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For High-Achieving Women

Oct 5

Healthy Eating For High Achievers

Healthy Eating For High Achievers Kat Rentas

Being ambitious and goal-driven has served you well in many areas of life. However, when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss, you sometimes attempt to force results into place, leading to frustration with short-term changes.

In this episode, we’ll discuss the difference between being a high-achiever in your weight loss journey and rushing toward the end result. We’ll explore why many high-achievers often find themselves in a cycle of hustle and short-term results in weight loss.

I’ll share how to bridge the gap between your ambitious nature and the patience and skill-building required for sustainable, permanent weight loss. When you learn to master this balance, your results with naturally healthy eating become inevitable. 

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Episode Transcript

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Hello my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. Today I want to outline what it requires for high achieving ambitious women to eat naturally healthy. If you are new to this podcast, this is my expertise. This is what I do. I help high achieving women who identify as very ambitious, very type A women, change their eating habits to feel more naturally healthy so they can achieve their ideal weight long term.
So I’m going to outline in today’s episode the specifics of what that will require you to do to achieve that goal. If you identify as this type of woman, before we get into it, I want to mention that own your eating habits. The group experience is open for enrollment now. So we kick off November 1st. You will be part of a small like-minded group of women all building the skills of naturally healthy eating and working towards their weight loss goals.
Now, whether you already are enrolled or you’re thinking of joining us, I recommend subscribing to our email slash subscribe. We will be doing an own your eating habits open house, which just means you’ll spend time with me learning more about the program with a series of videos that we’re going to send you all each day. And we will start that a couple of days from when this episode is being released. So if you want access to that open house series for our program, you can go to kat rent
We’re going to introduce you to what the program looks like when you join, what you will learn, what you will implement, and the skills you’ll build. So again, Kat rent Get on our list so you get access to that open house if you are thinking about joining us November 1st. Alright, so let’s talk about healthy eating for high achievers.
Again, this is my jam. It’s what I have formed my entire coaching practice around. And the main benefit of being a high achieving woman is that you tend to have an ambitious mindset, right? So those of us who identify with this type of brain, we tend to have very high standards for ourselves. We don’t really question whether a certain standard is possible for us. We set those expectations that we should be able to meet those standards.
So with healthy eating and weight loss, those of you who identify this way have that high standard for healthy eating you want to have in your life. You want to achieve your weight loss goals to have the highest experience of having a body. And this separates you from the pack of it because it means that you always.
Know you’re capable of more. You always know that there is a higher level of fulfillment with eating healthy with your body. Now, where this mindset can stop serving us is when we tend to rush towards that end result. So because we’re ambitious, we know what we want, we have that picture of the end result we want to create. And this is what causes a lot of us with this mindset to become heavily interested in healthy eating and weight loss.
I was the same way. There weren’t enough podcasts, books, courses, certifications I could get in order to fill this interest I had with solving this problem. But where that ambition really kept me stuck was that I was indefinitely rushing moving towards the end result I wanted. I was constantly educating myself on new methods rather than taking action in very specific ways to see the result in a calm calculated way.
So what I wanna offer here is you will need to bridge that gap between being ambitious and goal oriented and being willing to give yourself the calm time, patience, and skill building you need to solve this problem. And that might be a separation that you need to make because this is the difference between short-term weight loss and long-term weight loss. It’s the difference between dieting and naturally healthy eating. It’s knowing how to stick to a plan, follow a diet protocol, learn about nutrition, versus having the skills of a naturally healthy eater where it’s not based on you being organized and you micromanaging what you’re gonna eat each day.
It’s based on you doing the deeper work and honing the deeper skills of naturally healthy eating. And I wanna offer that the former approach where we’re kind of micromanaging everything into place to get the end goal.
This approach is very rigid, demanding, and I wanna offer, it’s a very thoughtless approach. So it’s an approach that’s set on the end goal only with no regard for what you or your body needs to sustainably create those results long-term, and I call this the bulldozing approach that we can have with healthy eating and weight loss. It’s when we attempt to force the results we want into place continuously with very surface level methods because we’re ambitious and we have that clear end result that we want to achieve.
So we’re constantly willing to put in that effort and put in that work. But I want you to see that this is not a deep level approach. It’s quite surface level, it’s pretty thoughtless in terms of taking our core needs into consideration and it’s not solving the deeper problem. Now the other approach you can consider is very intentional, it’s very calculated and it’s the mature approach.
So picture a different approach where you build the skills of naturally healthy eating and give yourself that time. It’s clear on the end goal you want to achieve. So that ambition is intact, but you also know what will make that end result permanent is the approach taken to create that goal. So it’s working smarter and not harder. This is what will create long-term weight loss is when you’re able to using your ambition, know what end result is possible for you.
So you set that high standard for the result you wanna have in your life, but then you decide to take action towards that end goal in the most calculated, mature and patient way. So every step you take towards that end goal is the last time you you take that step, you leave no stone left unturned. So really this means separating your ambition from forcing the results into place.
So ambition is you knowing what’s possible for yourself. You see yourself in that light. It’s you accepting nothing less than the highest standards of healthy eating and weight loss in your life. And this is a good thing. But it’s important that we don’t mistake the surface level rushed forcing approach that we feel compelled to take with ambition. This area is more representative of our desperation to get to that end result that we want. And when you have this energy with moving towards your goal, it’s going to look messy, it’s going to look discouraging, and it’s only going to lead to frustration and falling off track with your progress.
Now this is what own your eating habits solves for. It fills this exact gap because it puts you in a container that matches your ambition and the high standards you have for yourself. So we treat you in that regard.
We know you’re someone who is committed and it keeps your long-term results as the priority. So that is the caveat here is the focus is not on surface level weight loss, although weight loss is the end goal you work towards, the focus is on lifelong skill building with your eating habits where you give yourself the time, the support and the resources you need to solidify those skills in your life. So I want you to take a moment and consider this for yourself very individually.
How will your ambition serve you when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss? So because of that ambition, what standards do you have set for yourself? What do you know is possible for you? What is that dream result that you wanna get towards when it comes to your eating habits in your life? And when it comes to your body, having that picture in mind of that end result is where your ambition serves you.
And then I want you to consider what does the rushed forcing surface level approach tend to look like for you based on your past? So this is individual for all of us, but I want you to consider this. I had the same exact tendencies. I just knew to look out for them and for me, I pretty much spent a lifetime with the way my brain worked, knowing what I was capable of. I knew I could create the dream results I wanted with healthy eating and with my body, and I knew exactly what I wanted my life to look like, but I never got there because the approach I took was always surface level, it was rushed and it was forced because those are all of the options presented to us in the diet industry.
So what I want you to consider is how can you keep that same level of ambition of what is possible for you of the standards you wanna set in this area of your life, and how can you detach that from the rushed approach so you can marry that with a long-term foundational approach to solving this problem.
So I hope that makes sense, but I want you to consider individually for yourself how this could apply to you. So as I said, the own your eating habits process does a really great job of bridging this gap, and this is why it works so effectively for high achieving individuals is because it matches the level of problem solving. They want to give this area of their lives. So for instance, what I mean by this is I think forcing ourselves to simply stick to a diet protocol or follow a meal plan isn’t really how we want to create the eating habits we want.
It’s not really how we want to experience healthy eating in our lives, and it’s not how we want to solve this problem. I think we know that this feels like a very surface level approach and that it’s not really changing who we are at that deepest level with food.
So in other words, it’s requiring hard work and effort from you to follow through with the food protocols, but it’s not meeting those standards and that ambition you have with healthy eating and weight loss, it’s not creating a deep enough transformation. So I think what can happen right, is we spend so much effort and time in forcing ourselves to eat a certain way in order to meet that end goal of weight loss. But we feel that that’s not a lifelong transformative result because it’s so surface level and we don’t feel like we’re changing who we are in the process of forcing those food protocols.
And I want you to maybe validate yourself here and consider that if you’ve picked up healthy eating and put it back down in the past it might be because your end goal is intact because of your ambition, but that process you’re attempting isn’t matching that level of ambition you have because you want a full on transformation with healthy eating and you want to permanently achieve your weight loss.
You want to become a naturally healthy eater where you can enjoy food at the optimal level and not feel the need to overindulge in it. You want to be able to not experience urgent cravings throughout the day. You want to feel calm, collected, and intentional with your eating decisions, and you want to feel light and healthy in your body without feeling that need to constantly work for it. I think for all of you, you’re going to have a very individual picture of how you want healthy eating and your weight result to look in your life.
But to validate yourself, I want you to consider if there has been a mismatch between this amazing end result you picture for yourself and the process you’ve been using to create that. I’m guessing if you don’t have the results you want, there’s probably a mismatch there. You want the process of creating the end result to feel like you’re making a deeper transformation.
And that’s what we really aim to help you do and own your eating habits. So in that program, you’re going to go through a four step process of skill building. So these are the only four steps you need to master to become a naturally healthy eater so you breach your ideal weight long-term. So it’s very simple in terms of the learning process, but the focus on own your eating habits is very much on experimentation and implementation. So what happens is you learn the four skills and then you get to work building those skills personally so you can solidify them in your life.
So let me give you a more concrete example. In the past, let’s say you would download a meal plan and then attempt to stick to it so you could lose weight. While this approach could satisfy that type a part of your brain that loves to plan, it loves to feel organized, it didn’t feel like it was solving a root problem, so it didn’t feel like you were making internal changes with the way that you ate.
Now let’s compare that to the approach of ending emotional eating. So with the own your eating habits process, each client learns the skill of stress regulation. And what this does is it naturally lowers stress, reduces cravings and allows you to better make logical decisions rather than emotional ones. So it’s a skill that anyone can build in their lives to build that skill. The clients take the tools we provide them and they use them and they implement them in their daily lives.
So they learn to acknowledge their personal emotions, they use our process to properly digest emotion in their bodies and they learn how to self-soothe without food. Alright, so I want you to notice the difference difference in these two approaches we have. Sticking to a food plan indefinitely until you see yourself getting the results you want without really feeling like internal change is happening versus the foundational skill building of ending emotional eating, lowering your stress, lowering your cravings, and learning how to regulate your emotions.
What makes this type of process satisfying for many of our clients is they can feel the amount of skill building and growth they experience with each step. So they feel that the changes they’re making are so foundational, they feel that the effort they’re putting in is so worthwhile because of the micro changes they’re experiencing all the way to that end result. They’re not just following a plan, they’re learning how to regulate stress as a human being.
In this example, this more matches the ambition they have with healthy eating and weight loss. They can feel themselves getting closer to that picture they actually have of how they wanna eat healthy and how they wanna lose weight. And I think this is a perfect example, right? When you picture, I’m guessing that end result you wanna have with healthy eating in your life, you picture yourself having ease in this area of your life where you’re not having constant, urgent emotional cravings to overeat.
In order to create that result, you have to learn how to regulate your emotions and lower stress. Some skill building needs to happen here. When you focus on the skill building and you notice the cravings going down, you are going to feel like you are becoming that person that you’ve always wanted to be with healthy eating. And so I wanna offer, for those of you who identify as this ambitious high achiever who has this higher standard in mind with healthy eating, this could be a much better approach for you that will feel more fulfilling in the journey towards weight loss.
This type of process more matches the ambition that you might have and that our clients have with healthy eating and weight loss. They don’t want to just follow a plan and lose weight. They want to stop having constant desire to eat foods that they enjoy.
They want to solve the urge to emotionally eat. So I want you to see that difference and think about if that applies to you. And this is what makes our process so effectively match that mindset of a high achiever. You will master the skills of naturally healthy eating at the most foundational, advanced level. So there’s no training wheels. You truly become the master of your own eating habits and weight. And here’s the breakdown of the process that we take women through in on your eating habits.
And this is the process of healthy eating for high achievers. So really we designed this program around a woman who wants to have the highest standard of healthy eating and weight loss in her life. And so the first skill is for you to learn how to think like a naturally healthy eater. So if you are struggling to create the results you want, that means you’re going to think like someone who struggles to eat healthy.
You’re going to somehow think like a dieter or maybe someone who struggles with food or as someone who doesn’t have the result with ease. So you’re going to have a particular relationship to food, your body and weight loss. So we need to work to change those thoughts so you can change your relationship with all of it. And that is one of the steps in our process. It’s one of the most foundational skills you will build. The second step is to regulate your stress. So kind of like I walked you through before, you must learn to regulate your stress as a human so you can digest your emotions properly, lower your cravings, and create less urgency with food.
This is where so many of our clients experience more ease in healthy eating is we remove all of this heightened urgency from it. And that is a skill you can hone.
It is not created by micromanaging food or following a plan. This is foundational skill building. The third step is to start listening to the body. So a lot of you will have already tried more intuitive eating principles where you try and honor your hunger and your fullness and these things are all very important. But if you do not learn how to regulate your stress first and change your thoughts, this will be for nothing because your body cues are going to be suppressed without building those other skills first.
So this is why this is the third skill, is you start listening to your body after you’ve removed the urgency from healthy eating and your cravings have gone down, and this is where it’s going to become really accessible to listen to your body. So you’re going to know exactly when you’re full. You’re going to know exactly when natural hunger is occurring.
So it’s not emotional and it all just starts to feel very, very simple. And then the last step that the clients walk through is learning how to make thoughtful food decisions for their own body and their own preferences. So kind of before how I offered that we will take the surface level approach with healthy eating where we’re just following the protocols and the meal plans. These are not thoughtful food decisions. So we’re making them because we’re following a plan that tells us that that’s what’s healthy to eat.
But we don’t do it like that and know when you’re eating habits, we teach you to become the best expert of your body so you can create a version of healthy eating that matches your needs and preferences. So when we talk about the skill of making thoughtful eating decisions, you know which foods are most pleasurable to you, you learn what foods are most satisfying to you and benefit your weight loss, this is where you will no longer even feel the need to delegate your progress to a protocol or a diet because you’ll become so well skilled at coming up with food decisions for yourself.
So I hope that this all gives you a really good picture of what you can expect. If you identify as an ambitious woman who has a history of dieting and you want to become a naturally healthy eater, it can’t look like more of the same, you will need to take a different approach. And the good news is that it’s going to be approach that more matches the experience you want to have with healthy eating and weight loss. So join us inside own your eating habits. If this resonates with you, you will join a container of like-minded women all building the same skills and working towards the same goal, which is naturally healthy eating and permanent weight loss.
So again, we kick off November 1st. You can slash coaching. And do not forget to subscribe to our email forward slash subscribe to Access our Own Your Eating Habits Open House. So whether you are already enrolled or you’re considering joining us, this video series will give you a deep dive, look into that transformation you will experience with us in the program. Alright my friends, I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week and I’ll talk to you next week.




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