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Sep 25

What Mindful Eating Does Not Mean

What Mindful Eating Does Not Mean Kat Rentas

I want to make something crystal clear…

Nothing, literally nothing, makes me happier than when a deserving woman is ready to ditch the restrictive dieting cycle.

Watching a woman experience this lightbulb moment firsthand is incredibly gratifying.

However, it’s important that a woman at this stage of her journey doesn’t fall into another unhealthy eating trap.

One that is just as common but way more difficult to classify.

Let me explain…

When a Woman Stops Dieting

When a woman breaks up with a dieting regimen, she’s eager to feel freedom.

She wants to feel free from the restrictive diet shackles she’s likely felt for months – even years.

These women have likely been on diets such as low-carb, low-calorie, limiting meal plans, etc.

Really, any type of diet that placed non-sustainable food rules on their lives.

These were methods of eating that gave them empty promises.

At this point, they’re done.

They want food freedom: a method of eating healthy that feels easy, effortless, and sustainable.

Because of this realization, they vow to ditch the diet once and for all, and establish “mindful eating habits”. 

Which is also known to many as “intuitive eating”.

In their minds, this will allow them to effortlessly eat healthy without ever having to think about it, right?


The eating habits they actually acquire at this point are not what they intended.

Mindless Eating Habits

Here’s the truth…

When most well-intentioned women move towards mindful (or intuitive) eating habits, they’re actually entering into a mindless eating cycle.

Where they give themselves permission to eat anything they want. Regardless of their bodies needs or goals.

Here are common phrases you’ll hear from women in this stage:

  • “It feels so nice to eat all this food without ever having to think about it!”
  • “I’m now free to eat as much as I like!”
  • “Knowing I don’t have to define what foods are unhealthy is so freeing!”

Unfortunately, it’s this type of mindless thinking that leads to excessive weight gain and frustration.

Which often leads to this woman restricting food and dieting – yet again.

The Difference Between The Two

Listen, ladies.

I get it! There’s a fine line between mindful eating and mindless eating.

Here’s the difference:

Mindless Eating

Giving themselves an excuse to eat whatever they want, in any quantity, without regard for one’s health, goals, or needs.⠀

Not paying attention to the food content they eat or how much of it they consume.⠀

Leaving their relationship with food on autopilot.

Mindful Eating

Constantly checking in with your body to make sure you’re giving her what she needs.⠀

Creating your own healthy boundaries with food so you’re enjoying indulgences while also nutritionally caring for your body.⠀

Paying attention.⠀


Knowing the difference between these two methods of eating is everything.

As long as your intentions with food are rooted in nourishment and love, you’ll be on your way to true, lasting food freedom. 

So, don’t stress.

Just listen to your body and honor what she needs.

You don’t need a diet to do this for yourself.

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