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Nov 17

Can It Really Be Easy?

Can It Really Be Easy Kat Rentas

You may have heard me say that “healthy eating can be easy, simple, and sustainable”.

While this is very much true, it makes sense if believing this feels inaccessible to you now.

Right now, you likely have a relationship to healthy eating that feels restrictive. One that causes you to believe that eating healthy will require more discipline, effort, and willpower. This is where we all start.

In this podcast episode, I explain what I mean when I say “healthy eating can be easy for everyone”. I’m also walking you through what mindset shifts need to occur to create naturally healthy eating habits that feel easy to you.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a very good week so far. I am a little sick this week. I have some congestion, so if you hear me have some sniffles today I apologize. I do have a cold, but we’re just going to keep on rolling. Because I’m really excited to talk about the concept I’m going to share with you today. A lot of you who have followed me for a while hear me talk about the concept of healthy eating being easy. I talk on Instagram especially a lot about how it’s able to be easy, simple, and attainable for absolutely everyone. I firmly believe this. Which, by the way, if you’re not following me on Instagram what are you doing. It’s been a party over there lately. I’m posting more, embarrassing myself a bit on Reels, all of the good things. So, if that’s your jam come join us. My username is just KatRentas and I’m always posting more value there everyday. So, back to the concept of healthy eating being easy. My client told me the other day, which made me laugh so hard, she said “You know. In the beginning of your podcast intro, you say healthy eating can be easy and this doesn’t feel easy”. And I was dying, because on one hand she’s so right, because in my program for sure. You’re becoming someone completely different with food. You’re unlearning a whole history with food that didn’t work for you, to learn an entirely different way of looking at food so you can get the results you want with your body, without having to rely on willpower or effort. It’s a massive change and like any change or growth, discomfort will be necessary. You’ll be shedding old skin. And with this client, she’s done such a lovely job in my program and that particular week we were right in the middle of supporting her while she was really feeling her human experience and feeling the emotions. This is not easy. This is hard. But, on the other side of feeling the hard things and shedding that skin of who you used to be with food, is a relationship with food where your eating habits do feel easy. They do feel natural where you’re not having to put more effort in your eating decisions to lose weight, feel healthier, whatever result you’re looking for. But, it will require us to feel some hard things along the way. And that’s why my program is such a high-touch, supportive container. It’s not like any other program you’ve tried. Because the support is insane. You are endlessly supported through the hard part, so you’re able to get to the part where it feels natural and easy without self-sabotaging. This is the magic of that program. Now, I want to talk with you all today about what I mean by it being easy. Because first off, it makes sense it this seems kind of unbelievable to you right now. Because everything you’ve ever tried with healthy eating has required effort from you. It’s required it to be hard. You’ve likely spent a lot of time micromanaging food, or attempting to do so, to change the results with your body. And if you’re here, and you resonate with my work, that never worked for you. But, it’s important to know where your mind is conditioned in terms of food. And after you’ve tried a lot of hard ways to eat healthy, your brain will be conditioned to believe that “healthy eating must require more effort”. It should be harder. And this is why in my program, all of my clients have all of this drama when their eating habits start to feel easy. They get to a place, sooner than you may think, that we get to remove the drama from their eating habits and it all just feels simple. More effort or thought isn’t really required anymore to make eating decisions. And their brains freak out. Because they realize after spending years trying to try methods that required “more” from them, that their brains believe it should be hard. This the difference between your logical and primitive brain, you guys. Logical brain wants healthy eating to feel easy. You don’t really want to think about food all that much. You just want to eat healthy naturally. Of course. But, primitive brain is attached to what it’s always done. That’s how it’s designed. So it’s this dissonance between wanting it to be easy, and feeling attached to it being hard. This is what I coach my clients through. And, as I’ve joked around before, this is the best problem to have. Truly. The drama that comes up is no longer about feeling like you don’t have control with food. It’s that it feels easy and the brain is freaking out because it’s used to it being hard. So, that’s the first point I want to make, is that right now, your brain won’t really fully believe that it being easy is accessible for you. It will have this carefully crafted story as to why you’re different and it can’t possibly work for you. So dramatic. Another point I want to make, is that when I say healthy eating can be easy, and when I say it can be effortless, it doesn’t mean that someone else creates that result for you along the way. It doesn’t mean you’re not taking responsibility. It doesn’t mean you’re not taking initiative. It doesn’t mean you’re not taking action and being accountable to yourself. It means the opposite. You need to do all of those things to create the result of becoming someone who is a naturally healthy eater. Where it does get to be easy. But, here’s what may blow your mind a bit. I want you to question why you believe now, that doing any of those things requires more effort? Why can’t it be easy to take responsibility with food? Why can’t it be easy to take action and be accountable to yourself? Why can’t it be easy to not depend on anyone else to create your results for you? Right now, for many of you, you may define easy as not being responsible for your results, because all of the ways in which you’ve attempted taking new action with food have been really hard and impossible. Are you still with me here? When you think about terms like responsibility, accountability, getting a result, you’re likely at this point going to experience feelings of restriction, pressure, maybe some doubt, dread, all because how you’ve been defining these things in the past as requiring more effort to them. For instance, to you being responsible with food and being accountable, may mean “eating perfectly on a meal plan”, “eating the right things”, “following a pre-determined weight loss program”, “losing X amount of pounds in a certain time frame”, “not failing, ever”. Right? The definitions you have of taking responsibility and being accountable to yourself create feelings of pressure and restriction for you. It feels hard. So, with this mindset, what does easy maybe mean to you? In your mind, you may mistakenly think that easy means you’re not being responsible, you’re not being accountable to yourself, and you’re not the one getting your results. Which doesn’t need to be true. Those things aren’t hard. They can be easy. You just need to change your relationship to taking responsibility and being accountable to yourself. Which is what each of my clients do in my coaching program. Sometimes when clients apply for my program, they think in the beginning that them trying to be responsible for their eating habits and them trying to be accountable to themselves is the problem. They think they’re not capable of being responsible and accountable. Because all of the ways that they’ve tried to in the past have felt awful and they haven’t succeeded. So, naturally, they mistakenly think I will get them the result. That I am responsible and accountable for their results. This can’t possibly be true and it’s not what I teach. I’m not holding clients accountable. Which, I talk about this every so often, but if anyone tries to help you change yourself by holding you accountable, like, I can’t even talk about how non-useful that is. Because then what happens when you stop getting support from that person? They created your results, you didn’t. You depended on them. And we’ve all been here. Trust me, I was the “accountability buddy” queen. But it’s one of the most non-useful things you can do. This is why I don’t recommend changing your eating habits, or moving forward with this work, with other people to hold you accountable. With that mindset. It needs to feel like you’re the one who took responsibility and created the result. It’s so incredibly worth it on the other side to know that you did that for yourself. Which means, you know you can do it again and be forever responsible with food. I teach you to learn to be responsible and accountable for your own results with food in my program. So, as I like to say, you never need me, or anyone else again to eat healthy. You have everything you need. I teach you how to be responsible and accountable in a way that feels natural and easy for you. So it becomes who you are. That’s not how you’ve been trying to be responsible and accountable with food up until this point. You’ve tried to do so by forcing yourself to eat certain ways, using willpower, things that feel really hard. So, to my previous point, it’s totally safe if it doesn’t feel believable to you now that eating healthy and being accountable with food and having that control can feel easy for you. Because you’re just not that person yet. You’ve been conditioned that it should be hard. And that the only way it can be easy is if someone else takes responsibility for that result. I hope this makes sense. As usual, this is a deeper way of looking at it. I feel like I say that in every episode. I can’t help myself, guys. I always need to take this work to the deepest level. Now, when we think about healthy eating being easy, we’ll at first think this isn’t possible for us. That it’s not accessible because everything we’ve ever tried has implied it must be hard. That’s the evidence we’ve provided our brain through past methods. But, I want you to picture someone who does eat healthy without effort. Where it feels easy for them and it’s just natural. These are the women that in the past, used to piss me off. And I always joke about this, because now I am one of those women. My clients become one of these women. But this is so relatable. We all have experienced that person that just grinds our gears a bit, because they can eat nutritionally valuable foods naturally and enjoy them, without feeling restricted or like it’s hard. They just enjoy food. It’s so simple for them. And this result is exactly what I teach. This is possible for anyone. But, what’s interesting is we see these types of women, or people, and use it as evidence that “they must be special and that something is wrong with us because we don’t have that result”. Our brains will just come up with the rudest thoughts available. But, it’s because our brains love keeping us stuck. And this thought will do that for us. When we’re believing “Oh. That woman must be just a lucky unicorn that has it better than me”, we’re not going to take responsibility to make the changes we want. We’re just going to live in our sad story and have a pity party, overeat, and not move forward. Our primitive brains love this. That’s why it offers those thoughts first. When really, you know what’s equally available? For us to see those people who eat healthy easily and naturally, and then think, “Wow. That’s really possible. I wonder how she’s eating that way? Let’s figure this out”. And it sounds a little silly when I say it like that. Your thoughts may not be that robotic. But it’s true. Notice how we could be using that as evidence that it can be simple, natural and easy. But our brains want us to believe it’s inaccessible so we feel stuck. It can be natural and easy. The process of becoming that person means you need to change your brain, change your patterns, and change who you are. It sounds dramatic, but there’s a simple process I take my clients through that allows them to do this. But the clients who become this person, show up each week and take responsibility for their results, they take action, and they move forward, without ever, ever, making it hard. Taking action can’t be hard until you make it hard with your thoughts. Did you know this? This may shake you up a bit. Putting certain food items into your mouth is the simplest thing in the world. So what makes doing this hard? What makes taking responsibility hard? What makes being accountable hard? What makes taking simple action in any way hard? Your thoughts and feelings about it. That effort that you think is necessary to eat healthier? That’s being created from your thoughts. And that is optional. This is a broad concept, so if you’re like “Whaaat? I don’t know.” It’s fine. Just go back and listen to past episodes, or join my program, learn all of the things, and become an expert at it. But know that eating healthy can be easy. Not because someone is doing it for you, but because you learn how to take deliberate action with food from emotional experiences that feel easier. You change your relationship with it all so it stops feeling so impossible. You can learn to stop making it hard. So it’s not requiring more effort, willpower, or grit to take the simple actions with food you want to be taking. So, to answer the question of this episode: Can it really be easy? The answer is YES. But not because you’re hiding and wanting someone to do the work for you. Because it’s possible to become someone who believes that eating healthy is easy for them. That it’s natural. This is what’s available to all of you. Alright? Thanks for hanging in there with me today. I always appreciate when you all are wanting to go through these deeper concepts with me. And I hope this was valuable to you. Alright, my friends. I’ll talk to you next week.


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