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Mar 16

How to Take Responsibility For Your Eating Habits

Responsibility For Eating Habits Kat Rentas

Many women are constantly giving their power away when it comes to their eating habits.

They do this by focusing on finding the right “how” for healthy eating.

They’re constantly searching for the perfect diet regimen, meal plan, or weight loss program that will give them the right actions.

So they can finally eat healthy easily and lose weight.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you know this never works long-term.

You can only focus on someone else’s food actions for so long before you self-sabotage. 

Which will leave you frustrated by your lack of results.

There is a way out of this mind-numbing cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Where you constantly give responsibility to your eating habits to someone else.

The first step is knowing that your eating habits are your responsibility.

Here, I’m going to list the four steps to taking this power back for yourself.

So you can write your own rules for healthy eating.

Make Eating a Choice

The first method to taking responsibility for your eating habits is to make food decisions.

Everything you eat must become a conscious decision that you make.

This isn’t to say that you’ll eat perfectly healthy right off the bat.

It simply means that you claim “I am choosing to eat this” before you put any food item into your mouth.

No matter how bad your eating habits are, it’s important to understand that they are always under your control.

The simple act of acknowledging that your eating habits are your choice is so powerful.

This will ultimately teach you that you are the one who has power over your food choices.

And nobody can take that away from you.

Stop Giving Your Power Away 

The second method to taking responsibility for your eating habits is to stop searching for the perfect “how”. 

When you look outside of yourself for the right food answers, you are giving your power away.

Stop searching for the perfect diet to tell you what to eat. 

The reason why you do this is so you don’t have to take responsibility for your food choices.

You want to ultimately blame something outside of yourself when you fail.

But, this isn’t how you form healthy eating habits that last.

You need to stop giving your power away and focus on the power you do have.

Which is your internal body wisdom that tells you what to eat over time.

The goal of getting in touch with your body’s wisdom is to learn to eat the way nature intended.

Which is by relying on your hunger cues and fullness factors daily.

Questions you can ask yourself to get in touch with your body wisdom are:

  • “What does it feel like when I’m comfortably full?”
  • “What does it feel like when I overeat?”
  • “What does natural, non-urgent hunger feel like?”
  • “What does overhunger feel like?” 

The key to answering questions like this is to deepen your understanding of your body.

Start paying attention to how your body reacts to your eating habits.

Constantly be journaling and writing what answers you find.

This will do so much for you.

Own Your Emotions

In addition to observing your body’s wisdom, you want to begin examining your emotions as it relates to food.

Many so-called experts will skip over the deeper, emotional aspect of eating.

The truth is, the way we eat is directly tied to how we handle our emotional state.

This is why so many women feel out of control with their eating habits.

And when they feel out of control, they give their power away through dieting or restricting.

To take power and responsibility back, you’ll need to get in touch with your emotional states.

This is incredibly simple. 

First, you always want to be examining what you are feeling before you eat.

Identify the thought that is causing that feeling.

For instance, you might feel called to overeat when you’re experiencing stress.

You may have the thought, “I’m never going to finish these work tasks”. 

Your brain will naturally want to eat food at this time to comfort you.

And to make this feeling of stress go away. 

What I want you to do instead is acknowledge that this is happening.

And then commit to re-framing to a new thought instead.

For instance you could instead choose to think, “Completing these tasks will feel uncomfortable and that’s okay”. 

Or something that’s more neutral.

The key is to understand that you are responsible for your emotional state.

And when you take emotional responsibility, you will naturally take responsibility for the way you eat.

Be Curious & Compassionate

To take responsibility for your eating habits, I also want you to focus on curiosity and compassion.

A large part of taking responsibility is looking your unhealthy eating habits in the eye and confronting them.

When you do this, you will need to be understanding and loving to yourself.

If you fail to do this, you will engage in self-punishment and hate instead.

To operate of curiosity, you want to bring the energy of fascination.

You can say to yourself, “Wow! That is so interesting that I eat that way!”. 

To operate out of compassion, you want to bring the energy of understanding.

You can say to yourself, “Of course I ate that way. This makes so much sense.” 

Really become familiar with these two energies as you do this work.

It will allow you to realize that you eating history and habits have nothing to do with you.

Or your abilities to eat healthier in the future.

What to Do Next

I want you to begin moving past the fear of being responsible for your own eating habits.

In case you weren’t aware, your relationship with food and body is a life-long journey.

There’s no finish line where everything’s “perfect”. 

You can expect the ups and downs without any drama associated.

And take responsibility for how you react to those moments.

Follow the four-step process above and begin noticing how your relationship with food changes.

Notice, that instead of responsibility feeling overwhelming, it actually feels empowering as hell.

Once you take back that power over your eating habits, you’ll never go back.

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