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Feb 10

How Being a High-Achieving Woman Can Harm Your Eating Habits

High Achieving Woman Harm Your Eating Habits Kat Rentas

Many women I coach want to have it all.

They want successful careers, families, and a fulfilling healthy lifestyle.

And all of this is possible for them.

However, what many of these high-performing women fail to realize, is that their energy when it comes to their goals might be sabotaging their eating habits.

To better understand this, we need to know the difference between masculine and feminine energies.

I promise, this isn’t some high-level spiritual concept.

Understanding this and how you can better harness feminine energy is necessary to create the nourishing, sustainable healthy eating habits that you want.

It’s one of the most underrated lessons when it comes to healthy eating.

First, let’s discuss the difference between the two energies and how they are present in your life.

Masculine vs. Feminine Energy

The difference between masculine and feminine energies can be best described through certain qualities.

Examples of common masculine qualities are:

  • Left brain
  • Logical
  • Intellectual
  • Commitment
  • Tracking numbers
  • Problem solving


Examples of common feminine qualities are:

  • Right brain
  • Emotional
  • Nourishing
  • Creative
  • Connecting
  • Embodiment


By looking at these qualities, it’s clear that it simply describes the opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of our nature as human beings.

And it doesn’t necessary mean these are exclusive to men and women.

Understanding the difference between masculine and feminine can be difficult for some people.

It can cause some defensiveness and judgement when it’s not properly understood.

To prevent this here, a few things need to be made clear:


  • All human beings are inherently equal
  • Men and women both have varying amounts of masculine and feminine energies within them
  • To be a man or a woman in our current society implies that different energies are present within the two


To be clear, the difference between masculine and feminine energies isn’t defined by a man versus a woman. 

Have women been known to gravitate more towards the feminine than men?

Of course.

Are men known to gravitate towards more masculine qualities?


However, masculine and feminine energies are not exclusive to one particular sex.

There’s no “right” amount in terms of how much masculine or feminine energies a person should be expressing.

The problem comes when we are deficient in one polarity, which causes us to have an unbalanced relationship with our health and food.

When We Neglect the Feminine With Food

It’s no secret that we live in a society that glorifies the masculine energy.

As women, we’re taught that we need exhibit more masculine qualities to be successful in life.

So, without question, we overemphasize our masculine energy and underemphasize our feminine energy.

And while this can serve us in many areas of life (career, goals, etc.) this doesn’t come in handy when trying to form sustainable healthy eating habits.

The fact is, our feminine energy is often shamed and seen as weak or unserving.

Which sets us up to have a very rigid and punishing relationship with food.

Here’s what happens when you overemphasize masculine energy in terms of your eating habits:


  • You rely on the numbers (calories, pounds, macros, etc.)
  • You obsess over the scale daily
  • You always strive for perfection nutritionally 
  • You’re always looking for scientific proof of what you should eat
  • You constantly search for the “perfect diet” or right actions with food


If these sounds familiar, it’s likely you’ve been overemphasizing your masculine energy with food.

And this alone and sabotage your healthy eating efforts.

You cannot force healthy eating habits through willpower or punishment.

This will not work long-term.

Here’s an example. You’re a corporate woman who also strives to be the best mother at home. 

  • During the day, you often spend time fulfilling the needs of others.
  • At night you attempt to force yourself to eat healthier and workout. But it doesn’t work and you end up overeating and binge watching Netflix. 
  • You’re proud of your accomplishments career-wise, but don’t know why you can’t find a solution for eating healthier.


This is a common example of a woman unknowingly relying on masculine energy.

She’s career-focused and successful, which causes that energy to transfer into her eating habits.

So, she ends up being unkind to herself and rushing healthy habits into her life.

Which ultimately leaves her in a worse place than when she started.

When you rely on masculine energy, you depend on willpower, seek perfection with your body, and are constantly in search of the “right solution” that will allow you to eat healthy.

This mentality will only cause you to initiate a stress response in your body.

Which causes fat retention, weight gain, overeating patterns, and self-attacking thoughts.

So, know when to harness your masculine energy for things that require it.

Such as the workplace or when you’re achieving your big goals in your career.

For healthy eating to feel effortless, you’re going to have to embrace getting comfortable with your femimine energy.

Embracing the Feminine

When it comes to eating healthy and loving your body, harnessing the feminine is powerful and effective.

In short, you can look at nutrition as being masculine, and nourishment as being feminine.

When you’re working towards your professional goals in the workplace, you want to harness masculine qualities such as grit, determination and commitment.

This is not the case with food.

You want to be able to harness feminine qualities such as love, nourishment, pleasure, and care.

Here’s what happens when you prioritize feminine energy in terms of your eating habits:


  • You check in with your body routinely
  • You value nourishment over nutrition
  • You seek pleasure in food and eat slowly
  • Appreciate natural foods over synthetic foods
  • You trust the wisdom of your own body rather than a nutrition article
  • You actively listen to your body to see what she needs


Doing this for yourself will make healthy eating so much easier.

In fact, you literally initiate a physiologic relaxation response in your body.

This state is necessary for your body to begin to heal and reach a more natural metabolic state.

Until you learn to do this for yourself, you will set yourself up for disordered eating, self-punishment, body hate, and an obsession over what to eat.

What to Do Next

To begin prioritizing the feminine over the mascuilne when it comes to food, I want you to start noticing your thoughts and behaviors.

In what ways do you depend on masculine energy to manipulate healthy eating habits?

In what areas should you implement more feminine energy so you eat healthier with ease?

Dive deep and answer these questions for yourself.

Go to the next level and start observing those around you. 

How does their energy impact the relationship they have with food?

This is so powerful.

Also, it’s likely that comparing the masculine and feminine energies is foreign to you.

And that’s okay.

This is not a practice that is yet commonplace in our society.

But, it’s so effective and necessary to make your relationship with food easy and effortless.

This is the expectation I have for your relationship with food.

I can’t wait to see you do this for yourself.

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