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Feb 2

Healthy Eating Commitment

Healthy Eating Commitment Kat Rentas

Let’s have a conversation about healthy eating commitment.

You may be defining commitment with food as harnessing willpower, having discipline, and eating “the right things”.

This is not commitment to healthy eating. This is desperation to achieving perfection with food. It will feel very reactive and heightened.

Commitment to healthy eating actually comes from a calmer, more neutral energy. It’s the emotional experience that is necessary to make the results you want with food accessible.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing how to separate “interest” from “commitment” and how you can access the energy of commitment right now. This way, removing your food struggles becomes inevitable for you.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. Today, I want to have a conversation about healthy eating commitment. And I want to talk very openly about this because I always want each of you to understand what is genuinely necessary to reach all of your goals with food, with your body and your health, because it really is possible for every single one of you.
And as usual, if you’ve been a podcast listener for some time, you know, my top priority is not sugar coating it.
It’s not to hide any information from any of you in order to make the journey feel warm and cushy and comforting. Now I’m not here to make you feel terrible in the process of sharing what works and what doesn’t. But I really want to be transparent today with what healthy eating commitment really looks like. So you can guarantee the results you want. And this is something I have a lot of experience with coaching hundreds of women.
It is something I see often with all of you who listened to this podcast. So really today, that is what I want to talk about. And the first thing I want you to consider is when you think about changing your eating habits for life, you think about being in control of every eating decision and achieving that relationship with food that you want, where you’re not even thinking about what you’re eating.
It just feels natural to you. I want you to consider whether you are interested in doing this for yourself, or if you’re committed. And I want you to think about that. And we’re going to get into specifically what each of those energies looks like for all of you, because both energies live inside of us. Meaning all of us will have the ability to be interested in doing something or committed to doing something.
One of those energies will feel more natural to us because it will be the learned emotion that we associate with that goal or with what we’re doing. But either one of these energies is available to you. Commitment is necessary to make the changes with food that you want. It is necessary to change who you are as an eater. Now, how you’re defining commitment is probably going to be very different than the commitment that’s actually necessary to change your eating habits for life.
But we will get to that. The point here is that the energy of being interested rather than committed is more common for women who want to do this work and who want to change their eating habits in the beginning. And this really makes sense. And I want you to all hold so much space for yourself with this realization. If you notice that you are just interested in these changes, but you’re not committed, it’s going to depend where you are in your journey.
And what will tend to happen for all of us is after years of trying diets, restrictive methods, weight loss programs, cleanses, whatever the heck we’ve tried to change, the way we eat. If you’re here with me today, it’s likely that those methods didn’t work out like you wanted them to. And it’s going to leave you with all of these beliefs about why those things didn’t work for you.
And in a nutshell, your brain is going to have doubts about your ability to change the way you eat and have control with food longterm. So this is when I noticed that people and women will have this detach, interested state of mind with making these changes. Like they’re not very clear on why it is a priority, why they’re set on making this result happen for them.
It’s more of this fluffy energy. And this makes sense if you’re not genuinely believing that that result of healthy eating or having control with food is possible for you right now, this may be why it feels like your surface level interested in solving this for yourself, but it’s not that deeper rooted commitment. And I want you to notice the difference between those two energies.
You can also consider if you believed the results you wanted with food or your body were guaranteed.
If you took action in a specific way or you prioritized it, I’m pretty sure all of you would be committed. That energy would be available to you. If you knew that it was guaranteed and that 100% you could accomplish it, right? As in let’s say that the only thing you had to do was go to the store and pick up those results would totally be committed to doing that. You’d be like, all right, what do I do? And this really resonates with the women I work with.
They know how to get it done. They know how to take the steps, to achieve a goal in all other aspects of their life. They know what the energy of commitment feels like. It’s a very solid self-assured emotion in their body and really consider when would this emotion of commitment be available to you with changing the way you eat, it would be available if you believed that those results were 100% possible for you.
So really that is the big difference between those of us who are interested in changing the way we eat or we’re committed is that one believes the result is possible for them. And one believes it is not. And for those of you who may be noticing that you don’t believe it’s possible. I just want you to be aware that that may be why you’re interested rather than committed.
And to give you some perspective, I get questions daily about own your eating habits. So many of you are interested in own your eating habits, because truly there is no other program like it, but how we determine which clients are a best fit for the program is we see which women are interested versus committed, right? We see which women are ready to take action on a process that will get them the result and which women still need more time because they’re just in that interested energy where they’re really not believing it’s possible for them yet.
And for those of you who really want this result, you want to have control with food and change your eating habits for life. You can take yourself from interest to commitment if you’re understanding where each of those emotions come from. So I want you to begin to finding commitment with healthy eating in a different way. So how you’re likely defining commitment with healthy eating is healthy, eating, requiring effort, willpower, discipline, or forcing yourself to eat the right things.
And this is not commitment. I want to offer you that if this is what you’ve tried first off, it’s safe. That’s what all of us have tried. What that’s actually not commitment. That is not the energy that it takes to guarantee the result with food that you want, because commitment doesn’t feel urgent. You’re going to notice this in your life. The things you’re committed to it doesn’t feel like this heightened, urgent energy.
The energy of commitment is incredibly solid and calm. It’s a calm knowingness that you’re going to do. What is necessary that you’re going to do what it takes without this lingering attachment to doing it right, and doing it perfectly. That’s where most of you are coming from when you are putting in all this effort and willpower into eating perfectly. It’s because you do have this attachment to perfectionism with food because the diet industry taught you that that is what’s necessary to eat healthy and get the results with your body that you want.
You’ve been thinking that you’ve been trying to be committed to healthy eating, but the energy you’ve actually been having is desperation, right? It’s this heightened really unstable energy that you’re taking to your eating habits, with the attachment, to following a food plan perfectly or eating all of the right things. That energy will not bring you towards the eating habits.
Do you want the energy that will guarantee you, the eating habits you want is commitment, which is a non-urgent calm knowingness that you’re going to do whatever it takes, despite any failures, lessons or setbacks that come into your path along the way. Now, I really want to be clear that when I’m talking about interest or commitment, you can be both of these things, right?
Both of these emotions can exist in your body. When you consider these changes with food, you want to make, that means you’re a perfectly functioning human. So I don’t want to hear any of you beating yourselves up because I’m telling you that commitment is necessary, but you realize that there’s this fluffy interested energy about it, that lives inside of, you know, that interested energy comes from a lot of doubt that you probably have because a lot of crap just didn’t work out for you in the past with changing the way you eat.
Let’s validate you for that. And if you haven’t already take a moment to do that, have your back for why you’re not sold on these changes with food being guaranteed to you. Once you’ve done that, and I’m serious. Take a moment to really have your back. Once you’ve done that, you can start considering why you may be committed to make these changes now to change the way you eat now for life and the women in own your eating habits are committed.
And it’s important to know that the women who are committed, who apply for the program, they’re not committed to me or the program, even what they really are committed to is solving for that struggle with food and doing what works. That’s, what they’re committed to their priority is to stop doing things that don’t work with food and to prioritize something that will solve for their deeper food struggles.
It is so solid in their brains, why they are committed to solving for that problem, right? It’s this different type of energy simply because they are so crystal clear on their reasons for taking action on a solution, like own your eating habits. And for you, if you’re having fluffy interested energy, it’s just the human brain that doesn’t want you to fail. It’s afraid of committing to something, but in order to access, commitment really consider what compelling reason you have for taking action on this work in a different way.
So for example, this podcast or my program or something else, you haven’t tried, your interest or doubt energy will stop you from trying something new because it’s so unwilling to fail. Again, we can hold a lot of space for that brain and make it feel safe, but also consider why you want to make those changes.
What happens with my clients when they have this energy coming into the program is their commitment also shows me how focused they are. They want this result of solving for their eating habits from a very definitive place. Like the sky is blue, and they want to stop struggling with food today. That is how clear it is for these women. And this energy allows them to join the program from a place of clarity and take action on something new.
Now, what you have to keep in mind is these women didn’t come to the program completely in commitment, energy with no interested energy being present. No, these women, my most amazing clients came to me with interested energy, but they were able to harness their decision to take action on this problem from commitment. There is not a single client who has started my program without doubt, without that interested fluffy energy, that feels a bit to tach from the result they’re creating because there’s a strong part of their brain.
That’s not believing in the result for themselves. They do not trust themselves to guarantee that result and what these clients are able to do and realize when they apply, get in the program and change their lives is that they also have access to commitment that despite their fears and doubts, they can take action on something new. And what this allows them to do is despite having the doubt and the fluffy interested energy throughout the process, they spend so little time questioning that part of their mind and more time sitting in the committed energy and getting the result.
They just do not indulge the doubtful, interested energy in the process. And this is where I want you all to realize you can be committed and have doubt. You can be committed to doing what works and changing your life and removing your food struggles. And you can have doubt that compels you to not be committed and to be interested in stead from a very fluffy energy.
The difference is in taking action, despite the doubt, acting from the commitment versus taking action from the doubt, which is just being interested like, oh, that would be nice. If I can do that, I’m just going to listen to the podcast every week I’m going to learn. So I feel like I’m doing something to change this in my life, but then a year later it looks exactly the same.
I know just saying that that’s so many of you may feel called out, but you guys, we have to do that here.
I’ve got to tell you what works and what doesn’t that’s what’s going to happen. And you have the opportunity to stop that cycle where your brain is convincing you, that you’re committed to this problem. But every year it looks pretty much the same because you’re acting from the doubt that doesn’t take full action on this work. You’re just interested. You’re not committed, but once you set the doubt aside, all of you will have commitment available to you somewhere.
And that’s what I want you to spend time exploring. For those of you who are really married to the doubt what’s going to happen is you’re going to wait for the doubt to go away before taking action on what works. So maybe you’re going to wait to be convinced by me or someone else that this work is worth. Your time is worth. Your energy is worth you doing because you can’t possibly fail.
This is coming from your fear brain. When you’re in commitment, you are not waiting to be convinced. You’re not waiting for the doubt to go away and spoiler alert. It’s not going to the clients who are successful in this work. They don’t wait to be convinced before they take action. And before they start doing what works, and I want to say this podcast episode, isn’t to convince any of you who aren’t committed to be committed.
If you want to just be interested, that is more than, okay, this is a safe space for you. And I’m still happy. You’re here with me each week, but I also want to show those of you who are committed, what that looks like and how you can know if you’re committed. And most importantly, it’s to make those of you who are committed, but you’re taking action from interest aware, right?
So those of you who are committed now, you know what that looks like. And now, you know that this result of healthy eating is inevitable for you because it can be from calm, decisive energy, or those of you who are taking action from interest. No, that commitment is available to you. And that is what will allow you to take action on what works awareness of this is key.
When you have awareness of this, you get to make a clear decision as to whether you want to keep taking action from interest, which really isn’t taking action at all, or step into commitment for why doing this work in your life and removing your food struggles is a non-negotiable. There’s no other option. You are going to make it work. Neither one of these perspectives is wrong, whether you’re interested or whether you’re committed.
This is for all of you to know that one will get you the result and one will not that’s it. It really is just that simple. This was a bit of a deeper episode today. I hope you were all able to gain value from it and have a different perspective as to what is necessary to get these results with food that are always waiting for you. It’s possible for anyone.
All right. Thanks for being here with me today. I love you and I’ll talk to you next week.



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