Let's make healthy eating feel effortless.

Let's make healthy eating feel effortless.

I believe that busy women can change their eating habits, gain trust in their bodies, and reach their ideal weight - without feeling overwhelmed.

I'm an online health coach, entrepreneur, dog mama, and foodie who believes that eating healthy should feel simple. 

I teach hundreds of high-performing women (like you!) to change their eating habits without the overwhelm
So they can focus on their other big goals. 

I transformed from a professional dieter to living a life of food freedom.

It's my mission to show you how.

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I'm Kat Rentas.


Healthy Eating Made Easy

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Do you want to learn to eat healthy in a way that's simple & sustainable? Perfect. You've come to the right place.
That's exactly what you'll learn in this program.

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Check out the blog for weekly lessons that will help you eat healthy without overwhelm so you can reach your ideal weight & gain confidence.

Our food & body struggles can be incredibly unique.
If you're looking for a customized 1-on-1 solution for your eating habits, this is for you.

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Ready to eat healthy consistently without restriction or overwhelm?

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