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Jan 27

How to Eat Healthy (When Your Friends & Family Don’t)

Eat Healthy Friends and Family Kat Rentas

With many women I coach, they feel like they don’t have the best support system in terms of getting healthy.

They’ll create a plan to eat healthy and then be surrounded by friends & family who don’t “get it”. 

Which usually causes these women to feel frustrated and helpless early in their healthy eating journey.

But what most women I coach haven’t realized yet, is that other people have nothing to do with their eating habits.

They are completely separate.

Meaning, they have the ability to form their own rules with food, regardless of what the other people in their life decide to do.

While this can sound unrealistic to some, it’s entirely possible.

Let’s talk about the reality behind other people when it comes to changing your eating habits for the better.

Changing Other People

Let’s get straight to the truth about other people in your life:

No matter how hard you try, you can never control the thoughts or opinions of other people.

There’s no debate around this. This is just the way things are.

People choose their thoughts and opinions based on their brain.

Which is just a collection of thoughts based on past experiences and conditioning.

And these thoughts have nothing to do with you.

Meaning, you have no control over what people interpret about you or what you do.

So, those opinions that your friends & family have over you eating habits?

That’s due to the conditioning of their brain.

And this has nothing to do with you or your actions of eating healthier.

For example, when your aunt at the family reunion scoffs at the portions on your plate and makes some snotty remark about your eating habits…

…this is due to the thoughts in her brain based on her past experiences.

It has nothing to do with you – at all.

While this seems like a simple fact, it’s so important.

So many women I coach have a serious problem letting other people’s opinions about their eating habits affect their progress negatively.

And this is entirely up to them.

You never have to let another person’s opinions or actions affect you whatsoever.

Especially as it relates to the way you eat.

This is a fact you need to get clear on from the start of your healthy eating journey.

Toxic Food Behaviors

Just as the opinions and thoughts of other people don’t matter when it comes to your eating habits…

…the same applies to their actions.

I’ll have women tell me that their husbands don’t have the same healthy eating goals as them.

So, the husband will continue to eat a ton of unhealthy foods items around them.

A word they often use to describe this behavior from their spouse is “toxic”.

They’ll say, “His eating habits are toxic to be around.” 

And I want to present you with a little nugget of truth here: 

There is no such thing as other people having “toxic food behaviors”. 

Meaning, if your husband chooses to eat unhealthy around you every single night, this doesn’t have anything to do with your eating habits.

There’s no possible way his eating habits can be literally toxic to your eating habits.

And you don’t have to give his eating habits that power.

Here’s another truth for you:

Other people’s actions are not toxic. Their actions cannot poison you or hurt you. It’s what you make their actions mean that affects you negatively.

And what you make their actions (or eating habits) mean is under your control.

This is simply a collection of thoughts you’re choosing to think.

What to Do Next

You now are aware of three key things:


  • You cannot control the thoughts or opinions of other people.
  • There is no such thing as “toxic food behaviors”.
  • Other people’s actions are not toxic – it’s what you make the actions mean.


Knowing these truths allow you to take your power back over your eating habits.

No matter the people you surround yourself with, it’s important to remember your eating habits are your own.

I want you to observe where in your life currently you’re letting other people affect your eating habits.


  • Do you try and control the eating habits of others?
  • Do other people’s opinions about your eating habits affect you negatively?
  • Do you feel like other people’s eating habits are toxic to you?


Think about these on a deeper level.

Be honest with yourself, always.

This will serve you so, so well.

The truth is, you can have everyone in your daily life…


  • …sharing their negative opinions about your eating habits.
  • …telling you why their method of eating is better than yours.
  • …eating all of the unhealthy food items on the planet.


And still not let it negatively affect the way you eat.

I’m so serious about this!

Don’t play the victim in your journey towards healthy eating and give your power away to those around you.

Take control of your own thoughts and actions with food.

And stop trying to control the opinions and actions of others.

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