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May 18

Guaranteed Results

If you believed the results you wanted with food and body were guaranteed, how would you show up differently?

When you don’t believe this, you will only ever create surface-level results. You will have one foot in the door and one foot out. You won’t be all in. Changing your eating habits won’t be a priority.

You will be interested in the results you want, rather than committed to them. All because you’re not convinced that they are 100% guaranteed for you — right now.

To make your results inevitable, you must believe that they are. There has to be an energetic match between the results you want and who you’re being in the process.

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can create the energy of “guaranteed results” now, along with how you can harness this energy to truly make the results you want with food and body inevitable.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. I hope you’re having a really good week so far. I have been loving lately all things spring, and I know we’re kind of getting into summer soon, but I’m just soaking in all of the spring activities. So this time of the year, I really love all things outdoors. I love to put full flowers all over my living space.
Specifically this year, I’ve gotten really into all things in the Regency era. So I’ve been reading Jane Austin, watching pride in prejudice. watching Bridger, which if you haven’t watched Bridger tin, and that is something that you are into, you know, period pieces, Regency era drama, then you need to immediately, it is so good. And apparently it’s an unpopular opinion, but I think season two has been much better than season one.
And I know that’s an unpopular opinion, so don’t come for me, but I love it so much.
So I have been really, really enjoying springtime and I hope no matter what the weather looks like in your area of the world, you’ve been enjoying yourself as well. So today I want to talk about guaranteed results. And I want you to ask yourself the question, if you believed your results were guaranteed, how would you show up differently? So I want you to think about the result with food and body that you most want right now.
So maybe that’s something like weight loss, eating healthy for your body, or feeling lighter in your body, whatever it is. I want you to be really honest and transparent with yourself about the result you most desire, and then just let yourself be with that desire for a hot minute and just let yourself want that particular result. And then I want you to get to a place where you think about that result in the future, your future self.
I want you to picture that that version of yourself who has that result is guaranteed. As in there is nothing you can do right now to mess it up. There are no setbacks or failures you can make that will prevent that result from coming to you. It is just 100% guaranteed. And I want you to get yourself into that place emotionally, where you imagine that result being guaranteed for you, no matter what.
And I want you to think about from this energy, if you really believed that this result was guaranteed, how would you show up differently right now? And this is very important because your energy, as it relates to doing this work long term and changing who you are as an eater really does matter. And the goal is to create sustainable emotional energy.
That brings you to that result, that you desire. Inevitably, it makes it guaranteed because you have created sustainable emotional energy that stands the test of time.
No matter what setbacks you have, you can have the emotional experience of believing that your result is inevitable. So the goal of picturing your results as guaranteed is to create a sense of patience, calm, ease, whatever emotion most resonates with you. So you can create a relaxation response in your body that drives long term and sustainable action with healthy eating.
And here’s the thing. Results are always guaranteed because anyone can take the actions they need to do to create that result sustainably. You do not have to be a unicorn. You do not have to have any special skills. Results are always guaranteed. If you show up to the steps you need to take to create that result, it’s inevitable. And with my clients, results are always guaranteed.
If they show up to that process and do not self sabotage, which is exactly what they learn.
And this is a really, really big part of that, really allowing themselves to get to a place emotionally where they believe their result is just guaranteed and what this requires of my clients and what this will require of you is when you believe your results are guaranteed, you are able to remove your attachment to doing it quicker. So you’re able to remove your urgency of getting the result in a certain timeframe, and we need to loosen your grip and your dependency on a specific timeline.
Because immediately, when you think about rushing the result, it puts you in a stress response and that emotional energy, if that’s what’s driving you changing the way you eat, it won’t be sustainable. We have to create emotional safety for you to take sustainable action. And actually what determines the timeline and how long it takes to get the result you desire is the emotional energy you are using to drive those changes.
It’s the emotional fuel. And when you are attached to that end result, and you feel compelled to skip steps and do it quicker it’s because you think the results aren’t guaranteed in your future. So you have to rush them into existence. It’s going to feel very, very desperate in your body. And I know from my experience in the past that this emotional desperation to get a result quicker feels awful.
It’s constantly on our mind, we will ruminate so much of our day, what we need to be doing to create that result. And it just feels terrible. It takes up so much time and emotional energy. And when we talk about emotional fuel, because you want a result quicker, you want to shorten the timeline. The emotions I most often see are doubt, frustration, anger, worry.
All of the emotions that make us feel like the result we want is on shaky ground.
It’s going to feel very fragile. And as mentioned, the fuel that is necessary for you emotionally to create sustainable results must be sustainable emotions that you want to be feeling and that feel safe in your body. So when you think about your results being guaranteed, as in, you do not need to rush no matter what they are there waiting for you, it will better allow you to access the emotional fuel that is useful, such as feelings of certainty, calm, commitment, confidence, maybe it’s compassion, whatever most resonates with you.
And so I want you to think once you’ve done the practice of getting yourself to a place emotionally where the result you desire feels guaranteed and it feels done. What emotions do you feel in that moment? What is the experience of that emotion like in your body? How does it feel stable and safe for you?
And then you can name that emotion. Is that emotion calm? Is it certainty? Is it committed? Is it trusting? And then what are you believing about yourself in that moment? When you picture the result being guaranteed, that allows you to feel that way. Notice the power in that emotional experience. If this is accessible to you now, if this isn’t accessible to you now, and you’re like, cat, what the heck?
this? Isn’t where I’m at. That’s perfectly fine. I just want you to consider the possibility of emotionally, what can occur for you. If you truly believed that the results you desire are inevitable. And as I often like to mention, it can be really powerful to just add a, what if, what if the results you desired now were inevitable?
What if they were guaranteed for you in your future? What if, no matter what you would reach that result.
Now you can check in and see what emotions come up in your body with that possibility. I want you to get curious here and see what comes up for you. It’s going to be different for everyone, with my clients. It’s always based on their individual thoughts and circumstances in their lives. So do this for yourself and really see what you have available to you. And here’s why this is so very important because many of you listening, if you have a pulse and you’re a human being, will not believe that the result you want with food and body is guaranteed.
You may know that it’s possible, but it’s just not that emotional experience of it feeling guaranteed and already done in your body. And I really want you to become aware of how you show up to this work and making changes with food. When you don’t feel like it’s 100% guaranteed, because here’s the thing.
If you are believing that it’s possible, but I don’t believe it’s 100% guaranteed for me. It’s going to affect how you show up and your experience of making these changes. Because what that means is your brain is going to take everything as evidence now that it’s not guaranteed for you. So maybe this looks like you unconsciously eating too much at a dinner out with your family.
Your brain’s gonna take that as evidence as this is possible, but it’s not guaranteed for me. Maybe this means you coming home from work stressed and you realize you emotionally ate. Your brain will use this as evidence that it’s not guaranteed, or maybe it’s just not possible. Maybe this looks like you creating a food plan. And then on the weekend, you completely give it up. Your brain’s gonna take that as evidence that it’s not guaranteed. And here is the really important thing to know.
You’re going to be creating evidence that it is possible, and it is guaranteed for you, but your brain will not be looking for that evidence that you are creating. If you are focused on that thought that it’s not guaranteed for you, and you’re not acting from that energy, what this most looks like for women, I coach or women who listen to this podcast is they will have show up to the work. And actually the thought I see that is most detrimental is the thought that it could be possible for them, but it just doesn’t feel 100% guaranteed.
So with the women in my audience and with women who I coach, it’s really interesting because how this most shows up when they don’t believe the result is guaranteed for them in the future is they do the work and they’re interested in the work, but they kind of have show up to it.
So they flirt with the work, but they’re not committed to the work. It’s not something that feels true in their bones, that if they take this action, they will guarantee this result with food and solve this problem. And there’s nothing wrong with this. This is where we all start, right? We have this interested energy with this work, but we’re not committed to this work yet because we think that the results we want are possible, but we’re not seeing them as 100% guaranteed.
If we take this action and we do not want to undermine what happens when we think something’s possible, but it’s not guaranteed because emotionally how this most presents based on what I see is hopeful. And I want you to think about how hopeful feels in your body. It sounds very pretty, and most of us would classify an emotion like hopeful as positive.
But what I see with so many of you who want to make these changes is that emotion will prevent you from getting the result. Because what that looks like when you’re taking action from hopeful, from that energy, it’s very surface level, you’re flirting with the work. You try the work, but then step back, you take action. But then you go through a period of inaction because hopeful is a very emotionally unstable feeling.
It’s not the safest emotion to feel, right? I want you to think about it when it comes to you getting a result that you have desire for, does hopeful feel like the feeling that will guarantee that result in your life? I was hopeful for so many years, so many years, and the reason why I was hopeful and it’s something I see all the time in my clients is because it was representative of the fact that I just didn’t believe it was guaranteed.
I just didn’t believe that the result I strongly desired was possible in the way I wanted to do it. And what I see for a lot of you, which makes sense is when you think about changing your body or eating healthy without restriction or without dieting hopeful is the emotion that most presents itself. Because in a way, based on where we’ve been, it sounds a little too good to be true for us, right?
Let’s be honest, based on everything we’ve been through. When we think about eating healthy and losing weight without strong emotional effort, in a way where it feels natural and easy. Come on. Of course, we’re gonna have a lack of belief there. What we want to be mindful of is if we’re taking action on this work from a lack of belief in the results being guaranteed, because what this looks like a lot of the time is hopeful.
And then we act hopeful towards the work and towards prioritizing this result in your life. You’re going to be interested in this work and in the steps you need to take, but it’s not going to create commitment for you and with my clients. What we work on much of the time is to catch them when they’re acting from hopeful energy and to bring them back into commitment or certainty.
And this is a really intentional switch you can think about for yourself as well. I want you to think about whether it’s hopeful or another feeling, the emotion that you have when you think about this result, being possible could be possible for me. And this isn’t a bad, this is a great place to start for some of you, what once felt impossible is now feeling possible because you’ve listened to this podcast or taken a training, whatever it is.
And that’s amazing. But I want you to think about how you are showing up from that feeling now and how you would show up differently. If you were able to believe what if the result I want is guaranteed. What if the result I want is inevitable, or when you’re capable of believing it’s already done in the future. I want you to picture what emotion is created. If you are able to conjure this up in your body and then picture, how would you take action differently with this work and changing your eating habits?
If you acted from that emotion daily, if you acted from the belief that the result you want is guaranteed. Now I know for some of you, this will feel like a really big jump. So maybe you just found this podcast and the changes you want, feel a bit impossible. So when you first listen to this podcast, what I’m teaching you is that you can eat healthy, change the results with your body without restriction and willpower, you can do so in a way that feels natural for you long term, where you’re not constantly putting an effort, that is what I teach.
And that is what my clients learn how to do. So if you’re just finding this podcast, we want to give you time to move from impossibility, where maybe you’re coming in thinking like, what is this crazy woman talking about? And maybe you need to give this more time to get on board and see how this could be possible for you. That is more than okay, for those of you who think that this could be possible for me. And you want this result in your life and you are ready to receive it.
It will be necessary for you to see the gap you are having between possibility and certainty, because possibility could mean that you are interested in solving this problem, but you’re just not committed yet. And if you solve this problem permanently doesn’t require willpower or harsh emotional effort, but it does require intentional commitment in a way where you take action as if your result was 100% guaranteed.
If you take action in that way, the result is 100% guaranteed for anyone in the future. When you are in this energy, you are no longer rushing to the result you want. You are no longer ruminating about what you’re going to eat. What’s not working. It all gets to be simple. You’re no longer constantly doubting yourself and your abilities to get this result in your life. And most importantly, you are not constantly self sabotaging and moving yourself back in your progress, which makes sense, because you have created an experience of this work that feels emotionally stable.
What happens with my clients when they’re able to move into this mindset is they trust the process. They trust themselves and they trust their body to get them the result they desire in the exact timeline it needs to happen in. They are no longer attached to doing it quicker because they know it’s inevitable with the actions they’re taking.
So I just want you to consider this question that we started the podcast with. If you believed the results you want with food and body were guaranteed, how would you show up differently? And something I often tell my clients is that future version of yourself who has the result for the rest of her life. She’s not in a rush to meet you because she knows that the result is guaranteed because she has them.
And she knows you are exactly where you need to be right now to learn the lessons that need to be learned to implement this work at the deepest level and take the steps forward that need to be taken. She’s not in a rush. So when you believe what she believes in that your results are guaranteed. You will not be in a rush either. So this is a concept I want you to play with. I want you to see what is available to you now, and just ask yourself the questions I offer you in this episode.
All right? I hope you have an amazing rest of your week. I love you, and I’ll talk to you next week.



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