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Nov 29

How To Lose Weight With Ease

How To Lose Weight With Ease Kat Rentas

After years of an all-or-nothing approach to weight loss, you’re now ready for it to feel natural and effortless. You’re no longer interested in hustling for those results.

However, you might still actually believe that weight loss is inherently difficult.

To lose weight permanently with ease, you need to become someone who believes that doing so can be effortless.

In this episode, I’m sharing the process to losing weight with ease. You’ll learn what doing so will actually entail in the long-run.

We’ll discuss:

→ Why you currently believe weight loss must be difficult 

→ What it really takes to create an easeful experience of weight loss

→ How you will need to identify as an eater for weight loss to be simple

→ The steps to losing weight with ease starting now

The truth is, for weight loss to be sustainable and permanent, it must feel easeful. However, to create this experience for yourself, you must first be willing to believe that it can possibly be easy now. That’s the ultimate goal. 

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Episode Transcript

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Hello my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday for those of you who celebrate. And today we’re going to talk all about exactly what’s required to lose weight with ease. So today I really want to help you debunk that myth that losing weight has to be strenuous or difficult because if you’re looking to lose weight permanently, it’s necessary that you do it in an easeful way.
So we’re going to break that all down today. But before we do, I’ve gotta share some wins from own your eating habits, you guys, because the women inside this program are absolutely killing it. And it’s the holiday season. So Thanksgiving has just passed and my client holla went on a two week vacation and she lost 10 pounds. Our other client, Ruth, lost 12 pounds during her vacation abroad, and multiple clients in the program lost five to six pounds the week of Thanksgiving.
And why I am telling you all this is because I want you to see the power of this work, but also these women accomplished this having more enjoyment from food their vacations or their experiences with their loved ones and in own your eating habits. That is the standard we set. Enjoying your eating experiences more and your life more as a result is a non-negotiable that is the standard. And we hold that standard highly where we place just as much value as you showing up for your weight loss results as we do on you having a fulfilling experience of that.
So these are the results we create inside that program and we do not mess around. In this container, you will get what you came for. It is truly like getting your PhD and naturally healthy eating and permanent weight loss. So make sure you get on our wait list.
It’s at cat rentals.com/waitlist. When you get on that wait list, you are going to get first access to enrollment when spots open. And you wanna do that because spots will be limited when we open up. So do not wait. Go to cat rent us.com/waitlist to join and get access to enrollment when it opens. Alright, so let’s talk about how to lose weight with ease. And this can feel like a loaded topic because so many of us come from the perception that weight loss has to be hard, especially when we’re thinking about the concept of losing it permanently in our lives.
And so the belief that it’s hard can come from beliefs like this is complicated, this is confusing, this is going to be difficult, this is going to require a lot from me. But what I want you to see if you have this belief and you’re feeling stuck, is that you’re likely selling yourself on this belief over and over and over.
And ultimately we get to choose our beliefs. And this may be new to you if you’re new to my work or you’re new to this area, but you get to decide what you believe. You get to believe on purpose and there’s no belief beliefs. So if you’re having a belief that losing weight is going to be hard, I want you to really observe how you’re likely selling yourself on that belief. And why we do this and why we sell ourselves on weight loss being hard is because it will keep us safe from acknowledging that any failures or setbacks you’re having with food are your responsibility.
And I’m gonna say that again a little differently. If you are allowing yourself to believe that losing weight is inherently hard or complicated or confusing, it’s because you are keeping yourself safe from taking responsibility for those results. And that requires you to acknowledge that you are responsible for the setbacks that you have with healthy eating or weight loss.
And here’s the thing, you guys, acknowledging your setbacks with food or healthy eating does not need to be a shameful experience. It is data, it is math, and it’s going to require you to evaluate your setbacks objectively so you can equip yourself with the awareness to move forward. And so that is the thing that we need to establish here. You have to be willing to take full responsibility of your eating habits and your weight, and that will allow you to start giving up on selling yourself this idea that it has to be complicated or confusing.
If you sell yourself on this belief that it’s hard, it’s going to actually lead you to solutions that will be hard or that will require more from you. So this is why you’re going to be more attracted to diets or really strict weight loss regimens or fads because when you have a belief that weight loss is hard to keep you safe, you’re going to gravitate towards taking action in that way because it’s a self-fulfilling cycle.
And that means that you won’t lose weight sustainably, you’ll gain it back, and then it’s going to continue to create this belief that it is hard. And so what I want you to understand is when you’re indulging in this belief that weight loss is hard, you are complicating weight loss as a coping mechanism to keep you in that same belief because it keeps you from taking responsibility over this area of your life. When you allow yourself to believe that weight loss is hard and you keep selling yourself on that idea, it keeps you safe from any potential critique or transparency with observing what you could have done differently or how you are responsible for your weight loss results.
So you must be willing to take responsibility and start giving up this belief that weight loss is inherently hard. I want you to make that decision with me today that you’re willing to entertain the idea that weight loss can not only be simple but easeful.
And what if that were true? What if it was entirely true that permanent weight loss was simple? What if it was true that you could lose and maintain your goal weight in a way that’s ease useful to you and doesn’t require a ton of extra effort or hustle? And so I want you to just entertain that possibility because when you’re willing to give up the belief that losing weight is inherently difficult, you then allow yourself to start believing that it can be simple, it can be doable, and you can be clear about what’s necessary to lose weight.
And what happens when you do this is you don’t allow yourself to spiral in confusion. You don’t allow yourself to not take responsibility and you don’t indulge thoughts. That weight loss is complicated. You let it be really, really simple. There is power in changing your beliefs about weight loss.
And when you decide to stop believing that it’s hard, and instead find evidence that it can be simple, you establish that you are responsible for the way you eat and your results with your weight. Because when you commit to teaching yourself that it is simple, it is doable, and it is clear, that means you are no longer hiding from the fact that it is available to you. Now, when you believe weight loss is simple and doable, this will lead you towards simple solutions that solve this problem.
So you’re not going to gravitate towards those fad diets or those really strict weight loss regimens. You’re going to gravitate towards solutions that are simple and doable, and we’re going to get into what that looks like. But just know that easeful weight loss does not come from the actions because the actions are inherently simple. You stop overeating, you stop emotionally eating, and you make really deliberate food decisions, which we will talk about easeful.
Weight loss doesn’t necessarily come from the simple actions. Easeful weight loss comes from your belief, it comes from the emotional experience you create of simple weight loss. And I wanna offer that weight loss can be simple, but you can make it really, really hard and difficult by the way you’re choosing to think about it. If you are allowing yourself to think that weight loss is complicated, even though logically you know it’s simple, it’s because you’re using that as a coping mechanism to keep you from taking responsibility when you don’t show up with it or when you don’t create those results.
So it’s a two-parter. Believe that weight loss is simple and doable, but also believe that it can be easeful, that your emotional experience of it does not need to feel pressuring, disciplined or require a lot of emotional effort from you. A really big concept we teach and own your eating habits is how to switch your healthy eating identity.
And we teach you how to switch from the identity of a dieter to the identity of a naturally healthy eater. And what we’re talking about today fits directly into this concept because when you are thinking of yourself as a dieter who has to work really hard to lose the weight, it’s going to keep you from losing weight permanently. Because when you think like a dieter who thinks weight loss is hard and complicated, you will only ever achieve unsustainable weight loss where it’s going to come back because you can’t sustain in your life what you believe is complicated.
It’s not going to work. It will perpetuate in a cycle where you end up gaining the weight back and then you have to work for it again and again and again. What you believe is what you will create with healthy eating and weight loss. So what we teach inside own your eating habits is how to transition from that dieting mindset to a naturally healthy eater.
And I want you to consider how naturally healthy eaters think differently about weight loss because this is who you will need to be to create permanent weight loss. The difference between the dieter, which is where they believe it’s hard and they’re not taking responsibility, is that a naturally healthy eater believes they have 100% control over the way they eat and the results with their body. And I want you to picture that version of you and what your weight loss journey would look like if you truly allowed yourself to believe that you are a hundred percent in control over the way you eat and your weight loss results.
And a naturally healthy eater also believes that those results don’t require rigorous effort on their part. So they believe those results are simple, doable, and easy. And consider, what would you be believing if you didn’t believe that weight loss required a ton of effort?
How would you show up if you allowed yourself to believe that it is simple, doable, and easy now? So this is the result we help women create inside own your eating habits. And here I’m going to walk you through what this process generally will entail. So you can start to piece this together. So here are the steps to easeful weight loss, and you can think about what this would look like for you now. So the very first step is to clarify the simple weight loss actions. So this is where you want to be really firm with your brain when it tries to make it complicated.
You want to clarify what the basic simple actions are of weight loss, and I’m going to give you them right now so you can be firm with yourself. There are three. The first one is to stop stress eating.
So you stop eating in response to your emotional stress. Number two, you stop overeating. And number three, you stop unconsciously eating. So you stop stress eating, stop overeating, and stop unconsciously eating. If you do these things, you will achieve permanent weight loss when you take these actions. Number two, you want to determine how you will take action on these simple things. So first, to stop stress eating. You can consider that you will have emotional awareness when you’re stressed.
So rather than gravitating towards food without any intentionality, you’re going to decide when you feel stressed. You’re going to have emotional awareness and work through that to stop overeating. You’re going to honor your body’s natural fullness levels and you’re going to pay attention to what your body is telling you to stop unconsciously eating. You’re going to decide to be deliberate about your food decisions at every meal.
Notice how simple these things are, but this is gonna be what feels unfamiliar to you because notice how firm you’re going to have to be with your brain to train it. That simple is enough that doing these simple actions and doing this work will be enough for you to create results. So you have clarified the simple weight loss actions you have determined how you will take action on them. And then number three, you’re going to set aside time to build skills and evaluate progress.
So now that you know what you will do and how you will do them, you’re going to set aside time to build these skills in your life and then evaluate the progress of you building those skills. So my recommendations are a daily and weekly check-in. So in own your eating habits. We give you the tools to do this and provide you everything you need, but you will absolutely need to dedicate time to evaluating your progress so you can remake decisions incrementally to move towards the results you want.
Creating long-term weight loss is just a practice of evaluating progress, making new decisions from those observations, and then implementing those changes. That is how you create results. So you will need to set aside time to have those evaluation periods. So you can do that. Number four, and most importantly, you’re going to establish the belief that it can be simple . Alright? So you’re going to do this deliberately. You’re going to do this on purpose. You’re not going to wait until you create external evidence to start believing.
Weight loss can be simple. You are going to choose to believe this now and you’re going to practice that. So that means you question your beliefs. When your brain tells you that it’s hard, when your brain tells you that weight loss is complicated, you can’t figure it out, it’s too difficult, it requires too much effort. You need to be on top of your brain and firmly address those thoughts when they come up, notice that they’re even there and how they compel you to show up to this area of your life, they’re either going to compel you to avoid this work or to hustle for this result.
And both of those things lead weight loss to being way harder than it needs to be, which produces unsustainable results. So question the belief that it’s hard when it comes up for you. Then practice believing on purpose that it can be simple. A question I really love to offer all of you is just checking in each day and asking yourself the question, what if it really could be simple though ? So maybe you’re not in a place yet where you fully believe it’s simple, clear, and doable.
So I want you to consider how you feel when you think about the possibility. But what if it really could be that simple? Notice how that feels different to even think about the possibility of this being true because truly what if it really could be simple? The timeline that our clients go through and own your eating habits is when they join and they go all into solving this problem, they don’t fully believe yet internally that it’s simple, doable, and clear.
They for sure have their human brain that has all of the reservations about it needing to be complicated about it, needing to require a lot of effort from them. What we help them do in that container is how to create results, create weight loss without their brain having that belief yet. And then they create that evidence and their brain catches up and changes those beliefs. And so after completing the result inside that container, they are able to have achieved permanent weight loss with a brain that does believe it’s easy, simple and doable.
That is the end result they achieve. They don’t just lose the weight, they become a naturally healthy eater in their identity in terms of the way they think. So to start picturing the possibility of this now I want you to just sit with that question. What if it could really be this simple? Because that thought is enough for you to get started and to start taking action in a way that lets this be more simple and doable for you now. Alright, my friends, for high level tailored support and coaching own.
Your eating habits is the program you want to join. So you will join an exclusive small group of women all working to change the way they eat, build the skills of naturally healthy eating and lose weight for the last time in six months. So you will have my eyes on your eating habits and you’ll be coached by yours truly. So make sure you go to kat rents.com/waitlist to join our waitlist and get first dibs on enrolling in our next cohort. Alright, my friends, I hope this was helpful today. Thanks for being here and I’ll talk to you next week.




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