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The exclusive experience for high-achieving women who are ready to eat healthy naturally and lose weight permanently.

Feel in complete control with food without pressure, restriction, or willpower.



Do you ever sit and wonder…”When will healthy eating finally click for me? At what point will I stick with it long enough to create the permanent weight loss I want?”

You’re committed to eating healthier and losing weight. You’ve taken the courses, done the research, and listened to the podcasts. Yet, you still can’t seem to make healthy eating stick, no matter how much effort you put in.

You’ve attempted diet regimens and tracked food metrics. You’ve planned and prepped meals extensively. You’ve delved into nutrition and clean eating. At this point, it feels like you’ve tried it all.

With healthy eating and weight loss, you’ve always felt capable of more.

This inconsistency leaves you feeling discouraged, frustrated, and burnt out. You’re over constantly needing to stay on track. You’re done trying to force yourself to stick with food rules you never genuinely wanted to follow. It feels like you’re constantly working harder, not smarter with healthy eating. 

You’re ready to end the all-or-nothing approach with healthy eating – once and for all. You’ve spent way too long in this all-or-nothing cycle, when what you really want is for healthy eating to feel natural. You want to be able to sustain healthy eating habits so you can lose weight and maintain those results with ease.

Your relationship with healthy eating has always consisted of either perfection or falling off track. There’s no in-between

Deep down, you’ve always felt there had to be a simpler, more natural approach.

You want to lose weight, but not at the expense of the fulfillment and enjoyment you want to have with food.

Imagine being able to eat healthy and lose weight with simplicity and ease

No more dieting, tedious tracking, or restriction necessary. No excessive time, prep, or energy required. Just simple, intentional eating decisions throughout your day – that could be made in a moment’s notice.

With this approach, eating healthy isn’t just something you occasionally attempt, it’s part of your identity. You fully see yourself as a woman who naturally eats healthy.

Picture It:

You live your life with ease, confident in your ability to make controlled eating decisions for your weight goals. It all feels simple, accessible, and doableno matter the circumstances.

You know it’s possible to consistently eat healthy and lose weight long-term.

But, how do you get there?
What haven’t you yet tried?

Your ultimate fear? That you’ll always have
subpar results with food and body.

That you’ll never reach your full potential in this area of your life. That you’ll spend a lifetime feeling like you never cracked the code with healthy eating and weight loss.

Currently, you know you’re not eating healthy consistently enough to lose the weight permanently. And, it feels like in order to do so, you'll need to sacrifice valuable time, energy, and brain space. Which aren’t resources you feel you currently have to spare.

What would change if you were able to eat healthy consistently by taking a completely different approach — one that doesn’t depend on time, energy, or willpower?

When you’re honest with yourself, you know that nothing will change unless you take a drastically different approach.

You’ve attempted every diet, protocol, and plan in the books. Despite showing up fully to each approach, you never achieved the results you wanted.

You want consistency with healthy eating. You’re ready for stable, lasting weight loss results. You’re no longer interested in endlessly solving for your eating habits. You’re ready to, at last, become a woman who identifies as a naturally healthy eater.

The Own Your Eating Habits process was exclusively designed to help you master this exact skill.

“Before joining this program, I was on the spinning hamster-wheel of dieting. I felt like I tried everything to eat healthier and lose weight, but nothing was working for me. I felt lost and frustrated.

I found Kat’s podcast and she talked about changing my eating habits at a deeper level. I was ready to commit to a long-term solution.

After joining the program, I really learned where I was keeping myself stuck. I started focusing on my emotions and body over the meal plans. I taught myself that I am in control with food, no matter what. I really learned how I can make my own food decisions without relying on someone else. I even created more space and energy for hobbies I love!

This will 100% be completely different than anything you’ve ever tried which is a good thing. Kat really knows her stuff. This is a coach who has been there and can spot your patterns from a mile away.”

"This will 100% be completely different than anything you’ve ever tried – which is a good thing."


Own Your Eating Habits: The Program

Teaching high-achieving women to eat healthy naturally and lose weight permanently — without dieting, tracking, or willpower.


The Who

You will leave behind the diet mentality and begin thinking like a naturally healthy eater. By understanding this fundamental shift in mindset, you'll transform your relationship with food. You’ll learn to manage your mind and remove the perfectionism from healthy eating.


The Why

You will start eating deliberately, rather than emotionally. You’ll learn to reduce urges to overeat and acknowledge hunger instead. Using these tools, you will ultimately reduce stress, lower cravings, and end emotional eating long-term.


The What

You’ll begin learning your needs and preferences with food to determine your eating choices. You’ll learn the only basics with nutrition you’ll need to make informed decisions. In doing this work, you’ll increase your overall satisfaction with your meals.


The How

You’ll learn to prioritize pleasure with your meals, without overeating. With this focus, you will begin honoring your natural fullness cues. Here, you will start experiencing more fulfillment from food, while also working towards your weight loss goals. 


Tracking Progress

You will learn to effectively track and evaluate your progress in this program. Rather than identifying solely as a student of this process, you will see yourself as a scientist who’s creating results through trial and error. With structured checkpoints like daily check-ins, weekly evaluations, and monthly reviews, you'll have a clear roadmap to ensure you’re moving forward at the most efficient pace.


Fast Action Bonus



THE Details

6-Months Of Weekly Group Coaching

You will be part of a small, exclusive group of like-minded women all working towards the same goal — using the best possible process to do so. You will meet during a designated weekly call time to receive coaching. Not only will you receive the support you need, but you’ll learn from watching other members of the program receive coaching.

Exclusive Slack Access To Coach & Cohort

You will have a dedicated private space to brainstorm with your coach and fellow cohort members. You’ll receive and offer support, share wins, and evaluate progress as a group. The accountability and camaraderie of the group takes your results to the next level. No one gets left behind.

The Own Your Eating Habits Course (All Modules)

The proven process to eating healthy naturally and losing weight permanently. As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive lifetime access to the four step process. You’ll learn the methods, build the skills, and master the process throughout the course of the program.

Bonus Resource Vault

Supplemental niche lessons to support you wherever you’re at in your progress. Consider this your treasure trove of bonus materials, ready for you when you need specific teachings. 

Session Recordings

Watch the coaching back after each session to review concepts. Reliving these sessions allows you to absorb every detail so you can apply the coaching effectively.

Program Workbooks

Through the structured exercises and reflections, solidify the learnings and implement the program material at the deepest level.

“Before working with Kat, I felt out of control in many aspects of my life. Sure, I was emotionally eating and feeling out of control with my weight. I was at my highest weight ever and couldn't pass by my favorite fast-food restaurant without grabbing a snack. But, I was also completely burnt out in my career, feeling like my marriage was on the brink of divorce, and never feeling like I had enough time with my kids. This made me feel like a failure as a mother — if I’m being honest.

Before I joined this program, Kat’s podcast resonated with me. She spoke about how your eating habits are reflective of how you’re managing your emotions, and yourself, in your life. I knew for a long time that my eating habits were reflective of my lack of fulfillment in life, so I knew she was the person to help me tackle these struggles at the deepest levels.

After joining this program, I gained so much clarity. Everything became simpler. I developed the skills to transform not just my eating habits, but also my marriage and life. And, hey, losing 32 pounds without dieting doesn’t hurt either!

I’m forever grateful to Kat. If you’re looking for a coach who will be patient, kind, and non-judgmental in the process, I highly recommend joining this program. I can say, without a doubt, it's the best investment I've made.”

"I developed the skills to transform not just my eating habits, but also my marriage and life. And, hey, losing 32 pounds without dieting doesn’t hurt either!"

Sara N. – Corporate Lawyer

Meet the coach and creator of this process


I’m Kat Rentas, the lead coach of this process and the host of the top-ranking Healthy Eating For Busy Women Podcast. I’ve personally helped hundreds of women become naturally healthy eaters and lose weight for the last time. I specialize in helping ambitious high-achievers remove the hustle from healthy eating so they can reach their ideal weight with ease.  

My coaching philosophy is simple: every woman is, by nature, her own best eating expert. You already possess the tools to overcome your food challenges. You just need to gain access to a manual for healthy eating that teaches you how to use the tools you already have. That’s where I come in.

Anyone, no matter where they’re starting from, can solve their eating struggles, create control with food, and become a naturally healthy eater.

When women learn to do this for themselves, without relying on an external source, we’re able to disrupt the diet industry that so many of us have struggled to get out of. We’re able to pass this along to our children and loved ones. This mission is the backbone of my coaching practice.

I can teach you how to solve your food struggles for life, become a naturally healthy eater, and lose weight for the last time.

Imagine Becoming A Woman Who:

✓ Feels light and healthy in her body without constant effort.

✓ Always makes intentional food decisions with minimal cravings.

✓ Enjoys food at the highest level without feeling the need to overeat.


✓ Feels healthy and energized from eating nutritious foods.

✓ Genuinely enjoys nutritious foods without feeling forced to eat them.

✓ Feels comfortable relaxing around food, knowing her weight is never at risk.

✓ Socializes or vacations with ease, knowing she’ll maintain her weight loss.

✓ Savors delicious foods she loves without overindulging

✓ Orders anything off the menu, knowing she can control her intake.

✓ Focuses her ambition on goals she is passionate about, rather than constantly trying to push healthy eating. 

✓ Has more mental freedom, never again worrying about healthy eating or weight loss.

"Before joining this program, I thought I was addicted to certain foods. I always felt guilty after eating the foods that I labeled as “bad”. No matter what diet or exercise program I tried, I always quit. I was feeling shame and disappointment in myself for not having the willpower I thought I needed to succeed.

After joining this program, everything changed. I no longer think of food as good or bad and I just eat what I find pleasurable. No weighing bread or counting calories. I just listen to my body. I know I have all the tools I need to be successful. I will never look for a diet program or an exercise program for weight loss again.

My ultimate goal before joining the program was just to lose weight and fit into a certain size pants that I thought would make everything perfect. In this program, I did lose the weight and am fitting into the size pants I wanted, but after these last six months that's not even the best part! The best part is I'm not focused on food and eating all hours of the day. There is no more drama around food.

After listening to so many different programs promise the results I so desperately wanted, it was hard for me to believe this would end any differently. Listening to Kat's podcast before joining made me feel like this might be different. Everything she talked about on her podcast resonated with me. It was all so different from anything I'd heard from any other weight loss company, I figured I would give it a try. Take the leap!"

"I did lose the weight and am fitting into the size pants I wanted, but after these last six months that's not even the best part! The best part is I'm not focused on food and eating all hours of the day. There is no more drama around food."

Erin B. – Science Teacher

Here's how to know if you're ready:

You’re done with past dieting approaches. Now, you want a complete change and wish to develop the habits of a naturally healthy eater.


You’re committed to this process. You’re not interested in exploring other processes outside of this program. Your goal is to master the skills taught here.


You’re deciding ahead of time that you will be successful with this process. You’ve made up your mind that you’re going to be a massive example of what’s possible with this work.


You’re excited to learn new methods that you’ve never tried. You’re eager to open your mind to concepts you’ve never thought of and tools you’ve never implemented.


You’re ready to have a hands-on approach to building these skills. Instead of waiting passively for outcomes, you'll be hands-on, using the tools and tracking your progress. You want to be in charge of your results.


You’re not looking for a quick-fix; you’re looking for a realistic, permanent solution. You understand attempting shortcuts leads to more work later. You’re committed to this being the final time you create this result.


You’re willing to give yourself the time and resources you need to create this result. You’re dedicated to this process and will do whatever it takes to solve your food struggles for life, become a naturally healthy eater, and lose weight for the last time.


"Before I joined the program, my eating was out of control. I would have episodes of overeating that would overshadow any healthy eating or exercising that I was doing. This made me feel frustrated, and the process of overeating, exercising, and not losing weight left me constantly searching for answers.

During the process, I learned how to process my emotions, which has affected multiple areas of my life. Along with addressing my emotional eating, I have also addressed my overspending and anxiety about multiple situations. I now have the tools to bring about the results that I want in my life.

An unexpected result of the program is that I no longer feel out of control with anything in my life. At multiple points in my life, I have engaged in counseling to attempt to resolve or diffuse situations. Sometimes it has helped, and sometimes it has not. During this program, even though we worked through eating issues, we also resolved patterns of thinking that were holding me back in multiple areas of my life. I feel like I understand myself and my thinking patterns. I see what is causing my actions.

Kat is the ultimate professional and she was absolutely made to do this work. Everything that is promised in this program is delivered upon, and this was the best money I have ever spent on myself."

"I’m so thankful I set up that first meeting with Kat. From the first time that we spoke, I knew that this process was going to be life-changing, and it has been."

Gaby K. – Human Resources Coordinator

You Could...

Try the next diet trend, but you’ve been there and done that. Harnessing willpower to stick with food rules isn’t a lasting approach.

Attempt meal planning, but your success can’t realistically depend on having excess time, space, and energy.

Convince yourself there’s a better time, but if a better time existed, it would have come by now. The best time is always the present.

This process is designed with all of this in mind. It’s the difference between temporary and permanent weight loss. It provides you a process that makes healthy eating accessible and sustainable — no matter what.

“Kat mentioned in a podcast episode to not wait for the ideal time. I remember I was on a trip with my in-laws during the holidays, hiding away listening to her podcast after a shower, and I didn’t even consider joining at the time before that episode.

But, something clicked for me in that moment. I realized I spent almost a year considering joining her program, only to realize I hadn’t made the changes I wanted. There I was again, the next year, still feeling like the changes I wanted were outside of me. So, I ended up booking a call for the following week and never looked back!

I’m happy to say that I’m going into the holidays completely differently than last year. I can enjoy my time with my husband and sons, have pleasure with the foods, and know that my weight isn’t at risk. Truthfully, I don’t even feel like the same version of myself. I’m so grateful to past me that I took the leap when I did. Oh, and 41 pounds lost and still making progress! Without hustling, dieting, or cutting out my favorite foods. To anyone considering joining, if I can do it, so can you!

"I’m so grateful to past me that I took the leap when I did. Oh, and 41 pounds lost and still making progress!"

Paula C. – Marketing Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

After reserving your spot, you will receive an email confirming enrollment and outlining the next steps. Before the official start date, you will receive course access, get program materials, and be introduced to your private Slack channel with your cohort. You’ll be all set up and ready to hit the ground running before the official start date, which is your first coaching session.

Absolutely. This program is designed specifically for you. We delve deep into these feelings, guiding you away from the hustle of healthy eating towards a more sustainable approach, while reducing stress, increasing energy, and healing the burnout.

Group coaching fosters a strong sense of community, ensuring you feel seen and valued. It's an opportunity to share progress, learn from peers, and accelerate your growth by witnessing others' coaching experiences.

The podcast is for learning new concepts and perspectives. The program gives you a structured process and framework. It’s designed for implementation, expert-level coaching, and creating results in the most efficient timeline. 

Reflect on all the past approaches. What made them unsustainable for you personally? Unlike those methods, this program doesn’t rely on having excess time, energy, and willpower to follow through. This program addresses that head-on.

Nope! Naturally healthy eating doesn’t require the elimination of any food groups. By mastering the skills this program teaches, you can achieve results without omitting any foods from your diet.

No planning or prep is required. While some clients prefer minimal planning to benefit their schedules, that method of weight loss isn't part of this process. You'll acquire the skills to eat healthy and lose weight without being reliant on planning or prepping.

No. We provide resources to make informed nutritional decisions, but you likely already possess the foundational knowledge you need. Nutrition isn't meant to be complex. Many think they need more nutritional information when, in reality, they just need to apply what they already know.

With this process, there’s no pass or fail. You’re building skills. This means you can rest easy knowing the pressure is off to perform perfectly. If you face a setback, this program guides you on how to use that information to propel you forward. It’s a method that takes into account natural human error, so you don't burden yourself with the pressure of perfection.

Becoming a naturally healthy eater will enhance your overall well-being. This, in turn, allows you to be there for others more effectively. By prioritizing your health, you're not only benefiting yourself but also easing the minds of your loved ones, knowing you’re on the path to a healthier and happier life. The results our clients create using this process trickle into all areas of their lives (career, marriage, relationships, etc).

Hesitating when faced with something new is natural. Our brains are wired to prefer familiar methods, even if they haven't been effective in the past. So, when you feel that slight resistance to change, remember it's just your brain favoring the familiar. My advice? Don't base your decision on this initial hesitation. Instead, decide rationally and confidently, considering what you truly need to create the result you want.

Our weekly group calls will be held Wednesdays at 5PM EST starting May 22nd. The calls are 1-hour in length. We request that you show up to coaching prepared, in a distraction-free setting, with a stable internet connection.

Committing to the weekly call time is a priority for ensuring the program's effectiveness; however, we always encourage our clients to do whatever they need to make it work. Many will schedule their lunch break accordingly or adjust their schedule as needed.

Overall, you’ll save time with this process. As soon as you enroll, you immediately cut out noise, overwhelm, and confusion from this area of your life; because now, you have the exact process, resources, and coaching you will need to succeed.

We always encourage our clients to show up to the weekly sessions. Our most successful students make time for the calls, even on vacation. However, if you face an emergency and can't attend, we provide recordings of all sessions for you to review.

Our goal is to teach you healthy eating and weight loss habits without consuming too much of your time. While there are tasks like daily check-ins, group evaluations, and monthly reflections, we've designed them to fit easily into your existing lifestyle.

You can reach out to us at We’re here to help.

"Before I started working with Kat, everything felt like too much. My hours at work felt too demanding, I felt exhausted everyday, and I barely felt like I had time to be with my two sons. As a single mom, I didn’t know how I was supposed to fit in meal planning and protocols into my schedule.

During our first meeting, Kat told me that to lose weight permanently and change how I ate, I needed to stop doing it the hard way. She told me that we’d come up with a solution that was easy and accessible for me. That’s exactly what happened in working together.

After 6 months in the program, I can genuinely say that everything in my life feels different. It’s like seeing everything through a fresh set of eyes. Despite my work being demanding, I actually enjoy it again. I’ve relieved so much anxiety and stress. I’m 100% a better mom to my boys. Food and weight loss doesn’t even feel like it needs to be my top priority for it to occur. It’s just simple and easy, no matter what. I feel totally in control of all of it. I’m even spending time enjoying more hobbies for myself.

I’ve lost 41 pounds in this process and while it still blows my mind how easy it was, I know I’ll keep it off because of the person I’ve become in this program. I’m so grateful to Kat for believing a higher standard of healthy eating and weight loss was possible for me.”

"I’m so grateful to Kat for believing a higher standard of healthy eating and weight loss was possible for me.”

Rachel S. – Registered Nurse

Our Success Guarantee

Your success with the Own Your Eating Habits Process is guaranteed.

Our Success Guarantee states that you either create significant progress with the program or you get your money back. You must complete all coaching calls, watch the modules, complete the workbooks, implement the coaching given, and submit your evaluations in full for the Success Guarantee to be valid.

I already know you will be successful with this process.

Everything Included:

6-Months Of Weekly Group Coaching

Exclusive Slack Access To Coach & Cohort

The Own Your Eating Habits Course (All Modules)

Bonus Resource Vault

Session Recordings

Program Workbooks

Fast Action Bonus: 45-Minute Private Strategy Session With Kat




Eat Healthy Naturally And Lose Weight For The Last Time


leave the all-or-nothing with food behind



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