I'm Kat.

I teach busy women how to ditch the dieting and achieve food freedom. My obsession is teaching others how to make healthy eating effortless — without it taking over their lives. 

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Are you ready to write your own food rules so you never have to follow a diet again – like, ever?

Everything you’ve ever been told about how to eat healthy, achieve body confidence, and reach your ideal weight is bullsh*t. Fad diets and weight loss programs promised you many things. But none of them delivered. They left you crying on the bathroom floor wondering what went wrong (again). 
That’s not how I roll babycakes. 
The truth is, you’ve had the power to create a lasting, effortless relationship with food and your body all along. I help hundreds of high-performing women (like you!) do this for themselves in a way that lasts a lifetime. So they never have to rely on willpower or strict methods of eating ever again.

Then you’ve come to the right place.

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How to ditch the diet, end emotional eating, and Make Healthy Eating Feel Sustainable & Effortless 

Redefining what it means to eat healthy