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Sep 7

Making It Accessible

Making It Accessible Kat Rentas

Feel like healthy eating and weight loss isn’t quite accessible now?

You’ve likely convinced yourself that approaches like planning, food prepping, and strong willpower are necessary to reach your goals.

The key to long-term weight loss isn’t about adding more to your plate; it’s about learning to focus solely on the non-negotiable healthy eating essentials.

As a high-achieving woman, the breakthrough comes when you commit to working smarter, not harder, for weight loss. When you decide to master the simple basics at the deepest level.

In this podcast, I’m sharing how to make healthy eating and weight loss accessible now — no matter your current circumstances.

I’m introducing the top misconceptions you might have about what’s necessary for weight loss, versus what’s truly essential to achieve this result in your life long-term.

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Hello my friends. Welcome back to the podcast This week. Today we’re going to talk about what makes healthy eating and weight loss accessible to you now. So for those of y’all who listen to this podcast, you are willing to do whatever it takes to solve your food struggles and lose the weight permanently, right? So you’re committed to putting in the effort, time, and that focus required to make these changes, which is fantastic. But we also want to see how that manner of thinking might be stopping you from creating the weight loss.
Now, and I find with women, I serve that this thinking comes with the best intentions because what’s happening is you’re holding yourself in a high regard for the results you wanna create and how you wanna show up to this result. And this is such a great standard to set for yourself because of course, right, you must be willing to put in the work to make the changes you want to make long-term with weight loss.
But what I want you to see in this episode today is how this manner of thinking can create perceived barriers between you and the eating habits you want or the weight loss you want. So that’s what I want to dive into today. Now, what tends to happen to type a high achieving women is we’re so willing, excited, and ready to put in the work, but we also tend to assume that certain factors or conditions are necessary for us to succeed and create a high level result.
And it’s no different with healthy eating and weight loss, we will make the stakes very high for success. So in other words, you may think that there are things that will be necessary for you to begin eating healthy and losing weight now that aren’t necessary at all. And we want to just bust those myths so you don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to wait to solve this problem.
I want those of you who are committed and ready to create the weight loss you want now to really understand how accessible it is and to make it as accessible as possible with the way you’re thinking about it. So let’s talk about the things that you likely believe are necessary to eat healthy and lose weight. And these are all going to be things that you may be willing to do, but they are not non-negotiable for your success. They are optional. They do not need to be barriers to entry where you wait for them to occur or be present before you create the results you want.
So one of the biggest perceived obstacles that y’all have is thinking you need more time. And the reality is you do not need more time to change the way you eat now and begin losing weight now because here’s why, and it’s the most basic reasoning ever.
, you are making eating decisions now anyways. It’s already happening, right? We have to eat to survive. So you do not need more time to make different ones in the moment that you are making those decisions. You can learn to change the way you eat in those single moments that you’re already making eating decisions. Alright? So I really want you to consider that more time is not required. If you believe more time is required, then it’s just going to stall you from implementing this change.
Now, more time is absolutely not required. Different eating decisions can happen in a moment. A second perceived obstacle is another really common one, and it’s thinking, planning, or prepping ahead of time will be required. And so we must wait for those conditions to be able to occur. Now, for a lot of you, you may want to do this, especially if you’re like me and a little bit organized and type A, but where some of you get stuck with this is you make your weight loss progress depend on this happening.
And this is going to keep you stuck because some weeks in your life planning and prepping is very available and some weeks it’s just not. So then what happens is when it’s not available, you feel like you don’t have the capacity or resources to stay on track with your progress or even start the process at all. And this is not a mindset you wanna have of the weight loss you wanna create. You do not want to depend your success with it on things that may not be accessible in your life at any time.
And planning and prepping tends to be one of those things. And again, it doesn’t mean that it’s not right to do those things. We just don’t want your weight loss progress to depend on it. Another perceived barrier to weight loss is needing more willpower or energy to eat healthy and lose weight.
So again, you may be excited at the prospect of working hard for your weight loss goals. I know my clients who come work with me are so excited to commit to the process and you’re likely someone who’s comfortable harnessing willpower and putting in the work. But again, I want you to see how this can keep you stuck here with healthy eating and weight loss. Because first off, willpower is not tactically the best approach when it comes to something you wanna do long-term or for the rest of your life. Willpower always runs out.
And if you see willpower as necessary to eat healthy and lose weight, you’re creating an experience where weight loss is only accessible when you have emotional energy to spare. Because willpower takes a lot of emotional energy, and this is not something that we can indefinitely give to create any result in your life, not just healthy eating and weight loss. Now, it doesn’t make willpower wrong. There are areas of your life maybe at work.
Or in other areas where you do harness that grittiness and that willpower to take action and see it through. But this is not tactically valuable as an approach to healthy eating and weight loss because that’s a result you need to maintain in your life long term. So we don’t want to make your weight loss success dependent on that in your mind. It is not a barrier. Now, another perceived barrier that so many of us can have is thinking we need more knowledge to lose weight now and eat healthy.
Now, this is a really big one, my friends, especially for those of you who love to learn. If you’re here listening to me, you’re probably my person , and you love to learn and consume information. Now, you’ll do this with the best intentions. My brain works like this too. It’s when you love to research, read, listen, consume as much information on a topic as you can, and there’s nothing wrong with this.
It feels really productive. It feels good, but it’s important to know that consuming information does not create different eating decisions or weight loss. What creates weight loss is changing your decisions with food long-term. Changing your eating habits with your actions is what creates weight loss. So thinking we need more knowledge to lose weight can keep us stuck in two ways. Firstly, because you’ll get comfortable in the learning. So for people like us, it can be a very cozy place for us who are very type A.
It’ll feel like you’re making progress and moving forward, but then a year later you’re eating the same way and you haven’t made progress on your weight loss goals. I know this stings , but y’all gotta hear it. So it’s going to be necessary to set constraints with the learning. And this is probably one of the biggest factors of own your eating habits that makes our clients really successful is because they constrain their focus to a set process that is very streamlined and very simple.
So it cuts out this noise and it puts them in a situation where they don’t indulge needing more knowledge to solve this problem. And the big thing it does is it moves the focus from unnecessary learning to implementation on what they learn. That is the biggest shift. The second way, this perceived barrier of needing more knowledge keeps you stuck, is if you believe more knowledge needs to happen before you can take action, like, oh, if I just learned this one thing, then I’ll create the result.
That’ll be enough. You’re going to find yourself in inaction where you’re not actually taking action or implementing. So this is why we’re talking about this here because this is why this perceived barrier of not having enough knowledge, it makes the weight loss you want inaccessible with this manner of thinking. Now, the last thing that isn’t necessary to eat healthy and lose weight.
Now is ideal circumstances. I cannot stress this enough and I want y’all to hear me. This is just how our brain works sometimes, but I want you to be on top of thoughts like this. So identify them here today. What are all of the external circumstances that you think need to be ideal before you can create the weight loss now, before you can change your actions and take those steps. Maybe it’s whether the kids are home or back at school, maybe it’s whether the holidays are coming up, whatever it is, watch those thoughts you may have that there will ever be a right time.
And listen, y’all, I have failed in every which way when it comes to this work in my past. There is a reason I coach y’all now, and I’ve coached hundreds of women into this result, and I promise you, I would tell you if it were true, there is never a right special time to implement this work.
Why you’ll wait for a right time is with the best intentions. So of course you want to make sure you do it properly. You’re committed, you wanna be all in. But we wanna be careful because sometimes why you wait for the ideal circumstances is so you don’t make mistakes and fail. And there’s a balance you want to achieve here that will make the weight loss accessible to you. So go into the weight loss with those same standards, with the highest intentions to succeed where you commit, you take action and you really give it your all, but also know that it will still be a learning process.
So you’re going to try and fail, then try again and fail. This process of trying and failing continuously is what creates your result. That is not a reason to wait for ideal circumstances. If you’re creating weight loss and going about that process, you’re going to try and fail regardless of what your circumstances are.
But oftentimes what can happen is we think ideal circumstances are required because we think we can’t have setbacks. And it’s actually the opposite, and I really want you to understand this. So I’m gonna give an example of how this works for some clients who join my program. So I regularly get women who are so ready to join the program, they’re so committed, and I know they’re going to take action and be all in. It’s so clear. But then they’ll ask me, you know, in a few months I’ll be more settled into my new job, or the kids will be back in school or it’ll be after the holidays.
Should I wait until then to start because I think the circumstances will be more ideal and I’ll be more successful. I’m always so glad when they ask this question because these women, if they didn’t join then would have missed out on a massive growth opportunity for themselves, which is this.
These women needed to learn that lesson that they didn’t need those perceived ideal circumstances to lose the weight now. And I would tell them that it’s actually so crucial that they started the process now when the circumstances weren’t ideal. So they could work through that in the program and teach themselves that they could eat healthy and lose weight under any conditions. This is what increased their confidence when they created the result and it increased the stability of the result when they created it.
Because you know what happens when you wait for the ideal conditions and then you create the result in your mind, you’re always gonna delegate creating weight loss with the conditions being ideal. You’re going to believe that that’s why you’ve created it. So I really hope you see that it is so important for your growth to become someone who solves this problem permanently in a way where you don’t wait for the perfect conditions to do so.
If you do wait for the perfect conditions, it’s going to be to your own detriment, I promise you. So believing that any of these things need to change for you to make the healthy eating decisions you want to make for you to weigh what you wanna weigh makes the result inaccessible to you. And again, I know you’re willing to do these things, so you’re willing to put in the time, the willpower, the energy, but don’t allow those to be perceived barriers between you and the weight loss. Those barriers do not actually exist.
The result hasn’t been out of reach for you. You’ve simply been making it out of reach with your thoughts, with what you believe is required to have it now. So take a moment based on what we’ve discussed so far, what perceived barriers do you think are present for you? Which ones have you unintentionally been believing in and creating?
Because here’s what is actually required to eat healthy and lose weight. Now, these are all things that are not dependent on time, emotional energy, or ideal circumstances. What is actually required is the simplest thing. It’s to make different decisions with food, which again happens the moment you make the decision. This is working smarter, not harder to create the result. It’s what allows you to become a naturally healthy eater where you create the result without having to hustle for it, without depending on things like time, energy, or planning.
So we know you’re willing to hustle for the weight loss you want, but this is being willing to build a different skillset. It’s creating results in a way that is less focused on hustle and more focused on intention with your food actions, which is going to be a new skill for you. So here are the skills that women build to create weight loss in my program, and it’s focused on these essentials.
So first, they learn to think like a naturally healthy eater rather than a dieter or someone who struggles in this area. So they stop making eating decisions because they think they should or they have to, and they start considering how they want to eat. What do they want to do? Essentially, they shift the energy with food from pressure to intention energetically. So this is really how they change their relationship to food and weight throughout the process.
This is number one. It’s changing the way you think about food and weight, which a lot of you actually begin to do on this podcast. You start to see it all differently. Second, you will need to learn the skill of emotional awareness and regulation. So this sounds fancy, but all this means is you learn how to be aware of emotional urges you are having with food and you learn what to do with them so you don’t emotionally eat.
Again, this is a skill that once you learn, it does not take more time and prep. It’s a lifestyle skill. Third, you need to learn how to acknowledge your body’s needs with food. So these are the basics, right? You need to learn how to start eating when you’re hungry, stop eating when you’re full and make food decisions based on what your body is telling you it needs rather than delegating those decisions to just a meal plan or a diet protocol. Again, nothing is morally wrong with meal planning or diet protocols, but listening to your body is an approach that allows you to lose weight without depending on time prep knowledge or planning.
Lastly, you will need to really get to know yourselves as an eater. So in my program, my clients really explore their preferences with food based on what foods they find most pleasurable and satisfying.
And then they begin making deliberate empowered food choices throughout their day based on that knowledge. So this is really where you will start to feel like the best expert of the way you want to eat. It’s going to put you in that leadership where you feel more confident around eating healthy at any given moment, where you can make adaptable healthy eating decisions no matter the scenario, no matter the circumstances you are in, because at this point you’re going to see yourself like a naturally healthy eater.
So of course, concepts like the ones I teach are likely different than what most of y’all have tried in the past. It’s not focused on relying on time prep or energy. Instead, it’s focused on building lifelong skills and then implementing those skills continuously to eat healthy and lose weight. Once you build certain skills, you don’t need more time, focus, or energy, and you especially don’t need your circumstances to be ideal.
This is how you make the result accessible to you. So whether you’re a client in my program or not, what makes healthy eating and weight loss accessible is based on what you think is required to create it. Now, if you think it’s not accessible, question what you actually think is necessary and then ask yourself what could make this accessible? Now, just let yourself go there and imagine what that would look like. Be willing to make this result accessible to you.
Now, I know as a high achiever, you likely have this drive to work hard for the results you want. This is great. You do not have to shove this aside. That determination will serve you in committing to this result. But set the constraint that having a more narrow focus will yield higher quality results. Less is truly more to create permanent weight loss and in own your eating habits.
This is exactly what we do. The clients who join, they are committed. They take action each week, they evaluate their progress, get the coaching they need, but they constrain what they focus on. So the focus is not on more tools, it’s implementation of the tools that they learn where they then evaluate their progress each week. So if you’re ready to create these high level results where you implement and you take action, own your eating habits is the container for you so you can learn more and apply at KatRentas.com/coaching.
Alright, my friends, I hope you enjoy today’s episode. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll talk to you next week.




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