hold on to these thoughts and it will not lead you to problem solving for healthy eating and weight loss long term.

Now, as I like to do to help you better understand this for yourself, I’m going to give you a client example. Now, we have many client examples who have worked through this, but I’ll give you a particular one that happened recently and how we were able to help her move through it. Now, with this client, her current weight loss, at the time was slow going.

So she was losing weight,

but it was happening very slowly. And the thoughts she was having at the time were, I’m doing everything and nothing is working. So of course the feeling she was experiencing was frustration. What kept her stuck in this moment was continuing to pile on the frustration thoughts and suffer.

So this means she continued to come up with more evidence for why her thought, I’m doing [00:09:00] everything and nothing is working, was true. So why she was doing everything and nothing was working. If you look for evidence, my friends, of the thoughts you’re thinking. You will always find it, it is a filter. So, her evidence was everything she was doing right and still not losing weight in the way she wanted.

It felt true to her because she was using the things she was doing right as evidence for the fact that nothing was working. She was using her amazing progress against herself. Now, here’s how we helped her because again, this is completely normal. None of us are exempt from the human experience , and we’ve helped so many clients move out of this.

We first let her know that it is okay to validate herself for why she feels frustrated sometimes. Yes, a weight loss journey can be hard. Yes, she has desired this result for so long in her life. Yes, we can hold that space for her. And then after we give [00:10:00] her that safety and that validation, Here’s the big, humbling piece that her brain wasn’t letting her see.

Her weight loss results made complete sense for the actions she was taking. And this will always be the case, my friends. And I’ll say it again. Her weight loss results made sense for the actions she was taking. Despite what her brain was telling her. So her brain was focused on what she was doing. Right.

And I call this a vending machine mindset. I notice it in my own brain too. It’s thinking like I put this money in, so where’s my candy? Where’s my soda? It’s expectant and entitled, but here was the reality. She was still. Working on her overeating, which is just when we eat past our fullness, and that’s something that was still occurring for her at that time, which is totally okay.

That’s why she was working on those skills. But in this moment, she wasn’t owning that fact and [00:11:00] taking responsibility when she was in this frustrated mindset because her frustration was not focused on what she could still work on and solve for. It was focused on making her a victim of her current created results, which is what will happen, my friends, this is not personal.

It’s what happens when we unknowingly indulge frustration. So, of course, the amazing client she is, once she saw this, it became clear to her and it felt like a relief for her. In her words, because then she could see that her results made sense. She knew exactly then where her area of work was, and she knew she had the tools, overwhelmingly, to solve for that skill building.

But what I want you to know is that taking responsibility is not shame. It’s not saying, I should have done this. It’s saying, you should have done this. This is something I have the power to change and I know the steps to do that. It’s stability. It’s certainty. It feels good. It will bring you relief.

Responsibility will help you [00:12:00] change the way you eat for life and lose weight for the last time. Frustration and holding on to those thoughts and providing evidence for them. will act as a smoke screen. It will have you use what you are doing against yourself so you can victimize yourself with the results you’ve created, rather than acknowledging why your results always make sense.

Going into a journey with healthy eating and weight loss, I want you to expect frustration, entitlement, or maybe even helplessness. As type A women, sometimes we don’t want to See ourselves as having these emotions because we consider them not pretty, but I promise you they’re going to be there and it’s okay.

I want you to notice those thoughts that come up that try and tell you, I’ve tried everything and nothing is working. These are just our primitive brains, toddler thoughts, nothing more. And although uncomfortable, it’s safe to have these thoughts without letting them run the show with your results.

[00:13:00] Notice the thoughts. Know where they come from, understand why they’ll keep you stuck, and then decide to take responsibility for your results from that resourceful place. Decide to acknowledge what you are doing well from a supportive place, but then always be willing to acknowledge how you can improve for the results you want.

And what you will do resourcefully to problem solve for that. Your results with healthy eating and weight loss are in your hands. And if you have a mindful relationship to your frustration and embrace responsibility with this area of your life. Guaranteed, you will be a completely different person one year from now, no doubt in my mind.

Again, do not forget to join me for our free challenge, Solve Your Food Struggles in 5 Days. You will not want to miss it and I will be so excited to support you inside. Go to Katrentis. com forward slash challenge and join today. All right my friends, I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will talk to you




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