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Jun 1

Prioritizing Healthy Eating

Prioritizing Healthy Eating Kat Rentas

To lose weight long-term, healthy eating must be a priority.

If this feels inaccessible now, it’s not because you’re unable to prioritize those changes. It’s because you don’t know how to prioritize healthy eating in a useful way.

In this episode, I’m sharing what it looks like to prioritize healthy eating from harsh energy versus sustainable energy.

Because while healthy eating must be a priority, it doesn’t mean you need to emotionally exhaust yourself to do so. This shift is what will make weight loss permanent and inevitable.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, welcome back to the podcast this week. I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. Today I want to talk about the concept of how long it will take for you to become a naturally healthy eater and ultimately lose the weight permanently that you want to lose. So this is a question that a lot of us wonder when we’re in the midst of our health journey. We’re wondering how long will it take?
I remember when I was diet obsessed and food plan obsessed and protocol obsessed, and the number one thing I would always try and micromanage and plan for was the timeline of my progress and of my weight loss success. And in this episode, I really want to clear up what you should expect so you go into permanent weight loss with the right expectations because the diet industry imposes a lot of misconceptions that we will take with us into our health journey, and it produces a lot of confusion, frustration.
So I want to clear all of that up here. And really when it comes to the timeline of your progress, there are things that are in your control and there are things that are out of your control. In my practice, I teach my clients how to create permanent weight loss with the bare minimum being required of them because how they learn to lose weight is what will be necessary to keep it. So we don’t want them working harder to create weight loss.
We want them working smarter. And how you do that, a big theme of working smarter and not harder with weight loss is only focusing on the things that you have direct control over. The timeline of your weight loss is actually not in your direct control because your body ultimately has to release the weight permanently. It is the one that decides when the weight will permanently come off and if it will put weight back on.
So in my practice, we don’t have you obsess over the timeline of weight loss as much, although you will be aware of it. What we teach you that you have ultimate control over is putting your body in the optimal conditions to lose the weight. So this has to do with how you are eating. That is what you have direct control over. If your body is a plant and the plant is in control of how quickly it grows, we want to put that plant in the best conditions for it to do that.
So we want to give it the right amount of water, put it in the right light, all of those things in my practice, taking care of your body and putting it in the right conditions to lose weight means you stop overeating, you meet your body’s needs, and you make really clear intentional food decisions.
These are the three pillars of skills that my clients master. Now why I’m telling you this is I wanna set the precedent in today’s episode that the timeline of weight loss isn’t going to be yours to micromanage. Your body will be the one taking care of that. Ultimately it’s going to be the one releasing the weight. But there is a manner of thinking that you are responsible for when it comes to how long this will take.
And there are manners of thinking that will cause you to prolong the timeline of weight loss and you can delay the results you want. And I wanna talk about that here today because when it comes to the weight loss results you want, what can happen is we can delay those results unconsciously by the way we’re thinking. And what we know about you if you are listening to this podcast is that you have the desire to lose weight or create a certain result with your body.
You have clear intentions to eat healthy. This is something you want to be doing. Yet I want you to think about for yourself if you haven’t created those results yet, and for most of you listening, this likely will be the case. Despite the desire you have to lose weight and the intentions you have to eat healthier for some time, you still have not created those results. So healthy eating still doesn’t feel natural to you. It still feels like a problem that you have to solve for weight loss still doesn’t feel done and permanent and part of who you are, it feels like a problem that still requires your attention.
And if this is something that you have attempted to solve for a long time, then I want you to listen carefully to this episode because it’s going to massively help you in terms of where you’re keeping yourself stuck from not taking action on this result that you want.
Because if you are not creating the weight loss result that you want and that’s not happening, it’s because deliberate action is not being taken to solve that problem. So you are not being intentional about your progress with healthy eating, you’re likely taking a lot of passive action, which are actions that don’t produce results. So this is all of the learning, it’s all of the researching, it’s all of the consuming of information, but you’re not taking action based on what you learn.
You’re not evaluating progress. You are not taking ownership and being the leader of the results you want. And there’s no shame here. A lot of us can find ourselves in passive action, but you need to be aware of that difference for yourself. Notice when you’re not taking deliberate action to change the way you eat and lose the weight, you don’t feel like you are the leader of that experience.
You feel like you’re passively learning all of the things and then waiting for the motivation to take action and be deliberate. You will not create results from this place. You will not create permanent weight loss from this place and it’s going to feel a bit frustrating maybe and unsettling because your results, despite all of this learning you’ve done, still don’t feel solved for it still feels like a problem. Now, here’s what I want to point out to you, and this is something I see with a lot of my clients.
I have seen it in my own brain. It’s a very human thing to have within ourselves, and this is the belief that will prevent you from taking deliberate action and creating your weight loss results. Now, are you ready, ? It’s the belief this just takes time. I’ll say it again. This just takes time.
Now it sounds like a useful way to think, and it can be for a lot of you, you’ll come from a history of dieting, micromanaging food where you felt a bit desperate for that weight loss result. And to get it quickly, you wanted a quick fix. You wanted the instant gratification, so you hustled for that result and then you burn yourself out because maybe you lost the weight and gained it back, or you found that you couldn’t keep working hard for the results you wanted.
It was taking too much of your energy. So then you find yourself in a state where you’re unwilling to massively hustle for the weight loss because it just feels like too much. So then what happens is you find yourself ready for a different approach. Maybe you’ve listened to my podcast, you’re consuming my content, and you realize that a version of weight loss and healthy eating exists that doesn’t require hustle.
You realize dieting is not useful. You realize you want to become a naturally healthy eater. So then you adopt the belief, alright, diets don’t work. I can’t utilize a quick fix. This just needs to take time. Now this can be useful in the beginning because yes, weight loss is not a quick fix when you’re doing it permanently, but I want you to think about what you end up doing from the thought.
This just takes time. What will happen is this belief about your progress with weight loss will keep you stuck in that passive action. It will keep you stuck in problem solving mode. You will find yourself researching endlessly, reading more books, listening to more podcasts, figuring things out before you implement the things and take action. Because this energy of this just takes time.
It feels very, very passive. It does not feel compelling.
And I want you to think about how that feels in your body to think this just takes time. What is that feeling for you? It may feel quite calming and ease useful, but what I can tell you if you are like my clients, is that you will not feel compelled enough to be the leader and the expert of your progress with weight loss. You’re not going to feel compelled to take deliberate action and solve this problem. Now. Everything else in your life will always feel more important than prioritizing this area.
And then you’ll justify putting it off by telling yourself, this just takes time. I want you to see that everything in your life will always feel more pressing and important than creating this weight loss result. If this is your belief, because here’s the truth that we must acknowledge. It’s everything I teach my clients.
Healthy eating and weight loss is very, very simple. You can take action and create weight loss results now, no matter what circumstances are happening in your life, it’s completely available to you and it does not take more time to begin the process of creating the permanent weight loss. Now, it does not take more time. You just need to be willing to give healthy eating and weight loss the time it needs.
And I wanna say that again. It does not take more time. You just need to be willing to give healthy eating and weight loss the time it needs because I want you to consider how that feels different to you. How does that feel different to think, I’m willing to give this the time it needs now versus thinking. This just takes time. You’ll feel responsible, you will feel empowered. You will take action differently in this space.
You will not take action passively. You will feel compelled to take massive action and create these results that you want. You will feel compelled to build awareness of your eating habits, evaluate your progress, and be the leader of that experience. You will take responsibility for your results When you’re someone who believes, I’m willing to give this the time it needs. Now you will prioritize this area of your life because healthy eating and weight loss, I’ll say it again, it doesn’t take more time to begin creating it.
You just need to be willing to give it the time it needs. Now, what I want for you to do is to get really specific here. And your thoughts may not be exactly the same as I’m presenting to you here, but I want you to open up your mind to what you think your thoughts are about how long this will take.
When you believe this just takes time, how do you feel when you think that thought? What is that energy like in your body? And then from that energy, how do you show up? What does it look like in terms of solving this problem? I want you to uncover everything you passively do that does not create this result. I want you to be really clear about this because the reality is that without giving yourself this awareness, you will be stuck in this place waiting for your results for life.
And then you’ll be confused about why you haven’t created the weight loss results yet, despite all of the books you’ve read, the podcasts, you’ve listened to all of the things, and you will no longer be confused after listening to this podcast because this is why. Do not let this take more time. Be willing to give it the time it needs.
Now I want you to do the opposite. And when you think I’m willing to give this the time it needs, how does that feel in your body? What is that energy like? And then what do you do from this place? How do you take action on solving this problem differently? What does that initiative look like? The big difference I see with my clients, and this is a big shift all of my clients move through in my practice, we hold you in a higher regard and we do not indulge disempowering energy when it comes to this problem.
We focus on helping you evolve from a student with this work into the expert of your own eating habits. Because you are the boss of your eating habits. You are the boss of your own body and you are the parent of yourself. So that is how you need to learn to build these skills.
And this shift in energy is exactly what is required for you to create the permanent results with weight loss you want. Because if you learn how to shift this energy, it will be impossible for you not to show up and create the results you want because you’re going to be compelled to do so. So I want you to distinguish these two energies today. How do you show up when you think this just takes time?
And how do you show up with solving for healthy eating and weight loss when you’re truly willing to give this the time it needs such different energy there. Now, for those of you who are ready to evolve into this leadership energy with healthy eating and weight loss, my program own Your Eating Habits is for you. This is exactly what we do. We hold you to a higher standard here and you will create the results you want. Feeling like the leader of your own eating habits.
You will take deliberate action and you will eat healthy and lose the weight. Now, it doesn’t need to take more time. Alright, I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week and I’ll talk to you next week.


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