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Jul 20

Why You’re Not Eating Healthy

Why You Don't Eat Healthy Kat Rentas

I regularly get emails from women asking me “why can’t I just eat healthy?”.

They make their inability to eat healthy long-term mean something negative about them.

If you’re wondering why you don’t eat healthy – right now – it’s not for any complicated, messy reason.

It’s because you have a human brain.

Here, I’m going to explain what this means and how you can identify the exact reason as to why you aren’t eating healthy, right now.

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The Reasons You Come Up With

Most people will come up with a huge list of reasons as to why they’re not eating healthy.

And these reasons are usually based out of powerlessness and lack.

The main reasons I hear from women are:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of support from peers
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of knowledge

The truth is, most people love to blame their results with food and body on their circumstances.

And your circumstances are the things outside of your control.

These can include the actions of other people, your past, or anything else that’s happening outside of you in the world.

Most people will spend their energy blaming their circumstances on their unhealthy eating habits.

Which will leave them feeling very frustrated, powerless, and out of control.

This causes them to skip over the real reasons as to why they’re not eating healthy.

And the truth is, the reason you’re not eating healthy has nothing to do with how much time you have, your demanding job, or any of the other reasons that you’ve likely come up with.

It’s because of your human brain.

Why You (Actually) Don’t Eat Healthy

First, let me explain the sequence of how the world works:

  • Your thoughts create your feelings
  • Your feelings cause your actions
  • Your actions determine your results in life

Unlike your circumstances, these are all of life’s components that you can control.

And this sequence of events is responsible for the results you have in your life.

In the scope of this article, we’re focusing on the results you have with your body.

Whether that means your weight or general state of health.

The results you have with your body are created from the actions you take with food.

From the sequence above, we can also understand that every action you take with food is caused by a feeling.

In other words, everything you eat is because of the way you feel.

You eat because you want to experience a feeling, which most of the time is comfort.

Or, you eat because you’re unwilling to experience a negative feeling. 

Your feelings are the literal fuel for every action you take with food.

Which is why the reason you’re not eating healthy is very simple.

It’s because of how you’re responding to the feelings you’re experiencing.

And these feelings are directly caused by thoughts you’re thinking.

The great news here?

Thoughts are simply sentences in your head.

And we’re capable of changing these thoughts over time.

The beliefs that you’re thinking on repeat daily are simply a collection of neural pathways that have been conditioned in your brain.

It is possible to de-condition your thought patterns to create new feelings that serve you.

While this may sound complicated, it’s simple.

This simply means you’re placing the focus on becoming someone new.

In this case, you’re focusing on becoming someone who naturally eats healthy.

The Problem

The problem with all of this, is that no one is teaching this work when it comes to eating healthy.

Most diet plans for weight loss programs you see will only focus on the actions with food.

In order for you to change your results with your body as quickly as possible.

As we know, this is only half of the sequence that determines your results.

And, this approach never, ever works out long-term.

You will end up self-sabotaging and re-creating the same results you’ve always had.

Because you can’t work against your current brain.

Your current brain is responsible for the eating habits and results you have with your body right now.

Fighting against it will only lead you to the same results inevitably over time.

This right here is why harnessing willpower does not work.

You cannot force your current brain to take actions with food that feel inauthentic to it.

To change your eating habits, you need to literally become someone who eats healthy.

Which happens by focusing on the first half of the sequence: the thoughts you’re thinking and the feelings you’re experiencing.

You’ll need to gain awareness of how your thoughts and feelings lead to your current food actions right now.

How to Gain Awareness

The goal I have for you, is to gain ultimate awareness as to why you’re not eating healthy right now.

This is the first step to changing your eating habits forever.

Without this awareness, you will continue treating the symptom rather than the root cause of the results you have with food and body.

It’s important that you understand why you have the results you do now. 

And what is causing you to eat a certain way.

To do this, I want you to ask yourself two simple questions right now:

  • What am I feeling that is causing me to eat the way I do?
  • What thought is producing that feeling inside my body?

This simple practice will reveal so much for you.

To Wrap Things Up

I want you to remember that the reason for your current eating habits is never complicated.

The answer is always simple.

It’s because of who you’re being right now.

Which are the thoughts you’re thinking and the feelings you’re experiencing in your body.

It’s not because of your circumstances in life.

The best news ever?

As human beings, we have the ability to change our thoughts with practice.

The first step to doing this for yourself is to gain an awareness of your current actions with food.

And how your thoughts and feelings are leading to those actions daily.

While it takes courage to observe your eating habits in this way, it’s always worth it.

I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you.

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