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Mar 18

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy Kat Rentas

What energy are you bringing towards your eating habits?

Are you constantly analyzing the metrics of your food decisions?

Or, are you learning into uncertainty with your food journey – and allowing all of it with compassion?

This is the difference between the masculine and feminine energy when it comes to food.

And reclaiming our feminine energy, as a woman, is what sets you up to become a naturally healthy eater over time.

In this podcast, I teach you how to incorporate more of your innate feminine energy into your eating decisions.

So you can learn to make these food decisions without resistance or overwhelm.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello there, friend. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you’re doing exceptionally well this week. And if you’re not doing the best, I hope you’re taking care of you. And this week, I want to talk about something a little different. It’s something deeper than the healthy eating tactics. It’s a bit deeper than what we’re eating. What I want to talk about today is the energy you’re bringing to your eating habits. Specifically, your feminine energy. Now, I want to address the thoughts that may be coming up for some of you. When you hear things like “energy” and “feminine energy” you may think “Oh god. Here we go. Here comes the spiritual woo”. And I want to assure you, while there’s nothing wrong with spirituality or any of those things, that’s not what I will be referring to here in this episode. And I’m going to be talking about feminine versus masculine energy. I’m going to share the mistakes we often make when we define these energies. I’m going to share what each energy looks like when you bring it to your eating habits. And I’m going to talk about which energy you are probably not prioritizing enough when it comes to food. And I probably gave it away with the title of this episode. Spoiler alert. It’s feminine energy. I’m going to explain how feminine energy is not only an advantage when it comes to changing the way you eat, but in certain respects it really is a non-negotiable. I know for many of you, because I know how many of you are similar to me, that harnessing the feminine energy with food may not feel the most natural. So this episode is going to be really eye-opening for those of you who feel out of touch with that feminine energy. And, if this still seems a little vague, don’t worry I’m going to clear up exactly what I mean by this. When we talk about this energy we’re simply referring to the energy that you’re bringing to your eating habits.
So, first, I want you to understand exactly what I’m referring to when I describe masculine energy and feminine energy. It’s no secret that men tend to lean more towards masculine energy, while women tend to lean more towards feminine energy. Generally, right? However, it’s important to know that these energies are not exclusive to being a man or being a woman. A woman can exhibit more masculine qualities as well as more feminine qualities. Same with men. These energies are present in both genders. And believing that men are strictly masculine or that women are strictly feminine is a huge misconception. That implies a total lack of understanding of the human experience. And there’s actually every possible range of masculine and feminine energies within any given person. So, we all have some masculine qualities and some feminine qualities that make us who we are. And the interesting thing is the amount of masculine and feminine energy you have, will likely change throughout your life. These two opposing energies like to shift and evolve as we grow. And it so important to know that there’s no right energy and no wrong energy here. Each type of energy, both masculine and feminine, has benefits to offer you. Depending on the area of your life in which you’re harnessing that energy, right? Where it can go wrong is when you’re overemphasizing one energy over the other. Since this can cause you to become deficient in the other opposing energy. So, in the case of our relationship to food, and how we approach changing our eating habits, most women overemphasize their masculine energy and neglect their feminine energy. Because this is what we’re taught. We’re taught to kind of whiteknuckle and strongarm our new eating habits into place. Through willpower, discipline – all of the ways in which it feels very forced. And this acts as kind of a barrier when it comes to changing the way you eat. Since you cannot fully heal your relationship with food and body without that feminine energy available to you. And so many of the food answers you’ve been seeking are inaccessible when you’re only operating from that masculine energy. The answers to healthy eating that your body is able to provide for you are only accessible through that feminine energy. So, don’t worry, I’m going to explain this more in detail.
I want to clarify what masculine energy really is. So we’re getting super specific. It’s always important to remember that this isn’t exclusive to being a man – whatsoever. And you’re likely a woman listening to this podcast, so I know you know this, right? As women, we have plenty of masculine energy that we harness to accomplish our tasks and get shit done. Whether that’s as a mom, in the workplace – anywhere. To definitely not exclusive to being a man in the least. And some words that have been used to describe the masculine energy type are linear, left brained, logical, by the numbers, analytical, survival, order, and strength. So, this type of energy is very rigid and focused on control. And, most women are approaching food and body with this rigid masculine energy. This is the energy we’re often trying to harness when we’re attempting to stick to a meal plan, or a diet, or a weight loss program. And there’s a couple of reasons why this is happening. And this first one is pretty eye-opening. The first reason is that as women, we’re constantly being told to be more masculine. That’s no secret. We’re taught from a young age that our feminine should constantly be suppressed, so we can succeed in our careers, run businesses, and so we have the possibility to excel in the male-dominated workplace. Where masculine energy is running rampant. Our feminine side is very often shamed. And as women, many of us even reject the idea of being feminine altogether. It has developed a very negative connotation. We’ve begun defining feminine as weak, sensitive, or even less than. So as a result, we’re used to operating from masculine energy with almost everything in our lives. Including the way we eat and our relationship with food. And this isn’t a one size fits all case. There will be some of you listening who are very comfortable with their feminine energy. But this is a really common struggle that many women are going through and it’s something I for sure went through in the past. I naturally carry a lot of masculine energy with me. When it comes to my business, especially. In terms of running a company. And this does serve me. But part of why masculine energy has always come so naturally is a little bit because I took pride in rejecting the feminine. Because of how I was conditioned. I thought it made me a stronger woman. And part of me equated being feminine as being weaker in a sense. Which is so crazy to me now. And I had to really unlearn that narrative. So I could keep the masculine energy where it served me, such as in my business. But so I could also embrace the feminine energy where that served me as well. Such as when it came to changing my eating habits completely. So just some food for thought. The second reason we do this, and we get sort of trapped in this masculine energy, is because the diet industry leads us to believe that to solve our eating problems, we need to be really rigid and controlling with it. We need to stick to the food plan, follow the food rules, and get the weight off as quickly as possible. The energy around weight loss and eating healthy has become really rigid and masculine in our society. So, as a result of all of this, we’re really rejecting the feminine with food.
So, because of this, you end up overemphasizing your masculine energy when it comes to the way you eat. You want to control what you eat so you can get the results you want with your body as quickly as possible. Your relationship with food becomes very linear, numbers driven, intellectual, and ultimately disconnected. And here’s what overemphasizing the masculine with food will look like for you in your health journey. It will look like you, relying on the numbers, needing scientific proof, searching for the “right way” to eat, counting calories, rejecting negative emotion, obsessing over your weight, relying on willpower, and striving for the perfect body. And it’s important that you realize that this type of energy will not get you the results you want with food or your body. This means you’re trying to force healthy eating habits into existence. And many diet programs and other things will operate under this mentality and encourage more masculine behaviors with food, and it’s so incredibly damaging long-term. This will keep you in that diet mentality, we’re you’re picking up diets and putting them down, for a long long time. And this type of energy really)comes from a place of fear, desperation, and scarcity. You are trying to strongarm better eating habits, so you can feel better. So you can stop suffering. And this just isn’t what lessens that suffering, it only increases that pressure over time. And many of us, when we’re doing this, think that if we aren’t being hard enough on ourselves, and constantly tracking the numbers with food, that we won’t succeed. We think we can’t be kind to ourselves and still see the results we want. And this just isn’t the case. So, let’s talk about the type of energy you want to emphasize more so you can set yourself up for success with your eating habits.
That energy is feminine energy. And I want to talk about what feminine energy really is. Because, as I mentioned, there are some huge misconceptions here that most of us will have. Here are some words that can describe the feminine energy. Nourishment, flow, pleasure, natural, wisdom, connection, surrender, and compassion. So, this type of energy is very open and nonjudgmental. And it’s really crazy how many misconceptions there are with what it means to be feminine, right? Our feminine energy is often suppressed because women have been taught to shame those softer, more emotional sides of our psyche. And this is because we’re not defining it properly. To embrace feminine energy does not imply weakness or a reliance on others. There is so much collective confusion as to what it means to really be feminine. And really, there is so much strength in our feminine energy. There’s so much wisdom there that isn’t accessible through the masculine energy. And it’s’ time we honor that. Especially when it comes to the way we eat. So, you want to begin embracing your feminine energy as it relates to food. And this isn’t to say you want to completely get rid of your masculine energy. That energy can be useful in your job, business, and other things where you want to be engaged with things in an analytical way. But, with food we want to bring back the more feminine side. And here’s what placing an emphasis on the feminine with food will look like in your health journey. You will value gradual growth over willpower, incorporate enjoyable movement over exercise, cooking loving meals over fast foods, embrace natural hunger over meal plans, value your own wisdom over “scientific research”, find pleasure in food without fear of overeating, allowing yourself to feel emotions rather than push them away, you’ll gravitate to more natural foods over synthetic foods, and you’ll place a higher emphasis on nourishing your body over nutrition. Alright? So, see the shift that is made here? When you allow yourself to move from masculine to feminine. This energy with food is how you get results from it. Truly. I cannot emphasize this enough. And what’s crazy, is this shift you can make is also not representative of being a man or woman. Men really struggle with this as well. They’re taught to reject this feminine energy from the time they are born, for most of them. And this would serve men equally as well. To embrace that feminine energy. Because it serves a greater purpose than most of us even realize. So, with all of this being said, embracing the feminine with food simply means a few things. It means you’re willing to let go of forcing your eating habits. It means you’re open to trusting your internal body wisdom, rather than someone telling you what to eat. It means you’re done punishing your body through dieting and exercise. It means you’re willing to feel your emotions fully. It means you’re ready to let go of perfectionism. It means you’re willing to be with your body as it is right now, rather than fight it. And it means you’re willing to move forward in this journey without expectation. Where you’re willing to give yourself the time and care you need to transform your eating habits over time. This is the shift I hope you’re willing to make throughout this journey. Feminine energy, especially as women, is our gift. It’s our superpower. And it can be our advantage when we’re looking to change our eating habits for life. Alright my lovely friend. Thank you for being here. And I’ll talk with you next week.

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