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Dec 17

Why You Don’t Need to Fix Your Eating Habits

Fix Your Eating Habits Kat Rentas

There is a huge amount of desperation associated with fixing one’s eating habits.

This is usually caused by one’s desire to lose weight.

Because of this desperation mentality, women often search for the quick fixes.

So, they can finally become unbroken and fix their eating habits for good.

As many of you will already know, it’s highly unlikely that those quick fixes will work in your favor long-term.

They will often keep you forever chasing diet after diet.

Where you’ll always be searching for something outside of you to fix your eating habits.

Trust me. This isn’t the relationship with food or your body that you want.

I’m here to present you with the idea that your eating habits (and you) don’t need fixing at all.

And it’s this very mindset that’s keeping you stuck when it comes to eating healthy.

First, let’s talk about how this belief system is causing you to self-sabotage.

Believing You Are Broken

If you feel like you are broken, you are operating under a belief system.

This current belief system you have created is telling you that in order to be worthy, you have to “fix” something about yourself.

Which will cause you to experience internal voids – such as feeling unloved, incapable, unaccepted, etc.

You are creating a state of lack and suffering when you have the belief you need to be fixed.

For a long time, I had this belief system.

I thought that if I gained the knowledge to fix my eating habits & lose weight, that I would finally feel whole.

I was oblivious to the fact that this method of thinking was setting me up for failure.

Because of this belief system, I ended up desperately chasing fad diets to fix my eating problems.

This further created an internal stress response, causing my body to further hold on unwanted weight.

The more I did this, the more I triggered my adolescent brain.

Your adolescent brain is the one that seeks instant gratification.

It’s like the child screaming that it wants candy, and it wants it now. 

Except in this case, I wanted to fix my eating habits out of desperation to lose weight.

Sound familiar?

When you are under the belief system that you are broken and need fixing, you further stimulate this adolescent brain that is desperate for the quick fix.

Which will further cause you to be susceptible to fad diets, shady marketing, and false promises from the diet industry.

Your Self-Worth

In case you weren’t aware, you are one-hundred percent worthy.

And this isn’t me giving you a motivational pep-talk.

It’s just the way of it.

We are all inherently worthy by default.

Our successes, failures, or circumstances in life have no effect on our worthiness.

This is amazing news.

Because it means we never need to be fixed.

For many of you, this might seem too good to be true.

Especially if you’re dealing with past failures, regrets, or trauma.

But this is a belief system you will have to adopt to see the results you want with food and your body.

You’ll need to love yourself unconditionally towards those changes.

You can’t hate your way to the results you want.

(See: Loving Your Body)

Knowing your self-worth is a prerequisite to changing your eating habits long-term.

You can have any health issue, be any size, and still love and accept who you are.

And, you can still want to change any of these things. 

The goal is for you to stop trying to fix your broken self.

This is what will ultimately put you on the real path towards food freedom, body love, and happiness..

The Reframe

The worst part of this toxic belief system of “being broken”?

You will always live with one foot out the door.

When you don’t feel whole exactly as you are, you will always feel like happiness is on the other side of something that hasn’t happened yet.

Whether that’s weight loss, healthy eating habits, or getting fit.

Thinking you are broken will cause you to wait for your real life to begin one day in the future – when you are “fixed”.

Changing this belief system is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.

And it’s necessary to lead you on the path to your best relationship with food.

I encourage you to reframe the place you are currently in with food & your body.

Instead of looking at your eating habits as broken, work to reframe this in your mind.

For example, you can try this thought on:

“I am worthy and I have this challenge with food”. 

See the difference?

You are not broken. You never were. You are whole – right now.

The moral of this is that you can want to fix your eating habits & body, but still love yourself at the same time.

When you master this reframe, it’s magic.

What to Do Next

My goal is for you to be aware of this belief system.

Because it will come up for you if you have a history with it.

There will be many opportunities for you to feel like you need “fixing”.

Especially in our current diet culture and society.

But, don’t be fooled by the toxic marketing in the world.

Practice reframing your mindset and ditching the belief that you are broken.

You don’t need someone else to fix you to be worthy.

The truth is, you are whole right now as you are. 

And you can be whole and work to change your eating habits for the better.

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