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Dec 26

17 Reasons You Should Go For a Run

Go For a Run Kat Rentas

Running is responsible for completely transforming my life from the inside out – and that’s not an understatement.

Which can sound insane to some non-runners out there!

I’ve received many a comment from people saying, “But, running sucks! Why do you love it so much?!”.

My first thought is that these people have no idea what they’re missing. ?

I had an awful relationship with running for years. Trust me, no one hated it more than I did.

But, it’s because of that dislike for the sport that I decided to commit to it.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could excel at something I thought I was terrible at.

And I did!

Which proved to me that I was capable of anything I set my mind to.

Anyways, enough about me.

This article is to shed some light as to why YOU should start running – right now!

I’m going to cover the 17 reasons why you should incorporate running into your life ASAP.

The 17 Reasons Why You Should Go For a Run

1) It’s Convenient

Running is quite possibly the most convenient sport there is.

You can run anywhere at any time.

This makes it amazing for travel since I rarely have to worry about keeping up with running – no matter where I go.

It feels good knowing I can always get a good workout since I can do it anywhere in the world.

2) Passively Shed Those Pesky Pounds

It’s no secret that developing a running habit is handy for shedding pounds relatively quickly.

It even boosts your metabolism, which will allow you to burn additional calories after your run! (1)

This is huge in terms of weight loss or managing one’s weight.

I found that once I developed a running habit, I was able to passively keep weight off and stay fit relatively easily!

3) Feel Like a Badass

Before I started running I had zero self-confidence in my abilities or potential.

After I formed a running habit I felt like a professional bad-ass at anything I set my mind to.

It teaches you what you’re capable of in such a short amount of time.

And it won’t be long before you feel like you’re capable of legitimately anything.

4) Makes You a Hard Worker

One of the greatest benefits I’ve gained from running is the self-discipline it gave me.

Making a commitment to running every day, caused me to become a harder worker in all aspects of life.

I no longer dabbled in areas, but I went all in on tasks and practices that made me better.

This is perhaps the greatest gift running can give you.

If you gain self-discipline, you gain the ability to stick to any healthy habit.

Which means you can create any result in life you desire.

5) The Running Community Is The Best Community

So, in case you weren’t already aware, runners are the best, most awesome individuals on planet Earth. ?

No, really!

I was so intimidated by runners before I started, and I was blown away by the amount of support and friendships I received along the way.

What’s amazing, is I made so many connections when I started. Since there’s a number of runners who are on the same journey!

And don’t even get me started on the race-day feels.

Races are the ultimate gathering of empowering, inspirational individuals who all come together for a single purpose: to fight for their health and happiness.

It’s magical, guys.

6) Lower Stress

Running is absolutely amazing for relieving stress.

It helps you handle stressful feelings in a calmer and more collected way.

This is due to running being able to reduce activity in the prefrontal cortex, which is where much of our over-thinking and decision-making happens! (2)

As someone who is prone to stress and anxiety, I’ve found it’s amazing for alleviating these symptoms.  

7) More Energy!

I’ve never had more energy, than after I formed a running habit.

Running consistently gives you a consistent boost of energy all day long.

It’ll prevent that mid-day slump we’re all so used to feeling in the afternoon.

It’s also helped me sleep better since regular aerobic exercise increases sleep quality in general. (3)

I also sleep better at night knowing I’ve earned it! ?

8) Boosts Your Productivity

When I need to be super productive I always make sure I run beforehand.

What’s funny is so many believe they don’t have time for running because they’re “too busy” with other tasks!

These people should be taking the opposite approach.

Running will make you that much more productive when completing tasks. (4)

This is why many who are going through rigorous working times in their life (law school, medical school, etc.) don’t skimp on fitness!

9) Budget-Friendly

It’s no secret that running is possibly the most budget-friendly sport there is.

All you need is a quality pair of running shoes!

And you don’t have to buy the flashiest, most fancy running shoes on the market.

As long as they provide you proper cushioning and support for your body type…you’re good to go!

10) Go Explore

Being a homebody at heart, running has allowed me to explore new areas in ways I would not have previously.

I even feel more familiar with the area I live in because of running.

It encourages you to mix up your workouts and to take different paths.

I love exploring new neighborhoods.

Not only is it fun, but it makes the run much more stimulating.

Also, when traveling running is a great way to explore a new city!

11) Have Much-Needed You Time!

This is probably the number one reason why running keeps me sane.

My time spent running is my daily check-in with myself.

During this time I’m able to reflect on my day, collect my thoughts, and just have quality time to myself.

This practice alone has benefitted my mental health immensely.

You can also make this time super enjoyable!

Download new audiobooks, listen to podcasts or play some upbeat playlist that you made.

Take time to make the experience fun in whichever way you prefer.

12) Master Goal-Setting

Running in itself is a very goal-oriented sport.

Every day you move your needle forward little by little till you’re all of a sudden running distances you couldn’t have previously imagined.

Also, nothing makes you better at setting and committing to goals than by training for a race.

These goal-setting lessons will benefit you when you make any other goals in life.

It teaches you to commit and follow-through with little actions till you see the big results you desire.

13) No Competition

Being a non-competitive person by nature, I love this part of running!

Unless you’re a top-tier athlete, the only person you’re competing with is the person you were yesterday.

Which is so beyond amazing.

While there’s nothing wrong with competing against others sportswise, competing with the previous version of yourself will cause you to grow in ways you can’t even imagine.

I become a better person by running every day. I truly mean that.

14) Learn To Love Yourself

It’s impossible to not learn to love yourself after running consistently.

When you prove to yourself what you’re capable of each day, you develop this amazing relationship with yourself.

Having a healthy relationship with myself was something I struggled with for years.

Running proved to me what I was truly able to accomplish.

Which allows me to now know that I can accomplish anything I want.

It’s beautiful!

15) Give Back to the Community

If personal growth isn’t enough of a reason for you to start running, you can run to give back to the community as well!

Charity Miles is an app I’ve used that allows you to donate a certain amount of money to a charity based on miles logged.

It’s an awesome way to give back and I highly recommend it.

You can even train for a race while raising funds for a specific charity.

This is ah-mazing and I’ve seen great success with this!

Team in Training is a great place to start if interested.

16) Sense of Accomplishment

I can’t even begin to describe how accomplished you’ll feel if you start running consistently.

It’s a priceless feeling knowing that you stuck to a commitment you set for yourself.

Because of this, your confidence, self-love and happiness will skyrocket.

You’ll fall asleep every night knowing you did the damn thing.

And this feels SO GOOD.

17) You’ll Stop Limiting Your Potential

Running will give you a mental shift like you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll begin to realize how much you’ve limited your potential in the past.

Every day you’ll see yourself improve and running in ways you never thought possible.

Which will make you realize you can accomplish anything you want in life.

As long as you follow through with small commitments that lead you in the right direction every single day.

To Wrap Things Up…

I hope at least a few of these reasons convinced you to form a running habit – right now!

Most have no concept of the benefits of the sport, which are SO WORTH IT.

It has the potential to completely transform you from the inside out.

Happy Running!

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