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Jan 10

Looking for the Answers? Ask Yourself Questions

Ask Yourself Questions Kat Rentas

When we see aspects of our lives we want to change, we can spend months (or even years) searching for the answers.

We’ll spend hours searching online, interrogate our friends, or even wait for the solutions to just “come to us.”

It’s no surprise that this rarely gives us the result we want.

I’m here to challenge you with the idea that all of the solutions you’ve been looking for have been within you the entire time.

That every problem you’ve ever had, and didn’t know the answer to, was available to you all along.

Now, before this information overwhelms you, I want to reassure you – this is great news!

Imagine how different your life would be if you had the ability to find the answer to any problem you experience.

I get excited just talking about it!

Today, I’m going to give you a heavy dose of truth – nay, magic! – where you’ll learn how to ask yourself the right questions so you can attract the answers you need.

This is a skill I don’t take lightly, so, listen up!

What’s So Special About Asking Questions?

I know that for some of you, this will be the current thought that runs through your head.

And I want to make a very important clarification right off the bat.

It’s not about asking questions…it’s about asking the RIGHT questions.

Many of you are likely already asking questions on a daily basis.

For example, how often do you have thoughts such as, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why can’t I do this right?”.

Now, you probably already realize these questions are negative; however, the outcome is much worse than you think.

When you ask the wrong questions, your brain will give you the wrong answers.

Which will prevent you from having any chance of achieving your goals.

For example, if you asked yourself, “Why can’t I do this right?” your brain would likely respond with some variation of “Because you’re not good enough.”

Now, imagine instead if you asked yourself a question that gives you the answers you need.

Imagine if you asked yourself every morning, “What can I do today that will make me closer to my goals than yesterday?”.

This will cause your brain to wake the ‘eff up.

It’ll immediately start downloading a list of solutions for you to choose from.

All because you simply asked the right question.

This is mindblowing when you put it into practice.

Why Asking The Right Questions Works

You can control your brain and tell it what to think by asking the right questions.

Your brain on its own doesn’t care about the thoughts it has, it just seeks to be efficient and keep you right where you are.

This is how self-sabotage occurs.

Let me explain.

Your primitive brain, or cerebellum, is separate from your prefrontal cortex which is the decision-making part of the brain.

Which means that despite your best intentions for your future, your primitive brain will seek to sabotage you and keep you exactly where you are – right now.

This is why when you ask negative questions, your brain will give you negative answers on a silver platter.

It WANTS to keep you stagnant.

Because it knows growth and change feels uncomfortable.

You need to always be aware of your thoughts.

Putting your brain on autopilot can be as dangerous as driving with your eyes closed.

When you do this, you’re essentially relinquishing control and letting your primitive brain make all the decisions.

By asking your brain the right questions, it forces it to come up with SOLUTIONS.

When you discipline yourself to answer questions, you step outside your own mind and allow yourself to focus on the facts.

It puts you in a position to escape your victim mentality and to really take hold of your goals – and your life!

How To Ask Yourself Questions

This is a practice I do every single morning without fail.


Because oftentimes I find myself woken up to the mismanaged chatter in my brain.

That chatter needs a focus and direction for the day, so it doesn’t spin off the tracks.

It’s scary what our brains are capable of doing (or not doing) if we don’t manage them properly!

This secret to life will allow you to do just that.

By asking myself questions in the morning it provides me the answers I need to utterly crush my day.

It also pulls me out of a victim mentality so I don’t spend precious time wondering how “I’ll ever complete my to-do list.”

So, grab a notebook, settle down with your coffee, and section off 15-minutes in the morning (or evening) to do this practice.

You’ll be fascinated by how much you already know.

Questions To Not Ask Yourself

  • What is wrong with me?
  • What did I do to deserve this?
  • Why do things keep going wrong?
  • What if this never happened?
  • When will it get better?
  • Why is it not possible for me?
  • Why can’t I figure this out?
  • Why am I so (insert self-deprecating adjective here)? 

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

  • What tasks can I complete today that will make a difference 3-months from now?
  • How can I make today more fun?
  • What actions can I take today that will produce the future I desire?
  • How can I give more love today?
  • What’s one thing I appreciate about myself today?
  • What feeling do I want to have – right now?
  • How can I laugh today?
  • What does the person with the results I want think about?

Choose some of these questions as examples, but then brainstorm some that are more relevant to you!

Remember, the difference between bad questions and good questions is NEGATIVITY vs. POSSIBILITY.

To Wrap Things Up…

I’m seriously so excited for you to start asking yourselves the RIGHT questions so you can gain clarity on your path to your goals.

This strategy will heighten your mind to a whole new level.

You will learn to create results in all aspects of your life.

It’s insanely powerful.

If you truly put this into practice, it’s the super-secret key to life.

You’ll feel like you’ve won life’s lottery and you’ll be excited to share this secret with the world.

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