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Jul 27

How Feelings Affect Eating Habits

Food And Your Feelings Kat Rentas

Most women are very confused when it comes to the cause of their eating habits.

They’re often left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because they can’t seem to take the actions with food that they want.

Well, this isn’t for some mysterious reason.

It’s because of their feelings.

Your feelings, or emotions, are the leading cause of every food action you take.

Let me explain what I mean.

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What Leads to Your Results

The results you currently have with your body, whether that’s weight loss or your overall health, are due to your food actions.

The food actions you take daily are responsible for the result you have with your body.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to most.

What many can’t seem to figure out for themselves, is what causes them to take certain actions with food?

Or, in other words, why do they eat a specific way?

And why can’t they take the food actions they want to be taking?

It’s because of their feelings.

You see, every action you take with food is because of a feeling you’re experiencing.

Our emotions are quite literally the fuel for our food actions.

Everything we eat is due to a feeling inside of our body.

With that knowledge we also know that everything we eat is to feel a certain way, or to avoid feeling a certain way.

And a feeling is simply a vibration in your body.

Nothing more.

There’s nothing inherently “wrong” or sinister about our negative emotions.

Negative feelings are simply uncomfortable vibrations that we’d rather not experience.

So, these emotions will compel you to eat unhealthy to feel better.

Or to cover up the negative emotion that you’re experiencing.

Always remember, everything you eat is to feel better or to suppress a negative emotion you’re experiencing.

This is how our brains are designed.

We are quite literally wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

And negative feelings are considered pain that our primitive brains want to avoid.

And there’s no easier way to avoid negative emotion than with food.

Where Feelings Come From

You now have an awareness of how your feelings compel you to take certain actions with food.

But we need to examine where feelings actually come from.

Most people believe that their feelings occur because of external circumstances.

They’ll blame people, things, or experiences on the way they feel.

It’s common to hear someone say, “They made me feel this way!”. 

And this just isn’t true.

What actually causes your feelings are the thoughts you’re thinking.

Meaning, every emotion you experience is preceded by a thought in your brain.

And thoughts are just sentences in your brain.

These thoughts will play in your head until they form belief systems.

Which eventually, determine the daily feelings you experience.

For example, let’s say you’re having daily thoughts of “I’m not good enough”.

Thoughts like this will create a lingering feeling of self-doubt constantly.

Since self-doubt isn’t a comfortable vibration in your body, you will feel compelled to cover up this negative emotion with food.

So, you can suppress that negative emotion and feel comfort instead.

This is so good to know.

Understanding that our thoughts cause our feelings removes the noise from healthy eating.

It allows us to understand that not only are our feelings within our control.

But, we can work to change our feelings so we can better take actions with food that serves us and our health.

The Solution

With this knowledge, it’s important that you learn, first, how to stop reacting to your current negative emotions through food. 

And second, how to create new emotions that will serve you and the results you want with your body..

Let’s walk through each of those here.

1) Managing Current Feelings

In order to eat healthy, you’ll need to become a master at managing your current emotions.

To do this, you first need to understand that the goal is to never get rid of negative emotion.

When people try to eliminate their negative feelings, is when they get into trouble.

Because this isn’t possible.

All of the humans have negative emotions approximately half the time.

It’s just part of the human experience.

The people who eat healthy effortlessly?

They have negative emotions present.

What they’ve learned to do, is to experience that negative emotion without reacting to it through food.

This is what I want for you.

To begin doing this for yourself, I want you answer these three questions:

  • What are the top 3 feelings you experience daily?
  • What thoughts are creating those feelings for you?
  • How are those feelings affecting your eating actions?

Doing this will give you an awareness as to how you’re creating your eating habits, right now.

This is everything.

From here, I want you to practice making peace with your negative emotion.

It’s important to always know that the goal is to never push it away.

The goal is to experience it fully.

Knowing that you can eat healthy despite the negative emotions you’re experiencing.

2) Creating New Feelings

Next, you’re going to practice creating new feelings over time.

To eat healthy, you’ll want to practice creating feelings that will compel you to take actions with food that will serve you.

The only way to do this is to create new thoughts.

Since your thoughts are what lead to your feelings.

To begin doing this, you’re going to answer these two questions:

  • What emotion would compel you to take healthy action with food?
  • What thoughts would you be thinking if you felt that emotion?

From here, you’re going to practice these thoughts daily.

So you can teach your body to experience that emotion.

Over time, you will be able to condition your body to feel differently in a way that serves your eating habits.

It’s so powerful.


To Wrap Things Up

You can take the healthy eating actions you want to be taking.

It doesn’t have to feel so hard.

To make this process feel easier, the key is in managing your feelings.

Make it a practice to always be observing how your current feelings are responsible for the eating habits you have now.

And how you can create new feelings to create new eating habits that serve you.

It’s all possible for you, always.

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