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The Program

The exclusive coaching program for high-achieving women who want to eat naturally healthy – without restriction, effort, or willpower – so they can better focus on the things in life that matter to them most.

eating healthy was never meant to require “more” from you. This isn’t how life-long control with food is created. 

Own Your Eating Habits teaches you the simplest and most sustainable method to changing your eating habits permanently – in a way that doesn’t require willpower or discipline.

You’ve seen healthy eating be easy for others. Where every eating decision is simple for them. They’re able to eat healthy, enjoy foods they love, and reach their ideal weight – without much effort. 

This causes you to wonder: “How can it be so simple for others? What makes them special? Why is it so much harder for me?

You also know you can handle what life throws your way. You always seem to know what to do and how to do it. In other areas of your life, you know how to “get it done” without much fuss.

This also causes you to wonder: “Why can’t I make my eating habits work? Why am I not capable of doing this, when I can accomplish everything else? What’s going wrong?

Our eating struggles begin when we take action on the solutions presented to us by the diet industry. 

We’ll attempt restrictive methods of eating, try to summon willpower to do so, only to end up quitting and not reaching the result with food we wanted. We’ll find ourselves stuck in this continuous dieting cycle.

Deep down, we know this won’t work long-term, no matter how many times we try. We always eventually end up overeating, binge eating, or falling off track. But, we still attempt diet after diet – hoping one day, something will finally stick.

Can you relate?

If healthy eating feels impossible for you, nothing has gone wrong. You have legitimate reasons for your struggles with food.

Right now, you may be struggling with:  

Basically, food feels like an on-going struggle. You never quite feel like your eating decisions are your own and you’re not quite sure what to try next.

Overeating, emotional eating, or binge eating.

Feeling stuck in the cycle of dieting and falling off track.

Having guilt around foods that you genuinely love.

Never creating the results with your body that you want.

Overeating, emotional eating, or binge eating.
Feeling stuck in the cycle of dieting and falling off track.
Having guilt around foods that you genuinely love.
Never creating the results with your body that you want.

Constantly thinking about food so it takes away from other things that matter to you (opportunities, relationships, or enjoyable life experiences).

Will require more from you.

More time, energy, effort, resources, willpower – the list goes on. You believe it’s going to be hard and that the process will feel like a battle.

If you can relate, you’ll also likely believe that eating healthy:

Means you’ll need to give up things you love. 

Isn't possible for you long-term. 

You’ll need to give up foods you enjoy, life experiences, fun, etc. – the things in life that really matter to you.

You believe you’ve tried everything and that nothing’s going to work because you’re someone with food problems that cannot be fixed.

The truth is, your struggles with food are solvable – right now. They always have been. 

Why it hasn't worked is because you've been solving for the symptom rather than the root cause.

When you believe this is the problem, you will try to solve for this by attempting diet regimens, weight loss programs, restrictive meal plans, etc.

This is exactly what we learn to solve for in Own Your Eating Habits. It’s taking this work to the deepest, most transformational level.


THE SYMPTOM = The Foods You'RE Eating

Prior to connecting with Kat, I felt completely out of control with food — like food had the power to simply pull me to the cabinet to fetch it. Kat helped me see that it was much more about my reaction to emotions, my reluctance to experience them, that was causing me to seek comfort in something that had always worked short-term: Food. Now, I am focused on my emotional health and feeling like I need comfort from food less often. This, without counting calories or tracking macros, finds me down 25 lbs to date!

"Without counting calories or tracking macros – i am 25 lbs down to date!"


own your


The Program

The 6-month program that teaches you how to eat naturally healthy – without effort, restriction, or willpower.


After 6 months inside of Own Your Eating Habits, you’ll have the tools to:

Have awareness of current food beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Process emotional experiences separately from food.

Honor the body’s natural hunger, fullness, satisfaction, and pleasure with food.

Intentionally make food decisions based on long-term goals.

Have awareness of current food beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Process emotional experiences separately from food.

Honor the body’s natural hunger, fullness, satisfaction, and pleasure with food.

Intentionally make food decisions based on long-term goals.

"Before joining this program, I struggled with trying to use willpower and dieting to maintain or lose weight. I was feeling hopeless, frustrated, and defeated. After joining this program, I began to more naturally tune in to my body cues, so I eat less with ease and am more comfortable in my body. I learned that I can choose to act deliberately with food while parenting my brain, so that I can take better action with food without second-guessing. I eat intentionally, balance my food choices naturally, and don’t sweat enjoying “unhealthy” food when I want to. I know that I will never go on a diet, ever, ever again. Kat’s podcast is a great foundation and peek into the process, but coaching is the way to really drill into your specific roadblocks and patterns and identify how (and why) it’s affecting your choices. I would not have been able to see myself and how my brain is operating without her guidance."

"I have lost THE 10 pounds since I was at my highest weight in the last 6 months. Without dieting. It can be easy."


Everything you learn in Own Your Eating Habits is based on four foundations that solve for the cause of your eating struggles.

When you master these foundations, you create healthy eating habits that feel natural.

The Past

Learn to identify all of the obstacles that are preventing you from eating healthy now. This isn’t about beating yourself up for your past food failures. It’s about evaluating exactly why eating healthy hasn’t worked in the past for you, so we can stop making it personal. Within this area, you’ll have awareness of your current food beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.


Becoming a naturally healthy eater doesn’t require a timeline approach. There’s no finish line to being an eater. In this process, you’re building strong foundations and becoming someone completely new with food. The mind work is how we set those foundations for success. You’ll learn to manage your urges to overeat, emotionally eat, and binge eat. You’ll gain the tools to calm your mental chatter with food, so you can be present for your life. You’ll shift your mindset so you can create acceptance and safety for your body now. Most importantly, you’ll learn to create control with food without relying on grit, discipline, or willpower.


After control with food is created from the mind, we can now access our internal body wisdom with food. Now, your body’s cues are readily accessible. This is where you’ll learn to be the best expert of your eating habits. Your answers with food will be determined by your body’s needs. You’ll always know when to start eating and stop eating. You’ll always know which foods are most satisfying to you and how to ignite your natural pleasure meters with food so you fully enjoy each eating experience.


At this point, you’ve created the skills of a naturally healthy eater. Nothing more is necessary. Control with your eating habits has been created and you’re able to honor your body’s needs with food. However, for those of you who crave structure with food, you’ll learn to create your own realistic food plan, follow through with it, and evaluate progress. In this area, you’re no longer using a food plan to micromanage your eating habits, but as a way to intentionally make deliberate food decisions. 

"Before joining this program, I thought I was addicted to certain foods. I always felt guilty after eating the foods that I labeled as “bad”. No matter what diet or exercise program I tried, I always quit. I was feeling shame and disappointment in myself for not having the willpower I thought I needed to succeed.

After joining this program, EVERYTHING changed. I no longer think of food as good or bad and I just eat what I find pleasurable. No weighing bread or counting calories. I just listen to my body. I know I have all the tools I need to be successful. I will never look for a diet program or an exercise program for weight loss again.

My ultimate goal before joining the program was just to lose weight and fit into a certain size pants that I thought would make everything perfect. In this program, I did lose the weight and am fitting into the size pants I wanted, but after these last six months that's not even the best part! The best part is I'm not focused on food and eating all hours of the day. There is no more drama around food.

After listening to so many different programs promise the results I so desperately wanted, it was hard for me to believe this would end any differently. Listening to Kat's podcast before joining made me feel like this might be different. Everything she talked about on her podcast resonated with me. It was all so different from anything I'd heard from any other weight loss company, I figured I would give it a try. Take the leap!"

"Working with Kat helped rebuild my trust in myself, which has had a positive ripple effect on every other aspect of my life.
This is for certain the best money I have ever spent on myself."

ERIN S. – Science Teacher

You’re done fighting with food and your body. You’re ready for a truce.

You want to stop overeating, binge eating, and emotionally eating.

You want to feel in control of every eating decision you make – no willpower necessary.

You want to enjoy foods you love guilt-free.

You want to know which foods are best for your body without having to rely on an outside source.

You’re ready to commit to a solution that works. You’re done with restrictive methods of eating that don’t produce long-term results.

You want to eat healthy on your terms. In a way that aligns with your needs, preferences, and goals.

You’re unwilling to detach from YOUR old beliefs about food, weight loss, or body.

You only want to focus on a short-term weight loss goal rather than a long-term approach.

You believe someone else needs to hold you accountable and be responsible for your actions and successes.

You’re interested in following a specific meal plan, diet protocol, or weight loss regimen.

You’re closed off to learning and growing in an entirely New process you’ve never tried before.

You’re not clear on the big, no-brainer reasons FOR why you want to remove your food struggles for life.



"Before joining this program, I struggled with emotional eating and binge eating. I felt like I could never change. Kat's method was uniquely tailored to my specific needs. After joining the program, I began to learn how to identify my emotions and process them without food. With Kat's kind and intuitive help, I began to understand why I overate and that I was not alone. This program not only helped me find peace in eating and my body, but I was able to perform more successfully in my profession. I have created positive results in all aspects of my life. Kat was kind, compassionate, and truly celebrated my successes even when I couldn't see them. She was made to do this work."

"This program was the most loving thing I have ever done for myself and I can't recommend it enough."


The Program Details

6 months of weekly coaching sessions 

Lifetime access to the exclusive Own Your Eating Habits course curriculum (videos, workbooks, session recordings)

Private Messaging Access

Before joining this program, I didn’t trust myself around food. I had a habit of overeating and never understanding why. I thought I was terminally unique and that no one else would understand what I was going through. I felt frustrated, helpless, and defeated. I wanted to have a lifestyle change, but couldn’t even begin to fathom how to make that happen! After joining this program, I started to understand how it was possible to make food choices that served me, even when I felt overwhelmed, disappointed, or stressed. I’m no longer confused but feel empowered to make choices that help me reach my goals verses constantly feeling like they’re out of reach!

"I'm walking away from the program confident in my own ability to truly own my eating habits."

KRISTIN M. – Full-Time Mom

Eats nutritionally valuable foods, while also enjoying foods they love.

Never relies on a diet protocol or restrictive methods to create the results they want.

Knows how to reach their ideal weight with total acceptance for their body.

Creates life-long control with food – without more time, energy, or effort.

Isn’t constantly thinking about their next eating decision. It gets to be simple.

The Naturally Healthy Eater

"Before I started this program, I was obsessed with food and my weight. My first thought in the morning was about what I would eat that day. My last thought at night was what the number on the scale would be when I got up. I was desperate to lose weight, but I simply could not face another crash diet. I punished myself emotionally, wondering what was wrong with me and why it was so hard for me to lose weight. Why couldn’t I just be “normal” about food?

Today, I look back with a load of compassion for the person I was, someone who was doing the best she could with the tools she had available. And, I wish that everyone who is struggling with their weight could feel the freedom that I do now.To have lost nearly ten pounds with so little effort is a wonderful thing, but the real gift is that food no longer has control over me.

Kat is a fantastic coach, and she really understands what all of her clients are going through. Her program is the absolute best investment I have ever made in myself."

"To have lost ten pounds with so little effort is a wonderful thing, but the real gift is that food no longer has control over me."


This is the decision that puts an end to your food struggles – for good.

Before joining this program, I was on the spinning hamster-wheel of dieting. I felt like I tried everything to eat healthier and lose weight, but nothing was working for me. I felt lost and frustrated. I found Kat’s podcast and she talked about changing my eating habits at a deeper level. I was ready to commit to a long-term solution. After joining the program, I really learned where I was keeping myself stuck. I started focusing on my emotions and body over the meal plans. I taught myself that I am in control with food, no matter what. I really learned how I can make my own food decisions without relying on someone else. I even created more space and energy for hobbies I love! This will 100% be completely different than anything you’ve ever tried – which is a good thing! Kat really knows her stuff. This is a coach who has been there and can spot your patterns from a mile away.

"This taught me how to create the eating habits I want, while also changing who I am in the process."


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