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Dec 21

Relieving Pressure From Healthy Eating

Relieving Pressure From Healthy Eating Kat Rentas

You want to eat healthy consistently with ease so you can lose weight permanently. You’re committed to creating those results in your life.

But, you notice that each time you set out to implement these changes, something throws you off track. Eventually, you lose the initial focus and determination, and end up back at square one.

Know this: It’s not that you stopped having enough time or energy to follow through. It’s not that healthy eating or weight loss was inherently unsustainable for you.

You stopped making progress because of the pressure that you initially fueled those changes with.

In this episode, I’ll discuss how high-achieving women often unknowingly fuel their healthy eating and weight loss efforts with pressure and urgency.

You’ll learn:

→ How to determine if pressure is fueling your goals to eat healthy now

→ Exactly why you will gravitate towards urgency with the changes you want to make

→ What is truly necessary to transition from short-term to long-term weight loss successfully

→ Strategies to start relieving the pressure from healthy eating and weight loss now, so you can make progress continuously

Relieving this pressure is essential.

Turns out, not only is pressure unnecessary for lasting change with healthy eating and weight loss, but it’s also exactly what’s stalling you now.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. I’m so happy you’re able to spend some time with me today in the midst of the holiday season. Christmas is coming up, a lot of us are leaving for holiday trips with family, and so I’m grateful that we’re able to spend this time together where we can support you for a little extra support with eating healthy during the holidays. Be sure to go a few episodes back and listen to the episode, how to eat Healthy during the holidays.
It is such a game changer and it’s going to give you that perspective. You need to stay the course with your healthy eating goals during holiday meals, but today we’re not gonna talk about that. We’re going to talk about how to relieve the pressure from healthy eating. And for some of you, the pressure around healthy eating may feel obvious.
For some of you, it might be a bit sneakier, but I promise this will resonate with you. If you’re not eating healthy as naturally and easily as you want, we’re going to clear it all up. So currently, of course, right, you want to do healthy eating and weight loss, right? So you’ve established with yourself that you’re done dieting, you’re done with the short-term solutions. You’re just over that nonsense. You want to do it correctly now so you can live your life as someone with the eating habits you want, the body you want, but you may feel a sense of pressure to get it right.
So you’ll plan your meals, prep foods, set yourself up for success, and you might feel this sense of urgency that you cannot mess up this time and you can’t fail, or you just may believe that your progress has to look a certain way.
What will happen if this is where you have found yourself is you’re going to follow through for a time and then at a certain point it will stop feeling sustainable. You’ll stop prioritizing healthy eating and you’re going to go back to the same eating habits and weight you had before. Now for those of you who can relate, it may feel obvious to you why you stopped or it may not. But I want you to consider here today that if you stop prioritizing simple, healthy changes with food, it’s because of the feeling that was driving those decisions, alright?
And for many of you, the feeling driving the changes you want to make with food is pressure. So internally in your thoughts, you were somehow placing high stakes on your healthy eating progress. Now, pressure with healthy eating, any type of pressure is created by our thoughts.
So the way we think, the sentences in our head, and when you set out to change the way you eat so you can lose weight, you may have thoughts like, this is it, I’m not going to mess this up. I’m going to get it right and I’m going to follow through. Nothing’s gonna stop me . And as high achieving women, sometimes our thoughts will look really good on paper, but with healthy eating, they don’t produce an emotionally valuable experience in our body.
And it’s likely that a lot of thoughts you have that fuel your changes with food and weight now actually are creating pressure. So on paper, those sentences may look useful, but I want you to check in and notice how you feel when you think thoughts like, I have to be consistent. This shouldn’t be hard. I can do this. I need to do this right now, stay with me.
Because some of you may be thinking, well, how can thoughts like these be non-useful? It proves I’m committed, it proves I’m determined. But I really want you to check in for a moment and notice how thoughts like these feel because the functionality that our thoughts have is the emotional energy that they produce. So with thoughts like these for you, do you notice that sense of urgency or even pressure when you’re having similar thoughts? And I want you to get curious and see what those thoughts could be that create any sense of urgency or pressure with you around this area.
If you have thoughts about healthy eating and weight loss that create pressure, they will build as you make progress and eventually become unsustainable. The pressure’s going to build and I wanna offer it is not healthy eating or your weight loss progress that is unsustainable.
It’s the emotional experience of pressure that you’re fueling those changes with. And I think I’ll repeat that one. So it’s not healthy eating or your weight loss progress that is unsustainable. It’s the emotional experience of pressure that you’re fueling those changes with. And so this is what I want you to look for and explore with yourself today. I want you to get curious and ask yourself, where may I be creating pressure with the way I’m thinking about healthy eating and weight loss with the way I set healthy eating and weight loss goals?
And we want to determine here, of course, how you can relieve this pressure with healthy eating. And so here’s the simple answer. The simple answer is to change the thoughts and emotions that are driving your decision to eat healthier and lose weight. So that’s generally what needs to happen. But where do you start? How do you even go about that? First off, it’s important.
You understand the function of pressure and urgency around healthy eating and where it comes from versus an experience that feels more simple and natural to you. So to help you understand what I mean by this, I’m going to ask you a question and I really want you to think about it for a moment. When you set a healthy eating or weight loss goal, are you wanting to solve for your self worth or the end result of weight loss?
And I’m gonna ask it again. When you set a healthy eating or weight loss goal, are you wanting to solve for your self worth or the end result of weight loss? So wanting to solve for your self worth is just wanting to prove something to yourself about yourself. So consider this, what will you give yourself permission to believe about yourself when you successfully meet these goals?
When you prove you can eat healthy consistently and lose the weight, maybe you’ll give yourself permission to believe you’re capable, you’re accomplished, you’re worthy, you are healthy, you are enough. This is solving for your self worth. And if you are attempting to eat healthy and lose weight to solve for your self worth, pressure will always be what is fueling those changes. It will always feel urgent and your progress won’t be sustainable and it’s going to feel complicated.
You’ll find yourself confused because your self-worth isn’t actually a tactical thing that can be solved externally by how you eat or what you weigh. This is in your mind and this is where hustle comes from with healthy eating and weight loss. It’s why we’re in a rush. And then we add pressure to making these changes and we burn out because solving for your self-worth from this pressure is like pouring into a cup with a leak , you’re always going to need to do more, pour more water into that cup, and you’re always going to have to keep accomplishing following through and proving to yourself that you’re good enough.
So don’t set healthy eating or weight loss goals to try to create results externally to prove something to yourself because you’re going to be pouring into a cup with a leak and it’s going to burn you out. And here’s what I want you to know. If you could possibly prove to yourself as a woman that you’re worthy, accomplished, or enough, you would have done it by now. So don’t eat healthy or lose weight to prove something to yourself. That’s going to be pressure and that’s hustle.
Now I want to add, this is surprisingly why high achieving women often become high achievers, and I know I can speak for myself in regards to this and so many of you. So a lot of high achieving women want to solve subconsciously for their not enoughness and lack of self-worth. And so they become high achievers, they accomplish a lot of things, but then it creates this identity crisis as an adult because you are accomplished.
You technically know the value you bring, you have a lot of accolades and all of the expertise in your areas of work, but it’s residual inadequacy from the past that hasn’t been addressed, that is still lingering. And this is not a problem. This is for sure having a normal human brain as an adult woman in a society that is constantly telling us to be more. We just wanna be aware of it and we want to be able to be aware of when we’re setting a goal to solve for our self-worth or when we’re actually just solving for the end result.
So this is how you eat healthy and lose weight without pressure, which is what’s going to make it sustainable and long-term, you maintain awareness of the brain that wants to pressure and push, and then you choose to solve not for your self worth, but instead just for the end result.
So solving for healthy eating and weight loss is simple. There is no pressure that needs to be added for it to be guaranteed and in own your eating habits. My coaching program, the core pillars are to stop emotionally eating, make deliberate food choices and increase enjoyment with food without overeating. So those are the skills you learn. We teach you how that process is simple. Anyone can do it. There is no special case where this doesn’t work.
What you’ll need to do and what we help you with is to let the result of healthy eating and weight loss be simple. While there will be this pressuring part of your brain that wants to make it hard and wants to make it complicated, because remember, you have a brain that wants to push and prove something to yourself, which when you’re looking to naturally eat healthy and lose weight permanently, you can’t be doing it to prove something to yourself that is hustle.
So it’s okay that you have a brain that will often want to choose solving for self worth and not weight loss. This is not a problem. And you know what? If you’re a human, you will have both available. It’s just part of it. You’re going to have a part of your brain that wants to achieve these goals to solve for your self worth, and you’re going to have a part of your brain that wants to solve for an end result. You just want to separate those two areas. So check in with yourself on your healthy eating and weight loss journey.
Ask yourself, am I solving for my self worth.
In this moment or am I solving for the end result of weight loss? Remember, solving for your self-worth is complicated. Solving for weight loss is simple. Doing this work is non-negotiable, y’all. So if you notice pressure around healthy eating and weight loss and you’re fueling those changes from that urgent energy, you will burn out. You will quote unquote fall off track and it’s not going to be sustainable. And I’m here to help you make sure that does not happen.
Enrollment is coming up for the own Your Eating Habits January cohort. So what’s gonna happen when you join is you’re going to change your eating habits permanently and you’ll do so through the skills you master in this program. This is what’s going to allow you to lose weight long-term because you’re going to master the art of creating these results without pressure or hustle. There is truly no program like it. It is one of a kind and it’s effective. So go to cat rent us.com/waitlist today to get first dibs on enrollment so you can claim your spot inside in the new year.
All right, my friends, enjoy the holiday season. Here’s to enjoying food and eating healthy without pressure, and I will talk to you next week.




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