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May 30

Get Unstuck: “There Will Be A Better Time”

Get Unstuck There Will Be A Better Time Again Kat Rentas

Are you waiting for the perfect time to prioritize building the skills for naturally healthy eating and permanent weight loss?

This mindset is the most common block I see keeping women from achieving the long-term results they desire.

In this episode of the Get Unstuck series, we’re tackling the belief that “There will be a better time,” and exploring why there’s no better time than now to start making changes.

You’ll learn:

→ Exactly how the belief that any time is “better” holds you back

→ What you’re really protecting yourself from when you hold onto this perspective

→ How to move past the fear of not being perfect during your weight loss journey

→ How opting into tolerable discomfort on purpose can transform your results with healthy eating and weight loss

If you wait for the perfect time to prioritize this work, you’ll be waiting a lifetime.

Tune in to get unstuck so you can embrace now as the right time to start.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. I’m so happy that you are here. And today’s going to be the last episode of my Get Unstuck series. I have so enjoyed coming up with a series for you all. And if this is the first episode you’re listening to, this series was created to help you all move past the mental blocks you may be experiencing.

that are keeping you stuck with healthy eating and weight loss. I promise you that the results you want with permanent weight loss and changing the way you eat are available to you no matter what. That is what I have made it my mission to help you see, but so much of the time we can have thoughts Or emotions that feel like they’re holding us back from the results we want.

And one of the most painful things is when we can’t see what’s coming up when we can’t see what’s keeping us stuck. And so I want to offer, if this is the first episode you’re listening to from me or the series, just go back through the [00:01:00] past episodes of this Get Unstuck series and see which block resonates with you most, and it’s going to help you get unstuck in that way.

But today I want to talk about the biggest block I see when it comes to anyone who wants to eat healthier and finally lose the weight. And it’s that thought, there will be a better time. We’ve all had it. We’re all guilty of it. And so. So many aspects, but today I really want to, from a place of non judgment, really look at this thought, unpack what it actually means.

And based on coaching all of the women through it, I want you to understand why we have it and what the function of it actually is, because let’s just think about, right, what does this actually mean? I say that a lot when it comes to our thoughts, but something to understand. about thoughts and beliefs is they are never facts.

And we will speak them like [00:02:00] they are facts and like they’re the news, but they’re not. And when we really think about there will be a better time, we want to unpack what are we actually saying, right? Like, what do we think is a better time even is. Is it when circumstances are a certain way? Is it when work looks a certain way?

Is it when the family looks a certain way? What is a better time that you have become attached to in your brain and that you have really sold yourself that if those circumstances were that way, then your success with weight loss would be available to you. And why I’m saying this is I want you guys to.

practice from non judgment being really onto yourselves with the way you think about this area of your life. Because the best thing you can possibly do is to question your beliefs and the way you think. And really with this there will be a better time. What I notice in coaching the women with this thought is it tends to be a little bit fluffy.

Most of you have [00:03:00] not actually had this conversation with yourself as to what a better time even means. So first I would offer to get really specific with that and then you can just notice it. Now I want you to consider as well how this thought feels in your body. There will be a better time. Right. I think for a lot of us, it feels very hesitant.

It feels avoidant. It feels protective. And what I want you to consider is what are you potentially protecting yourself from if you wait for a better time? Because for many of you, what you’ll have found is that a better time never really comes. Life always comes. Quote unquote gets in the way and it really is an avoidance tactic we have to sell ourselves on this belief that genuinely there will be a better time.

And it’s never true, but I want to cut to the chase and just offer to you what most of us are avoiding when we indulge this thinking because I see it a lot [00:04:00] and it’s really valid. What we are doing a lot of the time when we convince ourselves there will be a better time is protecting ourselves from the truth.

Failure. Okay, so we’ve talked about that quite a bit in this Get Unstuck series, and especially as busy, high achieving women, however you identify, we hate failure. We will do anything we can to avoid it. It’s why many of us have become ambitious or high achievers, is because we actually have. an intolerable relationship to failure.

That is something we’ve developed. So in order to build the skills of naturally healthy eating, so you can lose weight for the last time, you will need to change your relationship to failure. Because I talked about in a previous episode that ultimate failure. Failure is not possible. So ultimate failure is proving to yourself that you are a failure, that something is wrong with you, that somehow you not showing up as planned or you having a setback can prove that [00:05:00] true indefinitely.

That will never happen. That is not something that’s on the table, especially when it comes to building the skills of healthy eating. What actually is on the table that I want you to expect is natural human error. So that is non negotiable. When you decide to commit to naturally healthy eating and permanent weight loss, human error is part of it.

And it is actually the breadcrumbs to your success because how we figure out what works for you is studying the human error and helping you build those skills, right? It’s so necessary. But I want you to notice that you are having a resistance to failure, potentially. And if this resonates, I want you to consider this.

When you have a brain that is very intolerant to failure or not being perfect, and you’re attached to having perfect performance, Building long term skills is going to be really tough for you. Especially when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. It’s going to feel [00:06:00] vulnerable and scary and

you probably won’t feel like you’re doing enough throughout the journey. And I say this coaching all the women. And the difference is this doesn’t need to be a horrible experience of healthy eating and weight loss. I just want you to expect that perfect performance is not possible, and your brain might want to judge that, and it might want to assume that that shouldn’t be happening. The difference is that it’s safe. For you to have this experience on the way to your results, because what will happen if you allow yourself to normalize human error and build those skills is you’re going to heal your relationship with failure as opposed to waiting for there to be a better time, protecting yourself from it, and then in your mind you’re increasing the resistance to creating this result. The more time you avoid prioritizing this result and going through the motions of building those skills, the more you will build up the fear in your mind with this area. And what it [00:07:00] will feel like, I know this was the case for me, maybe it does for you.

It’ll feel like that in order to create this result you’re going to have to enter an arena where you’re going to get beat down and it’s going to feel horrible and you’re going to be fighting yourself along the way. And I really want to offer that this is not the case because you do not need to punish yourself on the way to Building the skills of naturally healthy eating and weight loss. You do not need to feel disempowered. No matter how your progress is looking, you can feel in control. You can feel curious and you can become a scientist of your results rather than that struggling student.

That is what I teach my clients and that is something you can learn and when you learn that. It’s not going to feel like battling in an arena, it’s just going to feel like walking a path and taking the time you need to do so and getting to that end result inevitably. Because there will never be a better time. I know that this language is thrown around a lot, but it’s because it really is true, right?

The best time was [00:08:00] always yesterday for us, but the second best time is now. So confirm with yourself that if you’re waiting for a better time, it’s just avoiding a feeling or something that we anticipate is not going to be okay, or that we’re not going to survive. And what I want you to know is that there is nothing that can happen on your journey to naturally healthy eating and weight loss that you cannot progress through.

I don’t care if you find yourself If you end up falling completely off track for a month or you gain some weight back, I’ve seen it all my friends, there is nothing that you cannot work through and that is part of your journey. No matter what it looks like, it will benefit your end result and it’s going to make it more stable.

It’s all for you. So just confirm with yourself that when you are waiting for a better time, it is you avoiding a feeling. What if that were true?

When your brain wants to fight for the reasons why there will be a better time, it [00:09:00] just is never serving you. And what if it really was about avoiding that discomfort? Because there will be discomfort on the way to the result. We want to normalize that. It is not all sunshine and rainbows. There will be disappointment and shame when you don’t have perfect performance because you have a brain that’s attached to that. You will have frustration and doubt with yourself and your progress.

But these emotions and this discomfort is tolerable when you learn to normalize it. So tolerable discomfort is a factor in your growth. There is a big difference between this tolerable discomfort and the discomfort of never creating this result and constantly watching it be inaccessible to you where you feel helpless because it’s never the right time.

That is suffering. And so what I want to offer, is that convincing yourself there will be a better time and it’s never the right time is going to leave you in that intolerable discomfort because it’s going to have you feeling helpless with the result.

And [00:10:00] like the results are not in your control no matter what. Tolerable discomfort is acknowledging. The results are in my control no matter what, and it’s going to feel uncomfortable because it’s not going to be perfect. And I’m going to feel the feelings and it’s going to be the case. But do you see that difference where one is an empowered version of you going for the result no matter what, and the other feels like waiting for it to come to you, which that will never happen, my friends.

So I hope that makes sense. You know, . The bad news is it’s discomfort either way. The good news is if you are struggling with this right now, you’re probably in the intolerable discomfort, even if it doesn’t feel supercharged. It’s just believing that this result can’t be available to you and you’re just waiting.

The good news is you can trade that for tolerable discomfort, which feels a lot better. So even though it’s discomfort, it can feel worlds better when you Take [00:11:00] initiative with this area of your life and opt into that tolerable discomfort on purpose. One of the biggest things my clients say when they join Own Your Eating Habits is that immediately they feel so much better.

The biggest result I think this program provides other than teaching you the skills of naturally healthy eating and permanent weight loss is stress release. You will know how to trade The intolerable discomfort for the tolerable discomfort, that is just the human condition, and it doesn’t mean it feels horrible day to day. What would change if you opted into the human condition? the discomfort necessary to change your life in this area over the next year on purpose, rather than waiting for the intolerable discomfort to end because you’re waiting for the right time.

What would change if you decided to make this the right time? And I want you to think about that. What would that look like for you? So my friends, I hope you liked this series. I’m so happy you’re here and I’ve got some very, very exciting announcements coming up in the next couple Couple months or so, there [00:12:00] is so much value coming up on this podcast.

I’m excited for, but there’s also some big changes rolling out that I promise you will not want to miss out on. So the best way to keep in contact with what’s going on with me is to subscribe to my email list at catrentus. com forward slash subscribe, or follow me on Instagram at cat rent us. I’m always happy to connect with y’all there.

All right. Have a great rest of your week, my friends. I’ll talk to you next week.




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