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Dec 5

47 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life Kat Rentas

Without even realizing it, there are a number of ways we’re unnecessarily adding clutter to our daily lives.

After a while, we become so used to feeling scatterbrained and overwhelmed that we assume it’s due to our workload or our hectic schedules.

Most of the time, it’s actually due to a ton of unnecessary clutter we’ve packed into our days.

What’s absolutely ah-mazing is that simple little tweaks can allow us to feel immediately “clearer”!

In this article, I’m going to list 47 simple ways you can declutter your life both physically and mentally.

By decluttering aspects of our lives, we are ultimately cleaning up the chatter in our brains.

Which is what we need to truly be successful at any goal we set for ourselves.

47 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Life

1) Always make your bed in the morning

By doing this you trigger a sense of accomplishment right away.

It leads you on a mental path to more successfully complete the tasks you schedule for the day.

Trust me on this one!  Such a simple act, but so life-changing.

2) Schedule time to check email

Or social-media.

I’ve developed a habit of checking mine only after I’ve completed my most important task of the day. Which is usually by 12pm.

This creates so much extra space for you to concentrate mentally.

3) Clean your workspace

Make sure you only have items in your workspace that you need.

We tend to go overboard with “cutesy” items on our desks that have nothing to do with completing our tasks.

Just be sure you eliminate any unnecessary clutter so your brain’s ready to go to work at all times.

4) Create a minimalist capsule wardrobe

Set aside 30-35 items of neutral clothing that all go together.

In the future, only purchase items that incorporate well into your new wardrobe.

This way you won’t ever have to spend hours picking out your clothes for the next day.

I’m currently working on this now, and it’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

5) Clean your closet

After you’ve chosen your wardrobe, get to work getting rid of the extra clutter.

As a woman (who loves clothes) I know how crazy a closet can get. Take the time to sort items based on what you love and what you need.

If an item doesn’t fit in either category, donate it.

6) Use GCalendar

I love organizing my tasks on Gcalendar since everything’s on one calendar out where I can see it.

It’s also easy to rearrange tasks and organize them by color.

This helps me keep my head clear as to what needs to be done every day.

7) Create time buffers

Don’t overfill your schedule so you’re left with more commitments than you can handle.

Schedule extra pockets of time to complete tasks during the day so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

8) Meditate for 5-minutes

Every morning or evening.

Just be sure to set aside time every day to be with your own thoughts.

This is a great way to declutter pestering thoughts in your brain.

9) Outsource tasks

Realistically consider what daily tasks you could delegate to someone else.

Oftentimes, it’s the small, menial tasks in a day that take up all of our time.

10) Follow the 1-minute rule

I can’t take credit for this one.

I first learned it from Gretchen Rubin in her podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Basically, any tasks that will take under a minute to complete, do immediately.

For example, instead of throwing your clothes on the floor, take the extra 15-seconds to hang them up in your closet.

Such an effective exercise!

11) Get a mailbox

It’s common to grab the mail and throw it on the counter (if you’re like me). Which can leave it sitting there for days.

To fix this, I invested in a wall hanger that acts like an in-home mailbox.

That way, there’s a specific place to throw the mail when we’re in a hurry.

12) Simplify your diet

Consider adding constraints to what you eat on a daily basis.

For instance, if you want to eat healthier, it can cause a ton of chatter in your brain when you’re deciding what to eat.

If you decide in advance that you won’t eat sugar or dairy, then the decision’s been made for you.

Constraints such as this can make life much simpler!

13) Keep all your cleaning supplies organized

When it comes time to clean your living space, you’ll be unlikely to do it if you don’t have all the materials at the ready.

Keep your cleaning items in one place.

14) Consider paying expenses annually

Or semi-annually.

This can free up your brain from those monthly bills. Check into areas where you can do this.

Oftentimes, you can score a discount doing this as well.

15) Automate your payments

These days all billing is paperless (or online) anyways.

Schedule your payments to be automatic so you don’t have to stress over the due dates.

16) Clean your email

If this seems too overwhelming, consider just getting an entirely new email.

I’ve done this and I highly recommend it!

17) Keep your car clean

The rule: If you have to clear out the clutter when there’s a guest, you have a problem.

Many of you likely spend 30-minutes to 1-hour in this space every day.

Make sure it’s clear of clutter so you don’t carry that mess with you throughout the day.

18) Find a creative outlet

Examples include painting, writing, making movies, etc.

This is a great way to add self-expression and color to our lives. Which can help to replace much of the clutter you’re taking away.

19) Establish a routine

When you create rituals in your day-to-day life, you’re removing clutter mentally.

This way you aren’t scatter-brained as to what task you should complete next. Your schedule’s already been set.

20) Schedule your downtime

We can often feel scatterbrained as to how we’ll spend our “off-time.”

If we schedule our breaks beforehand this eliminates extra chatter in our brains.

21) Consider ditching the purse

Or at least only carrying the essentials.

Half the time I don’t even carry a purse since I’ll likely only need my wallet and keys.

However, when I do carry a bag to work at a coffee shop, I’ll make sure to only bring what I need.

22) Choose friendships intentionally 

This isn’t to say you should stop being friends with someone. But choose the friends you want to prioritize, instead of prioritizing everyone but yourself.

You’ll realize just how much social interaction you’ve been doing to please others.

23) Budget your money

Establish a system for saving money that is realistic and works responsibly for you.

By keeping your finances in order you’re eliminating mental chatter about money that is likely causing you stress.

24) Use one planner and keep it simple

We tend to become addicted to our planners.

These days, it’s normal to decorate them for hours with stickers, calligraphy, and art. If this is your creative outlet, then do you!

However, acknowledge when it’s just adding more clutter to the scheduling process.

I suggest keeping it simple to start, then adding more personal touches when you have established a set schedule.

25) Clean out your computer

This is a big one, but it’s so worth it!

Remove any unnecessary files. Move files you need long-term to an external hard drive. Get rid of most of the items on your desktop. Choose a simple, more minimalist background for your desktop as well.

You won’t be sorry!

26) Think before you buy

This one’s a serious gamechanger.

If you start buying things intentionally, instead of spontaneously, you’ll cut down on a ton of clutter in your life.

27) Pack light

I used to pack every little thing I thought I’d need for a trip. Which left me feeling scatterbrained.

I had way too many things!

Now, I intentionally pack items only if I’ll use them.

28) Batch tasks

Establish set times during the week when you complete certain tasks.

For example, don’t clean parts of your house throughout the week. Schedule a period of time when you clean once a week.

This makes it easier for your brain to concentrate on the task at hand.

29) Organize that drawer of cords

You know…that draw that contains all the electrical-type cords you haven’t used in possibly months (or years).

First, untangle them. Since they’ll likely be a mess.

Then, figure out which ones you need and which you can toss.

30) Clear out phone apps

Many of us download a huge number of apps without realizing it.

After clearing out the apps I didn’t need, I realized I only needed a few.

31) Use one water bottle

This sounds trivial, but it’s a super simple way to declutter your space.

How often do we leave glasses of water sitting around? This eliminates that problem.

It’s also eco-friendly! You’ll never have to buy plastic water bottles again.

I love mine and keep it with me at all times.

32) Get rid of one thing every day

Or if you prefer to pack a handful of items every week (or month) to donate that’s cool too!

Just make it a priority to get rid of extra clutter in your living space.

This is one of the most foolproof ways to instantly feel clearer.

33) Consider eBooks instead

Don’t get me wrong. I love old-fashioned books when it comes down to it.

But I’ve made it a point to only buy books that I love.

I’ll download the rest as eBooks on my Kindle.

34) Journal every morning

This allows you to set intentions and goals for the day.

Which ultimately clears your mind and sets you on the right path.

I recommend the 5-minute journal for this.

35) Declutter your wallet

Remove any cards, movie tickets, or coupons that you no longer have use for.

Also, there are currently apps for most things you keep in your wallet anyways.

36) Utilize the extra space under your desk

I’ve only started doing this recently and it’s removed so much clutter from my workspace.

I’ve incorporated small drawers to store notebooks in.

37) Limit your screen time

Without realizing it, spending too much time staring at a screen can severely impair our ability to think clearly.

So practice setting limits on a daily basis.

38) Clean your fridge weekly

By doing this every week my fridge has stayed clean without even trying.

It also allows me to more easily prep meals since I can see what items I actually have.

39) Establish a fitness routine

Incorporating a simple fitness routine can eliminate unnecessary mental chatter for the rest of your day.

Leaving you better able to accomplish tasks at hand.

40) Learn to say no

By learning to say no to other people’s plans you’re clearing up more time for you to accomplish your tasks.

This can feel difficult at first, but it becomes infinitely easier the more you practice.

41) Read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

This book by Marie Kondo is a fan-favorite when it comes to intentionally decluttering your home and life. I highly recommend it.

42) Organize your makeup

I recommend investing in a counter-top organizer for your bathroom and a travel organizer for on-the-go.

43) Follow the 1-year rule

If you haven’t used something in one year, toss or donate it.

44) Have seasonal storage

Have items you only use certain times of the year? Consider packing them away for the months you don’t use them.

45) Keep healthy snacks at the ready

Seriously. At all times.

It’s crazy the type of food frenzy we can get caught in if we don’t have healthy items available.

This eliminates any worry you have of falling off the healthy wagon mid-day.

46) Get ready the night before

Don’t wait to get your clothes ready, plan your breakfast, or decide what workout you’ll do the morning of.

Always plan your tasks the evening before you’ll do them.

47) Remove expectations daily

This one’s my personal favorite. 

Schedule 15-minutes a day when you remove any expectations of yourself.

What I mean is, mentally remove any expectations of where you should be or what you should be doing at that time.

Just let yourself be present.

Many meditate, or some prefer to just sit in silence with a cup of tea.

If you practice doing this, it’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders daily.

To Wrap Things Up…

While these 47 tips are all serious game-changers, even implementing a few is amazingly effective.

When you declutter your space, you ultimately declutter your mind.

Which clears the path for you to accomplish your goals and to achieve the results you desire.

Trust me on this!

Let me know how you declutter your life!

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