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Jan 19

Learning Attachment

Learning Attachment Kat Rentas

In today’s episode, we’re talking about what it looks like when you’re attached to the “learning phase” with food.

This is when you’re most comfortable reading the books, doing nutritional research, trying new methods of eating, taking courses – doing MORE before you start taking action on what works.

When you commit to becoming a naturally healthy eater, this approach is no longer useful. Your brain will feel compelled to over-learn just as much as you over-eat. It’s all a distraction.

In this episode, I’m sharing how to know if you’re attached to the learning, how this shows up for my clients, and how you can move past this mindset to create the results you want.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, my friends, how are you doing today? I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. And before we get into today’s episode, I really want to honor some of the women in own your eating habits. This week. This has been a week full of so many wins for my clients. And there were multiple women this week who have achieved the result where they are losing weight and eating intentionally healthy without much fuss.
And when I say without much fuss, I mean that these women are not putting effort into the weight loss or into eating healthy. It feels very natural to them. And as I like to say, it feels a little boring to them. So when these women get to this point, these clients reach the result where they’re losing weight and they’re eating healthy without effort. It just feels like who they are.
And they really do not show up to the calls, feeling very excited about these results, where they’re waving sparklers and the fireworks go off. Not at all my friends, these clients come to the call and they talk about what we’re coaching on for that week. They talk about other results that they’re creating in their lives, and then the weight loss and the healthy eating just ends up being this juicy side benefit that they’ve created because it’s no longer something that is taking up all of their brain space.
And this is so incredible and satisfying for me to see as the coach, because I know that these clients have done it. They have achieved what they’ve set out to do in my program, which is to learn how to eat healthy naturally without a lot of thought, discipline or effort. And this is always so amazing to see when it truly becomes second nature to them.
And what actually ends up happening is when they get to this point, this will resonate so much for my clients. What we end up coaching on is the drama that their brains have about letting it be easy. Their brains were so used to having weight loss and healthy eating feel impossible for so long that allowing it to be easy is a new level of growth for their brains.
And so that’s really where the coaching goes is to coach their brains on now, allowing it to be easy and really allowing that to be enough.
And this is so valuable for all of you to know, because a lot of you think when you learn to eat naturally healthy and lose weight, that all of the drama in your mind will be solved, that you’ll no longer have to engage in uncomfortable human experiences. And that’s not how your brain works. You have a fear brain that wants to make things a problem because it’s always looking out for danger. So when you learn to eat healthy and lose weight naturally, where it becomes easy, your brain will create new problems and new drama.
And with my clients, it’s always so representative of that because now their brains are just having trauma around the fact that it’s easy, our brains are hilarious, and that’s what I want you to expect from it. Always. Now let’s get into today’s episode and this episode is going to be very, very valuable to you.
And especially if you identify as a very high achieving woman, and these are primarily the women that I work with in my program, it’s women who know how to get it done. They really trust themselves to figure it out and to accomplish things in their lives. Especially as it relates to their jobs, maybe it’s being a mom. They really know that they can achieve everything they set out to do.
So when that same approach doesn’t work out with food, that’s when their brain is going to panic, it’s going to make it personal. It’s going to have thoughts. Like we’re just not capable. Something is wrong with us. It’s going to make the fact that they can’t get it done with food personal. So what these women will do, and this is likely the case for you is you’re going to continue to try and gain more knowledge to solve this problem with food.
So in other words, you’re going to continue the process of figuring it out and figuring it out for a lot of you will be researching and learning what foods you should be, eating, nutrition, meal, timing, cooking all of the actions you think you should take all of the things you think you should do. So you’re, hyper-focused on the plan on the strategies on the tactics, on the actions.
Now this is going to keep so many of you stuck because here’s what I want you to know what you’re doing and getting it done has nothing to do with the way you’re eating right now. It has nothing to do with your struggles, your food struggles and your current eating habits are a product of what’s leading to your food decisions.
What’s leading you to the eating habits. You have, how you’re eating right now is the effect of what originally drives your food decisions.
What leads you to the eating habits you have, and in my coaching practice we solve or the cause, which are the deeper rooted reasons why you eat the way you do, rather than the symptom, which is what you end up eating. And what so many of you will try to do, which is normal, because this is what you’ve been taught is to solve for the symptom, what you’re eating, what times of the day you eat, whether the foods are nutritionally valuable, the food metrics, all of the details.
And this is really comfortable for your brain. Because as a high achieving woman, your brain is really attached to learning, to figuring it out, to getting it done, to problem solving. It knows how to do those things. So really consider right now, if you have this drive, this pull and this attachment to learning, and then just consider why you have that attachment, why learning feels so safe to you.
And it’s not just because it feels useful for you. That’s partly the reason because learning has really served you in your life with other things, but that’s not what keeps you attached to it in terms of solving your food struggles, why you feel attached to learning more when it comes to food is because it feels safe. And so many of you will notice this.
If you really think back to all of the things you’ve tried to do to solve for your food struggles, or maybe even your weight struggles consider all of the things you’ve tried, likely what the solutions look like that you’ve tried have been reading lots of books, taking lots of courses, maybe on nutrition or mindset or personal development, trying new diets.
So experimenting with new methods of eating, you’re just hyper focused on figuring it out now for a number of you listening, you may be thinking, well, if I’m not figuring it out and I’m not solving the problem, and I’m not learning the things, then what the hell am I supposed to do?
Right? That is a valid question. Because right now you’re going to have a brain that sees doing those things as what’s necessary to solve the problem with food, to solve for your food struggles and diets and weight loss programs, further contribute this narrative that more learning and more problem solving is necessary to figure out how you need to be eating. But this is keeping you stuck.
And I’ll explain how this shows up with my clients, because this is something that every woman who goes through my program needs to receive coaching on in order to move through it. So my clients, all of my clients, the women who enter my program, we’re all very similar and we’re high achieving women as I like to call it. So these women who enter my program, it’s very common for each one of them to aim, to be the best student and get an a plus.
So they come in ready to go and they have this mindset that they’re going to be the best student of this work. So theoretically, they can get an, a plus with it so they can accomplish it. They can get it done very much from that type of energy. So these women, in some cases will end up watching all the course material. They’ll do all of the workbooks very quickly. They really rush through the work. So they focus on going wider with the work rather than deeper with the concepts.
And this is what we tend to do from this learning mentality, where we feel very safe in the learning. We will go wider with the learning, consuming as much learning as we can, versus going deeper with less, going deeper with fewer concepts and this mentality of learning more and ingesting more information does not work well in the process of you becoming a naturally healthy eater, because here’s the thing.
There is no a plus to this work, your eating habits are not something to be done perfectly, and there’s no finish line. And there can’t possibly be a finish line because we are eaters for life to become a naturally healthy eater. You have to become someone different with food. Someone who eats naturally healthy and does not have the thoughts, feelings, and actions of someone who struggles with food, someone who eats naturally healthy, they are not seeing their eating habits as a finish line.
They’re not seeing healthy eating as something to get an a on. It’s just who they are. It does not even take up brain space or require effort for them. And this is the place you can get to. This is the place that is available to all of you, but you have a brain that is attached to the finish line and getting an a, and it’s very attached to learning more information to solve this problem.
How this will show up is just as much as you’re over-consuming food, you will, over-consume learning material. So you will over-consume books, nutritional articles, diet recommendations, courses, whatever that looks like to you, whatever format you like learning best for some of you, maybe that’s podcasts, right? Maybe you’re listening to a number of them rather than going deeper with one.
And if you go deeper with one, I recommend this podcast, but I’m a little biased. So do what works for you. This is what I want you to notice about your brain. When it wants to hide in more learning. When it comes to solving your food struggles, it’s not about going wider with the learning. It’s about going deeper with fewer concepts. This is what my clients learn, how to do. This is the only way you will learn how to eat naturally healthy without effort, but this will make your brain very, very uncomfortable.
And this is the case for every single one of my clients. They come to me wanting it to be simple and easy, but then when they get that opportunity, their brain panics, and a lot of my clients don’t understand why. At first, luckily they’re in a container where we can make sense of all of it, because here’s why the brain has resistance to making it more simple. Because when you remove all the learning and busying and figuring it out, what’s left, what are we left with when there’s no more solving for the eating habits?
When we have everything we need, what’s left is the deeper work. It’s the emotional work it’s checking in with our body to see what it needs. It’s the internal work where you’re not doing more and giving more effort. You’re going deeper with what’s simple. You’re trusting the simple tools you have when you do this.
There’s no more figuring it out. There’s no more spending time learning and researching. We’re done with that because now you have the answers. This happens very quickly for each client that joins own your eating habits. They get the answers to their food struggles very, very quickly. And to what’s going to happen when you have all the answers and you see exactly what’s necessary to solve for your food struggles, it’s going to feel massively uncomfortable because, and this is the big thing I want you to consider because in this moment, when you have an opportunity to let it be simple, you’re going to be left with the feelings that you were always running away from.
You’re going to be left with the feelings that you were using, learning to avoid when you are constantly focused on learning and to researching. And problem-solving, you’ll always be out running the emotional experiences that are there for you.
These are the same emotional experiences that are compelling you to overeat and give up control with food. Turns out that these emotions are also compelling you to overlearn and over research, it’s all a distraction. It’s all hiding. And this is coming from a brain that just doesn’t want to feel the things continuing to learn. And research is out running the real work.
And when my clients join my program, it becomes very clear to them that there’s no more running. There’s no more avoiding. There’s no more distracting. Now we have clarity and we know where their work is and when their brain is having resistance to that, then we get to coach on it. There is absolutely nothing that we cannot coach through, and my clients learn how to identify these emotional experiences.
So exactly. So they gain the ability to be with them rather than outrun them.
I learning more busying by adding more to their plate. They learn to not act from that part of their brain that wants to add more of the learning and make it harder. They learn to trust that the answers they have are enough. And it’s funny because oftentimes clients will be going through the program and not realize that they’re doing this and they’ll come to me and they’ll say, oh, I just watched all the videos in two nights, which by the way, there’s a number of them.
So that’s very impressive. But I know as the coach and I can show the client that this is their brain wanting to hide in it, they’re avoiding the deeper work and they’re avoiding what would be required from them. If they sat with a simple concept rather than hiding in the details. So that is a very different way of looking at this work.
And I just want you to consider where right now are you possibly hiding in the learning in the researching, in the, figuring it out with your eating habits and what if no more figuring it out is necessary. For instance, if you are planning on joining own your eating habits and you are married to this type of work, you know, that this work is going to be your best solution and that this will get you the results you want, where possibly is your brain waiting to join, because you need to figure out more.
You need to do more learning, more, getting it done, more researching question when learning is being used as a distraction from your brain. Because if you’re like me and you’re like the women who join my program, learning feels the safest to you. It’s going to feel the coziest and the warmest.
It’s like our Blinky. And in order to create eating habits that feel simple. You have to opt into the deeper work, which requires us to set boundaries with the learning so we can focus on what works. It is so important for all of you to know that you want healthy eating to require less from you and to be simple, but your survival brain does not.
It wants to do what you’ve always done. It’s going to be attached to making it hard and it’s complicated. So it needs to figure it out and hide in the learning. It was never meant to be complicated. My friends in order to move forward with the foundational work that you need, whether that’s in my coaching program or somewhere else, you will need to remove the noise and focus on the basics of what works, where you’re willing to go deeper with less, rather than wider, just so we can hide just so we can distract from the work that is necessary.
All right. I hope this was valuable for you. Thanks for hanging out with me today. And I’ll talk to you next week.


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