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Jan 19

Non-Negotiables Of Permanent Weight Loss

The Non-Negotiables Of Permanent Weight Loss Kat Rentas

Serious about losing weight for the very last time this year?

Permanent weight loss isn’t about simply changing what you eat. If it was, you would already have the result by now.

It’s about approaching this goal with the intent to change your eating behaviors at the root level, so you can not only lose weight but maintain that loss for life.

This means, you’ll need to go about losing weight differently this year. In this episode, I’m sharing the absolute non-negotiables of permanent weight loss to ensure your success.

We’ll walk through:

→ What it really takes to create exceptional results with weight loss

→ The mindset blocks to look out for on your weight loss journey

→ My no-nonsense advice after coaching dozens of women to permanent weight loss

→ How to address weight loss in the new year to guarantee your success

You don’t need to endlessly track, plan, or prep healthy eating to be successful. Those days are done. The key to permanent weight loss is simply approaching it completely differently than you have in the past. 

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Episode Transcript

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Hello my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. So it is 2024 and we are in the thick of our goals for the new year and setting foundations for success. And I am just feeling fired up in the best way. I truly want more of you than ever before to lose weight permanently this year. So you can just solve this area of your life and I want to well equip you for that level of success.
So today I wanted to have a no holds bar conversation on what will make this guaranteed, what will truly be necessary for you to lose weight permanently. So we’re going to talk about what I’m calling the non-negotiables of permanent weight loss because there’s a lot of lack of clarity as to what this really, really requires. And most people think that in order to lose weight permanently, they’re going to have to create the result by holding on really tightly to healthy eating and weight loss.
So they’re going to have to stick to a food plan, they’re going to have to track everything they eat, they’re going to have to have a perfectly prepped fridge and pantry. And this just is not the case. In order to lose weight permanently, you need to focus on changing your eating behaviors. So this means you’ll need to change how you think about food and weight. It means you’ll need to change how you emotionally regulate so you lower your cravings. It means you’ll need to change how you interact with what your body tells you.
Notice how even what I’m sharing now, how much more foundational those areas of work are than just micromanaging things in your life to eat differently. That is what is necessary to lose weight permanently, is to do the deeper behavioral work. And so that is what this podcast is for and what my coaching is for.
But here we’re going to list out the non-negotiables of permanent weight loss to keep in mind this year as you create this result, because I know you’re going to be successful, this episode is just going to be that pep talk you can come back to when you want a reminder of what’s absolutely necessary to succeed. So the very first thing you will need to do is you are going to have to drop any entitlement or ego you have around your weight loss.
And this is something that I struggled with, it’s something a lot of people struggle with when it comes to weight loss because we have been burned so much by diet culture.
And by the diet industry. So many of us have tried so many things and expended so much time, energy, and resources to lose the weight for the last time. And that can leave us with some resentment where we have this expectant energy with anything we do that it needs to work for us. And this is not the mentality you can have when losing weight permanently because you are the only one who can commit to building the skills of changing your eating behaviors and permanent weight loss, which means you need to drop the entitlement and ego that anything or anyone owes you the weight loss you think you deserve.
So your body or the world doesn’t owe you weight loss, right? You are the only one who can create your permanent weight loss step by step. And this doesn’t mean we need to shame ourselves if we notice we’re being a little entitled or expectant.
My brain has this too where if I have struggled to create something in the past and then you know I want to create it and I do a new method, I have sometimes this expectant energy that it should work for me. But we need to drop that in order to take full responsibility and to take the steps forward to building those skills and losing weight for the last time. So if you notice any entitlement or ego or expectant energy as you’re moving forward with your permanent weight loss, then just check in with it and address it.
Sometimes this may show up if you’ve been making some progress and you experience setbacks, the entitlement will have thoughts like, oh, this should have worked by now. I’ve already tried so hard, I’ve tried all the things. Do not let that hold you back from the progress I know you’re capable of making this year.
When you drop the entitlement or ego around this area of your life and you stop allowing yourself to believe that you are owed weight loss, then you take responsibility for it. And this is powerful. Alright, so next you will need to drop any unicorn complex that you may have. And again, this is really relatable. If we have a history of dieting or you know, being a part of the diet industry, we can develop this complex that we are uniquely flawed and we can’t succeed in this area.
There’s just all these things holding us back from losing weight. You know, we just don’t have the genetics for it. That we just have a slower metabolism, you know, um, all of these reasons that we’ll come up with for why we are uniquely flawed and we can’t possibly succeed. You will need to drop any unicorn complex or any special snowflake syndrome that you have in order to take control of this result and how you take action on it.
So really when it comes to changing this mindset, this is about maturing yourself in this area of your life. And I say this not to be, um, condescending to anybody or to be patronizing to us in this process, but oftentimes what can happen when we struggled with something for quite some time is we’ll end up with this very helpless childlike mindset where we think we need someone to save us or we need something to work for us.
And what I know about you is you are someone who can take responsibility and you are someone who can step up to the plate and provide yourself with the actions you need to take for permanent weight loss. And so that is what this result needs you to do, is to mature your thinking in this area of your life and to not indulge any special snowflake thoughts where I am uniquely flawed and there are things holding me back from this result.
We’ve all got them, I promise. We’ve all got the thoughts. Just look out for them and make sure not to indulge them on your way to this goal. Alright, next, do not indulge thoughts like I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me. So I don’t care how many things you have tried to lose weight, if you have not mastered the skills of naturally healthy eating and permanent weight loss where you’ve changed those behaviors at the foundational level.
You haven’t tried everything. And again, I wanna validate everyone and know that we’re not shaming ourselves here ’cause we all have these thoughts. It’s just having a brain. But solving this area for the last time will require you to not react from these thoughts. So do not indulge your um, quote unquote sad stories about this area of your life. This isn’t to be insensitive or invalidating if there have been hard moments, but there’s a difference between validating ourselves for when it was hard and indulging in why we have a sad story and we’re less capable in this area of our lives.
You not having the weight loss results you want isn’t personal, right? It just means you haven’t learned the necessary skills properly. And so that’s the only thing you will need to provide yourself in order to lose weight for the last time this year. Next something I really want to mention, I want you to make sure you don’t use any non hussle or body positivity culture against yourself. So most of you who come to me don’t subscribe to this as much I think, but sometimes it can creep in where we think that to set weight loss goals and lose weight permanently means, oh well I must just not be loving my body enough or I don’t wanna step into hustle, I wanna take things easier this year.
What’s interesting is the process of permanent weight loss doesn’t bring you further away from loving your body and accepting your body.
It brings you closer to it, right? Because those skills of naturally healthy eating require you to start checking in with your body. It requires you to start taking care of your emotions where you check in with yourself and you nurture yourself. It requires that you do not rush to the end result and you provide yourself the skill building time you need. So if you’re having any thoughts about not wanting to hustle in your life right now and you don’t want to teach yourself that you don’t accept your body, so that’s why you’re not losing weight, don’t use those things against yourself.
There are some golden nuggets to take away, I think from non hustles culture and body positivity culture, but a lot of you will be using this against yourself and know you can want to lose weight now this year and work on loving your body more than you ever have before.
And the same goes for hustling. You can lose weight for the last time this year and drop the hustle completely. And if that’s a skill you are really set on mastering, that’s exactly what I teach. Go and join, own your eating habits. That’s my program and that’s exactly how we do that there. Next I want you to stop pretending like there will be a better time. This is a really big one because how our brains tend to work is it always wants to delay any change at all.
That is just how our brain is designed. It wants to be efficient and it wants to conserve energy. But you will need to be very firm here and to not indulge any type of thinking that thinks, oh, it’ll be better when the kids are back at school, or it’ll be better when I have a summer break.
Or it’ll be better when X, Y, z. You will still have the same things to navigate in your mind and in your body when you decide to take this work seriously. There will not be a better time because here’s the thing, it’s not just about losing the weight, it’s also maintaining the weight. So you need to learn how to build the skills of naturally healthy eating and permanent weight loss under any circumstances. If you wait for a quote unquote perfect time, you will have never learned how to adopt these behaviors in the day-to-day messy circumstances of your life.
So don’t indulge any thinking that there will be a better time, there will not be a better time to lose weight permanently. You will need to actively prioritize it. And the sooner you prioritize it, the better because the time’s going to pass anyways. If you decide today to prioritize this area of your life, you will be in a completely different place a year from now if you follow all the non-negotiables I’m sharing with you today.
So next, it’s no secret, right? Most of the world will tell you that dieting, tracking or planning is the only way to really create effective weight loss results. But I want you to have the courage to be that black sheep and not agree with those people. So you may have a lot of friends, acquaintances, family who has this thinking and they’re like, try this new diet I’ve been on, do this method I’ve been working on. And I want you to have the courage to do it in a way you want to to be that black sheep.
And you don’t have to openly disagree with these people, but to decide for yourself that you don’t want to eat healthy or lose weight by micromanaging food. And if this is true and that feels like your truth with me here, then I want you to stop telling yourself that dieting, tracking or planning is required.
Some of you listening really want to have an experience of healthy eating and weight loss that does feel more natural and you don’t want to do all those micromanaging things, but you’re not giving yourself permission to believe that truth, that it is possible, that that is the standard you’re going to set in your life and that is the result you’re going to create. You have to be willing to believe that healthy eating was always meant to be more natural. So you don’t spend any time trying to negotiate with yourself whether diets are the best approach or whether a natural approach is right for you.
You just want to go all in and claim that version of healthy eating for yourself. Next, I want you to stop equating weight loss results with time and energy expended. So this is a very real thing, especially in the culture that we live in.
We are taught that the highest quality results occur when we put more time into something and we spend more energy. And this actually is not true, especially with weight loss. It is the opposite. Short-term weight loss is created with more time and energy expended but not permanent weight loss. You need to be able to follow through with healthy eating so you can lose and maintain your ideal weight without spending excess time or energy because that’s what’s necessary for long-term change.
You need to be able to have this area of your life feel sustainable, which means you need a version of learning to eat healthy that doesn’t require more of your time or your energy. And again, if this is a process that you want to master and it feels like your jam join on your eating habits, that’s exactly what we teach you. So next stop tying the timeline of your weight loss success to anyone else.
So I think a lot of us can have people pleasing energy. I’ve totally been guilty of that too. But sometimes what we’ll do is we will attach when we lose the weight permanently to someone else’s opinions or you know, maybe their timeline. So sometimes how this shows up is maybe you have a friend that also wants to lose weight and you’re waiting for them to fully get on board. Or maybe you have a partner who thinks that there’s things you need to prioritize in your marriage or in your life before you give yourself the resources to lose weight for the last time.
And this can exist in different forms depending on you and your life. But I want you to just consider, are you tying the timeline of your permanent weight loss to anyone else’s opinions or preferences? I want to offer this in case you notice anything now because that is a very real thing and we don’t want you to depend on anyone else to prioritize this.
Now that is a hundred percent your responsibility to claim it. Alright? So next you will need to stop treating healthy eating and weight loss as a finish line that you can get to. So it’s very easy for us to have this mindset when it comes to dieting and the weight loss culture we’ve been a part of because the mindset it will give us is that weight loss is a finish line. So if we follow a food plan or we follow a protocol, the goal is to get to the goal weight and then once we’ve done that, we’re just done.
And that everything’s sunshine and rainbows and that problem will be solved for that is not the reality at all. So you will always have eating habits and you will always have weight that you will be maintaining. So you need to learn life skills when it comes to food.
And when it comes to your weight, this is not what you learn when you engage with a finish line approach where all you are working towards is the weight loss, the end goal. So in my program, to give you an idea, what we do is our clients do set weight loss goals, but how they achieve their weight loss goals is in what will be required to maintain the goal. So for example, two lose the weight, they change their eating behaviors, really, really foundationally.
They transform their relationship with food, they honor their body cues, they lower their cravings really, really effectively. And in doing that and building those skills, they can maintain the weight in their life. See that difference because they’re working on the skill building versus just micromanaging food decisions to lose the weight. And then most of us when we do that approach, are left without the resources to maintain it.
Healthy eating and weight loss is not a finish line. We have those results to maintain forward life. So make sure you think about it in that regard. So next I want to offer this concept that if you want exceptional results in this area of your life, you will need to be willing to do exceptional things. And here’s the thing, I’m not referring to running yourself into the ground or expending more time, effort, or energy than you want to here. What I’m referring to is that you will need to be the exception to the rule.
You will need to be willing to do things completely differently because the reality is most of our society is really struggling in this area. To have a very easeful and natural relationship to healthy eating and weight loss is not the norm and it’s a real problem. Y’all, I do not even need to tell you this.
So know if you want exceptional results and you want healthy eating to feel easeful and natural and you want your weight loss to be permanent, you will need to be the exception and do things that not everyone is willing to do. And that means working on foundational behavioral change in this area of your life. And if you’re ready to do that, make sure you go to cat rentals.com/coaching and join the own your eating habits wait list so you can get all the information and start planning for our next enrollment.
This provides you all of the expert coaching and tools you need to succeed, and it’s designed to be the process that takes you to permanent weight loss. I want you to consider to wrap up this episode, the version of you a year from now with the result. So she has the permanent weight loss, her eating habits feel easeful and natural and healthy, and you’re able to speak to her.
What would she tell you to do now? How would she tell you to prioritize this result? Your future self who already has this result will give you the best advice. I want you to consider what she has to say about what you should do now and then combine that with all of these non-negotiables I shared with you today. I know you are capable of losing weight for the very last time this year. You do not need to endlessly track, plan or prep to be successful.
Those days can be done. The key to permanent weight loss is simply approaching it completely differently than you have in the past and I know you’re going to be successful. Alright my friends, I hope this episode was valuable and you took golden nuggets away from it that’s going to help you this year. Thank you for being here with me today, and I’ll talk to you next week.




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