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Oct 14

Massive Results

Massive Results Kat Rentas

Consider: What is the massive result that you want to create on the other side of healthy eating? Maybe it’s weight loss, confidence in your body, or enjoying food without guilt.

Now, picture what you believe will be required for you to create that massive result permanently. If you’re like most, you’ll think that hard work and sacrifice will be required. Which leaves you waiting for the “perfect time” to start creating this massive result for yourself.

The truth is, massive results aren’t created from large investments of your time, energy, or focus. Massive results are created from small investments over time. It’s creating long-term change from a long-term approach that doesn’t require hard work or sacrifice.

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can begin creating the massive results you want with food and body, in a way that creates permanent results. You’ll learn how your small healthy eating investments over time will inevitably create a massive return in your results.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello my friend. Welcome back to the podcast This week I’m so happy you are here. And today I wanna talk about the concept of creating massive results. So I want you to take a moment and consider what the massive result is that you want to create with this work with healthy eating and becoming a naturally healthy eater. Now, for most of you, that may be weight loss, feeling better in your body, feeling healthier, but I want you to get as specific as possible with what that is for you, what the massive result is that you want to create, and then I want you to think about what you perceive as being necessary to create that massive result.
What most of us tend to believe because of our past conditioning and because of the society that we live in, is that large amounts of the work and actions will be necessary to create a massive result.
And really, when we talk about large investments being necessary for change, what most of us think will be necessary are large investments of time, energy, willpower, focus, sacrifice. These are the things that we think will be necessary to create a massive result that we want. So for the purposes of this episode, let’s say that’s weight loss right now, there’s no question that we live in this hustle culture, but I want you to think about when you consider what you think it will take to create that massive result, what do you really perceive as being necessary?
What large investments do you see yourself having to make? For most of us, we will believe that we either have to work really, really hard and do a lot of things to create a massive result and will have to sacrifice a lot of things to create a massive result.
Now, I say this often in this podcast, but it’s so important that you know that how you create a massive result is what will be necessary to maintain it for the rest of your life. And I’ll say it again, how you create a massive result is what will be necessary to maintain it long term. So it’s very important how you create this result in your life. And if you believe that what’s necessary is putting in a lot of effort or that you have to sacrifice all of the things, then of course it will not be sustainable.
And for a lot of us, we won’t even create the massive result to begin with because we will burn out before we even get there. So I want to offer this to you from the get go here just so you can understand how most of us think that we will create the result we want, whether it’s weight loss, better health, et cetera, et cetera.
Now, for a lot of you, the reason why you think large investments and hard work and sacrifice are necessary to create a massive result is because where you believe you are starting from now, a lot of you will think that where you’re starting from is from this place where you don’t have control with food. Or for some of you it’s just a thought that something is wrong with me or something isn’t working right. They’re very personal thoughts that you’re having about you and your abilities to eat healthy and lose weight sustainably.
Now, I think for sure these can be expected based on where we’ve started from. If you have struggled to eat healthy and lose weight in the past, you are going to have these judgements available to you and it doesn’t need to be a problem. But what can happen is you are using these judgements about yourself and these reasons to fuel how you create a massive result.
In other words, if you believe that you’re someone who doesn’t have control and that nothing really works for you, you’re going to think that so much more discipline, willpower, and effort is required for you personally to make changes because you are just this special case who struggles and isn’t capable. And I say this with the most compassion in the world because I have been there, but I really want you to hold space for yourself if this is where you’re at right now.
This is why we think so much is required. It’s not so much that we think it’s required for everyone, we just think it’s required for us because we are less capable. It’s this general feeling of helplessness and desperation that we have to create the massive result. So we impose all of these large investments and sacrifices to create it, but I really wanna offer you how this approach will always make your results temporary.
You’ll either not create the massive result at all and you’ll burn out before you get there, or you’ll create it for some time and then you’ll burn out and then the results stops being maintained. So for a lot of you, this will look like you either don’t reach your ideal weight at all, or maybe you do and you keep it for some time, but then you gain the weight back. And why this happens is because as mentioned, you are starting from this emotional place that feels very, very unstable.
You are seeing yourself as someone who doesn’t have control with food. You’re feeling this helplessness, this doubt, this lack of emotional safety. And from here you hustle to try and create stability from emotional instability. And what that looks like when we try and create structure results and stability from emotional instability is hustle, right? Because hustle is just taking a lot of actions, it’s throwing things on the wall and hoping they stick.
Why we do that is to constantly escape how we’re actually feeling. So this means that you’re going to take a lot of action. You’re going to put in a lot of emotional effort. You’re going to be rushing towards the result you want and you’re gonna feel really attached. In this case, it could be weight loss. You’re going to try and harness all of the willpower and bypass your emotions to take action. You’re going to put pressure on yourself to be perfect and to always follow through with your plans, and you are likely going to beat yourself up along the way.
If you have a setback, there’s going to be a lot of shoulds involved in your mindset, I should have done that better. I should do this next time. Because the goal that you have based on this mindset and this hustle is to fix yourself.
You see yourself and your body as something has gone wrong and you are doing this work towards the massive results to fix it. The stakes are really, really, really high. And what happens if you hustle towards this massive result is for most of you, as I mentioned, you may create it. So you may create the weight loss or the results with your body that you want from the hustle, because let’s face it, you’re working really, really hard.
And if you are my type of client, then you know how to work hard. You have a lot of willpower available to you and you can keep it going for some time. But what we tend to not anticipate or see is that we are human beings who have a limited amount of emotional energy. We have a limited amount of willpower, of hustle, of perfection available to us.
Eventually it will run out. And when that runs out is when you neglect yourself, your human needs, what you want to create a massive result. So when you hustling exactly like I said previously, you are putting in large investments and you’re sacrificing a lot of things to get there quickly, you’re neglecting your human needs so that eventually you completely burn out and this leaves you with a sense of apathy, frustration, resentment.
Your morale with this massive result will be so low and your energy will be depleted. This is when you will start to uncreate the massive result that doesn’t sound like a word, but you will start to move away from the result with the massive result you created. So this may look like you gain the weight back, you start overeating, you get yourself back to where you were before, and this is what makes the results short term.
But most importantly, when you go through this cycle of creating massive results in this way, you provide more evidence for what started this in the beginning of this cycle, which was you believing that you don’t have control, you are a special case and something is wrong with you. You are recreating this evidence over and over, which continues to put up a brick wall between you and the long term massive results that you want to create.
So this is just a way to say that the massive results, you want matter and they’re waiting for you. But to create the massive result, it less matters what it is that you want to create, and it more matters how you create it. The path you choose to get towards the weight loss or the results with your body that you want, it’s not necessarily the result you want with your body is not sustainable.
It’s that the path you are choosing to get there is unsustainable because how massive results are actually created with your body are small investments over time that are sustainable, simple and accessible for you where you’re not perfecting your way to the result, you are not rushing towards the result. You are not constantly harnessing willpower and neglecting your human needs and sacrificing. You learn how to work with yourself to the results you want, and I want you to picture what would make that accessible.
So right now, I want you to just take a moment and imagine what that would look like for the result you want to be guaranteed from small sustainable steps. How would that change your experience even if you were able to just believe I can do this, this can work. I have time, I can take the time I need to make this work.
The emotion you will have of creating this massive result will be completely different than the hustle. You will feel more of a sense of calmness, certainty. And here’s what happens when you are fueled by those types of emotions, when creating massive results in this place, you are willing to put in small investments to create the result. So this means you take sustainable action. You do not put in any more effort than is necessary.
You are not rushing towards the results. You focus on creating the result in a way that you want to do it, not in a way you think you should do it. You evaluate your progress and you’re willing to look at the setbacks and hold space for them. You meet your human needs along the way so you’re not constantly taking away from your energy tank to get there quicker. You’re supplying yourself with energy along the way.
So this is a long term change. What happens when you are intentional about the process, you make small investments over time and you meet your needs along the way is you create sustainable results. What this does when you create results in this way is it increases your level of self trust, It increases your belief in the results you are creating, and it increases your confidence in your abilities to eat healthy and lose weight permanently.
Exactly like the first example, the results you create end up feeding what you believe about yourself. You will find yourself in a place where you believe I have control with food. I know how to create the result. This is simple. Now, I want to be really clear that while I am walking all of you through this process and how this can look, this is a very general overview. So I want you to take time with both of these examples and think about how this could apply to you.
Now, this is something that my clients, we walk through very personally and intricately with each person so they can see how this is showing up for them in their lives. They can see how they’ve created results in the past and why that wasn’t sustainable and exactly what will be necessary for them personally now to make the results sustainable. As mentioned, most of you will see massive results requiring massive investments of actions, but really here’s how it works.
Creating the results you want will be a series of small investments that over time reach a tipping point where you receive a massive return. And when I say a tipping point, I don’t mean that you are micromanaging to create this result. I mean that eventually through a series of small intentional actions every day, this result just brings itself to you.
And this is especially appropriate for weight loss here because really your body is the one who decides when to release the weight from your body in the hustle cycle.
You’re focused on micromanaging that and forcing your body into the results you want personally on your timeline. That will never work for you. Your willpower will run out because you can only fight your body for so long if you work in partnership with your body. You are committed to making small investments, taking small actions each day to give your body what it needs, and then eventually a tipping point happens where your body feels safe and trusting enough to release the weight it’s been holding onto.
Now, really the theme of this episode, once again, I know this is a broad overview here, but the theme of this episode I want you to think about is are you willing to make those small investments over time for yourself, for your health, for your body, and for this massive result that you want to create? I want you to really be real with yourself and think about this because if so, amazing.
But I want you to hold space for yourself if you are not willing to do that because that’s okay. But I want you to think about why that may be coming up for you. Most of the time it’s because you are thinking that somehow creating massive results in the way I’m describing here is not available to you somewhere. You may think that the process actually will be unbearable emotionally for you. You may think that taking small steps actually won’t be enough for you.
You may somewhere believe that somehow the process will be too difficult or maybe you think that the result that you’ll create won’t be worth it. If any of this resonates, give yourself space to declare these things. And I wanna offer you a little something for each one here. If you think that this process long term will be unbearable emotionally for you, that taking a long term approach, you would feel too impatient, too urgent, you would feel frustrated.
You can learn to manage the impatience and frustration that you feel from taking a long term approach. And I wanna validate all of you who feel this way because that is the work my clients do. Most of them come in fully being committed to a long term process. In fact, that is one of my non-negotiables for clients I personally coach. They have to be willing to do that if they’re a good fit for my program, but they are humans. So occasionally the impatience and frustration does come up, but it’s not unbearable emotionally for them to walk themselves through this because they can manage it and move themselves through it.
So any part of you that sees a long-term process as potentially being too much emotionally, you have permission to be your best support system through those things. For those of you who may think small steps won’t be enough, I just wanna offer that we all start with this exact unicorn complex that I offered you in the beginning.
We all think we’re a special case, and the only thing I’ll really say here is I just want you to expect you likely won’t believe that it’ll be enough, and that’s okay. What if that didn’t have to be a problem for you to prioritize these changes for the long term to start making healthy eating decisions long term to practice listening to your body, to not impose strict timelines on weight loss? You can totally think that small steps won’t be enough and you don’t have to react from those thoughts that you are having.
Cause we all kind of have that unicorn complex in the beginning that we think we’re a special case that just needs to be fixed. Totally. Okay. For those of you that think a long term process will be too difficult, I want to remind you that the mindset that a lot of us have is that we’ll have to work really, really hard for the result, or we’ll have to sacrifice all of the things.
This is not small steps, right? Small steps that the steps are simple, accessible and sustainable no matter what for the long term. So if you are thinking the process will be too difficult, that’s exactly what I’m telling you to unlearn and to not do a long term approach removes that from the equation. And for those of you who question if the result will be worth it, I think this is valid. I think a lot of it is mixed with you thinking that a long term process will be really, really hard.
So go back through the previous examples I just gave and really see where you can question that. But I also want you to spend more time with whatever the massive result is that you want to create. So maybe that’s weight loss, whatever it is, think about what that result will actually bring you.
Now, when most of you think about what weight loss will bring you, it’s kind of surface level, right? It’s like I’ll feel more confident in my body, like I’ll look better. All of these things, and we’re not here to discount that. That could be available to you, but I really want you to picture the deeper result of this type of work, which is when food and body and healthy eating is no longer even a factor for you, like it’s not something you ever think about solving.
You are just a naturally healthy eater. It’s who you are, and you just feel accepting in your body no matter what the case is with it. If that was your experience of life, what would change? And sometimes when you go to this deeper place where you become a naturally healthy eater versus just losing the weight, it can really ground you and why this work is worth it to you and why the long term approach feels like an easy sell.
Because what I always want to offer all of you is I want you to imagine if you started taking the small steps today, where could you be a year from now? Because the time you spend waiting for the energy and the courage to make the large steps and to be ready for the hard work, you could already have the result by committing to the smaller steps that actually create permanent sustainable change. When you think large steps and investments are necessary, you’ll always be waiting for the right time.
What I’m here to tell you is that massive results are created from the small steps. The weight loss is created from small steps with food, small steps with body, and the moments of intention you have each day. You do not have to work hard or sacrifice all of the things to create the massive results with your body that you want.
It is available to you now and you can start today. All right, so I hope this was helpful. I hope you gathered a piece of wisdom from today’s episode that you can take with you into your week. I love you and I will talk to you next week.




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