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Mar 30

How to Find Peace & Control in Healthy Eating

Disempowered Healthy Eating Kat Rentas

It’s currently March 2020 and the world is shutting down due to the Coronavirus.

This circumstance is new to almost all of us as human beings.

We’ve never been through uncertainty or chaos like this before on a global scale. 

Despite what your brain would leave you to believe, this is the most important work you can do with your eating habits.

If you can learn to manage your eating habits in times of chaos, you can manage your eating habits anytime. 

As your health coach, it’s my pleasure to step up during this time so I can give you the tools to grow.

Here, we’re going to talk about where chaos really comes from.

And how to find peace with food despite the uncertainty we’re feeling.

Where Chaos Exists

Chaos is defined as “complete disorder and confusion”

There’s no question that we are in times of universal chaos right now.

But, there’s a lack of understanding as to where this chaos really comes from.

Most of us will believe that chaos comes from the circumstance of the Coronavirus.

Where chaos really comes from is your thoughts.

Which are just sentences inside your head.

The thoughts that bring chaos for you, are thoughts that make you feel a lack of peace or control.

Examples of these thoughts might be:

  • “What if I’m in danger?”
  • “How will I know if I’m safe?”
  • “I don’t know what’s going to happen to me”

The reason your brain resorts to these thoughts is because it hates being out of control.

Your brain only loves what’s certain so it can keep you alive.

Therefore, when things are uncertain like this virus, your brain will immediately resort to panic thoughts that stimulate your stress response in your body.

This is happening to everyone right now!

We create a lack of peace and control because we are unwilling to accept our circumstances.

And the lack of control we have over them.

The beauty in this is that we can collectively band together to approach the circumstance of the virus differently.

So, instead of panic and chaos, we are choosing peace and control instead.

Why Acceptance Is So Hard

As I’ve mentioned, our brains hate when we don’t have control.

And unfortunately for our brains, a lack of control is the theme of the human experience.

We don’t ultimately have control over many of the circumstances in our lives. 

When we experience a large magnitude of this lack of control, we often look for ways to comfort ourselves.

A main source of comfort that many women resort to is overeating.

This is also the case during this time with the virus.

Women are overeating to find comfort in this time where they feel a lack of peace and control.

They are unwilling to accept the circumstances of this virus. 

The reason why it’s difficult for us to accept circumstances outside of our control is because we think we’re giving something up when we do so.

We think that to accept the circumstance of this virus is to give it more power over our lives.

We believe we’re letting the virus “win” when we allow acceptance.

When, in fact, the complete opposite is true.

Acceptance requires work. It’s hardly “giving up”. 

Truly giving up control is when you allow the chaos or circumstances to determine your results in life.

You indulge in that fear from a place of self-pity and helplessness.

Having acceptance for what you can’t control is the opposite approach.

Acceptance over circumstances you cannot control allows you to stop putting needless energy towards it.

This energy can then be put towards your goals, gratitude, and caring for your body by feeding it the right foods instead.

My goal for you is to be able to genuinely accept all of the circumstances that this virus brings.

So that you can feed your body in a way that aligns with the future you’re creating.

How to Find Peace In The Chaos

Acceptance is defined as “the act of consenting to receive or undertake something offered”

I love this definition.

Because this means that acceptance is to find peace in our circumstances given to us in life.

Our eating habits are very reflective of how we’re managing the circumstances in our lives.

We’re either indulging in overeating because of the chaos, or we’re doing the internal work necessary to not overindulge in food. 

Here, I want to discuss the four ways you can begin finding peace with food in chaotic times.

1) Create Thoughts of Acceptance

When we feel a lack of control, we will often think thoughts of uncertainty or helplessness.

I want you to shift to thoughts of acceptance instead.

Thoughts to try on would be:

  • “It was always supposed to happen this way”
  • “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now”
  • “I consent to this experience and accept the circumstances of right now”

Thoughts such as these will make you feel more secure and grounded.

Even in times where the state of our world can feel uncertain and chaotic. 

Practicing thoughts of acceptance will allow you to avoid situations where you emotionally overeat.

Make it a practice of saying these thoughts to yourself before you make eating decisions.

You have the ability to feel safe right now, based on the thoughts you’re choosing to think.

2) Practice Embodiment

Embodiment is the practice of being physically inside your body in the present moment.

When our stress-response is activated, it can cause us to become obsessed over the past or future.

Which can cause us to become dis-embodied. Or separate from our physical body.

By practicing the act of being in your body, you can further ground yourself to reality.

And create a space for yourself where you constantly feel safe.

Try this out for yourself.

Ways to practice embodiment right now are:

  • Deep breathing
  • Moving your body
  • Eating slowly
  • Spending time in nature
  • Practicing self-care

If you make embodiment a habit, you will feel more connected to your body and healthy eating habits over time.

Which is key to maintaining a feeling of stability when the world feels chaotic.

3) Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude daily isn’t some fluffy personal development practice.

It’s actually crucial to feel grounded and secure in your current circumstances.

The reason gratitude is so essential in uncertain times?

Because many of us are constantly fearing what we’ll lose.

Especially as it relates to this virus in the world.

We’re afraid to feel happy, safe, or secure.

Because we’re afraid that if we do, we’ll be capable of losing it.

And attracting negative experiences into our lives.

What practicing gratitude does is it gives your brain permission to enjoy what you have – right now.

When you do this, you’ll allow yourself to fully enjoy what you do have in your life.

Despite how negative the outside circumstances of the world might be.

My recommendation is to do this once per day.

Every morning, write three things you’re grateful for.

This will do so much for your mental state and your eating habits during this time.

4) Give Up Control

During times of uncertainty, our brains are constantly looking for ways it can find control.
This can cause women to try and force their healthy eating habits during this time.

Using willpower to force yourself to eat healthily will not work.

Especially now.

Instead, when things are especially uncertain, you want to practice giving up the idea of complete control.

The truth is, life is uncertain by nature.

We never know what the next day, next hour, or next minute will look like. 

The difference with times of chaos, is you are hyper-aware of this fact constantly throughout the day.

Uncertainty always exists for humans.

Right now, we’re just extra aware of the fact that uncertainty is a reality.

I want you to practice finding acceptance and peace with uncertainty.

Find the beauty in the fact that nothing is certain.

When you do this, you won’t be as shaken during uncertain times of chaos on our planet.

Aside from this, I do recommend incorporating elements of certainty in your life to balance this.

The key to doing this for yourself is routine.

Commit to little practices you can do daily to form a routine for yourself.

Examples of daily practices to include are:

  • Cooking a healthy meal
  • Walking outside
  • Having a skin-care routine
  • Waking up at the same time

Routine will be an excellent way for you to find peace and acceptance with the other uncertain aspects of life.

What to Do Next

An amazing quote by Eckhart Tolle states…

…“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it”.

Accepting our present circumstances takes commitment and effort.

There is no denying that fact.

However, if we lack the ability to accept our circumstances of this virus, we lack the ability to manage our eating habits.

When our brains and bodies feel a lack of peace, it will seek to find comfort in overeating patterns.

Do the work associated with accepting our circumstances, and you will find your eating habits more manageable during this time of uncertainty.

Here for you.

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