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Apr 13

From Student To Expert

Student To Expert Energy Kat Rentas

To become a naturally healthy eater, you will need to shift from student to expert energy.

Student energy is depending on someone (or something) outside of yourself.

Expert energy is knowing you have everything you need within yourself.

In my practice, my clients learn how to move into expert energy to create permanent control with food.

When they do so, they’re no longer waiting for someone to save them from their food struggles. There’s no more hand-holding. They learn to show up, take action, learn from their setbacks, and move forward.

This is what makes the results with food you want inevitable. And, it’s what creates unshakeable trust within yourself.

Because learning to eat healthy from expert energy teaches you that you are the one who creates your results.

In this episode, I’m clarifying the difference between student and expert energy, along with how you can move into expert energy to create long-term changes with food.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from student or expert energy. The changes you want with food are possible for you now.

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Episode Transcript

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Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast this week. Now, before we get into today’s episode, I wanted to briefly share a few words from my client Shira. So she has been with me for a little over a month now, and she sent me a very lovely message a few weeks into the program. So I really wanted to share her words with you here. So she said, cat, this process is truly life-changing for me. I don’t even want to think about where I’d be. If I didn’t find you, I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. Everything is making sense. These changes actually feel completely doable for me. And I could cry even just acknowledging that it’s even feeling fun. So I just wanted to say I can’t thank you enough. And I’m beyond happy. I found you, you guys, your success means so much to me, and I want to share words like this because there are actually two particular things she said that I would love for you all to sit with. The first thing is everything is making sense. And the second thing is it’s even feeling fun and it really matters that you all understand that wherever you’re struggling right now with food can make perfect sense to you. It doesn’t need to feel confusing and noisy in your head where it’s taking up a lot of your brain space, because no matter how you’re struggling with food, it does make sense. And then once you have full clarity around that, and you have a process that’s able to help you solve for it in a very clear, non punishing way, it can feel fun and fulfilling and enjoyable to you on the way to the results with food that you want, or on the way to the results with your body that you want. It doesn’t have to feel terrible. And Shira just so happened to describe this in a really perfect way and her words were so lovely. So I really just wanted to offer you them and share that with you today. All right, now let’s get into today’s episode because I want to talk about the concept of student energy and expert energy and why it’s necessary to create healthy eating habits that feel natural to you to move from student to expert energy. So that’s what I’m going to introduce you here in this podcast today. So student energy is where most of us come into this work with. So most of us are taught to be an, a student mindset when solving any problem. We’re taught from the moment that we’re young to ask our teachers and then our professors, and then our bosses for the right way to do things we’re taught to depend on them for the answers. And this is exactly what student energy is. It is a mindset and it’s a mindset that someone else knows better.
And we do. And when we’re believing that we will become conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answers. So outside of ourselves, outside of our own knowing and wisdom for what to do. And when we spend a long time doing this in this way, we will become completely dependent on someone else or something else for the answers. And when it comes to food, especially solving for our food struggles, most of us will be in student energy. When we partake in diet programs or weight loss protocols, or when we hire certain experts to solve our food struggles, we will have the mindset that they know better than us, and that we need them to come in and fix us essentially, right? It’s very much that energy. So in contrast to that, you can consider expert energy. So I want you to consider the energy you have when you genuinely believe, you know, best when you genuinely believe that you are the expert in that you always have the best answer first. So even just take a moment to consider what that feels like in your body. And you can think about random things in your life that may not even be obvious to you, that you have expert energy in. So maybe you have expert energy when it comes to raising your kids. Maybe you have expert energy when it comes to your job, maybe you have expert energy when it comes to anything, right? It doesn’t matter, but just consider what that feels like to have that energy inside of you. And this is when you look to yourself for the answers first, before looking outside of yourself. And this is actually the shift in energy that I teach my clients inside of own your eating habits, because it is a tactic that is necessary in order to eat healthy naturally in order for my clients to have control with food, no matter what they have to evolve from the student energy to that expert energy. So I’m going to break that down even more for you here today, but this is generally what I am referring to. So as mentioned, the student energy is not where we will make lasting change with food from. And I really want to explain exactly why this is the case. So student energy is as mentioned, depending on someone else to know the right answers, which means we will depend on someone else to take action and solve a problem. So we’ll kind of be waiting for the expert or the mentor to hold our hand through a process, because we lack any belief within ourselves that we have the answers and what this does, of course, is it transfers responsibility for our results. So we’re leading with this idea that someone else has the power. Someone else knows the answer just because we’re believing we don’t have the power. We don’t have the answers and we don’t have control. So when we transfer responsibility for our results in our mind, this is the student mindset. And emotionally, this is going to feel very helpless out of control and disempowering. This is the energy we’re going to be taking to, uh, work with solving our food struggles. And what ends up happening is this heavily minimizes the amount of answers you have access to because when you are in your, to solving for your food struggles and becoming a naturally healthy eater, you’re going to have setbacks. You’re going to have lessons that need to be learned. This is how self-improvement works. There is no way around this. And when you have a setback, if you are in student energy, you’re going to think something has gone massively wrong, and that someone needs to come fix you and save you because the amount of answers you have access to in your brain will be so minimal.
And this is why in your mind. Now you may be thinking, I don’t know why this is happening. I don’t know what to do next. Right? We give up that responsibility so easily, and you will always believe in this mindset that you need to be saved from your setbacks and your struggles and that you don’t have the capacity or the ability to solve for your eating struggles on your terms, because you’re going to believe you’re not capable and that you can’t be trusted. So this is not the result that’s created in my practice. In my program. We do not do things with this mindset in this way. My goal for each client is to unlearn this mindset, this approach with food completely, because it is absolutely necessary to become a naturally healthy eater and solve for your food struggles permanently. And for those of you who are new here, when I say become a naturally healthy eater, it kind of sounds too good to be true for some of us. But what I mean is becoming someone who isn’t constantly thinking about what they’re going to eat. They’re not over-planning or micromanaging their eating habits. Food is just food, and it doesn’t require more effort to make a healthy eating decision. That is what I mean when I refer to a naturally healthy eater. And in order to do this, it requires you to have self-trust and an inner knowingness that you are the expert. So that is why in my program, that’s the mindset you learn, which is the expert energy mindset. So let’s talk about that. The expert energy is when you’re not depending on anyone outside of you to come up with the answers. So you’re not waiting. Anyone’s permission to take action or solve a problem you’re comfortable. And you know, you have the ability to get answers within yourself, which means you’re not transferring responsibility for your results. And I want to be clear for my clients. This doesn’t mean they know everything, and it doesn’t mean they’re not learning in the process of working together. It means they look to themselves for the answers first. So before coming to me and asking me all of these questions, they have spent time unpacking. What’s gone wrong, what they need to work on and what the next step is going to be for them. And this makes the entire process of working together a lot simpler for them, a lot cleaner for them. And they graduate that process, having such a self trust with themselves because they know when they’ve created the result after working together, that they’re the one who created it. There’s no question in their minds because as the coach, if I’m coming in there and I’m letting them sit in a student mindset, they’re going to believe I created the control with food.
I solved for their eating struggles. See how this works. If they’re leading with expert energy or they took initiative, and they came up with the solutions first, which they are taught how to do, then when they’ve created changes with food, they’re not questioning whether they had the power over that. Whether they were responsible, this is so, so powerful. So to become a naturally healthy eater, you will need to develop this type of expert minded self-trust and stability within yourself.
Stability is a huge piece of it because I want you to consider how unstable it feels. If we’re depending on the food answers outside of ourselves, if we’re depending on a diet or a meal plan or an expert for what to eat, what to do next, it will feel incredibly unstable and on safe stability comes from inner self trust. This is where we’re not constantly thinking about food and food decisions. Just get to be simple. This comes from having expert energy and answering our own questions. First, taking that responsibility. And this is a tactic. This is not just a cute fluffy mindset exercise, because you need to learn to be the expert of your mind and your body with food. This is a non negotiable. You need to access the answers with food you have within yourself in your mind and body, before you ever seek control with an outside source, that’s not control control with food comes from answering your own questions based on what you access in your mind and your body. So with your mind, it’s things like emotions and your thinking with your body. It’s things like hunger, fullness, pleasure, cues, satisfaction, all of those things give you all of the answers. You need to make healthy eating decisions. And it’s a really important that we all realize that if we’re going about this work with healthy eating, with a disempowering mindset where we think we need our handheld, or that someone needs to save us, we are massively limiting ourselves. When you show up to this work, convinced and hell bent on the belief that you do not have control and that someone needs to save you from that. That will be your experience. Now, if this is the experience you’re having in your mind right now, don’t be hard on yourself. We’re not in the business of doing that, but I want you to see the possibility here of what changes when you shift that into expert energy, and you can learn how to show up to this work being in expert energy. This is the standard that is set inside my program, own your eating habits. And this is how you get massive results where you don’t even recognize yourself with food. When you make these changes from that mental space, because you do become an expert with food rather than having made the changes, still being a student at the end of the work. So I’m hoping that difference is clear now, to get an idea of what’s going to be necessary for you to shift into expert energy. I want you to notice the disempowering thoughts you’re having with food right now. So notice the thoughts you’re having. When you think about where you’re struggling to eat healthy. So here are some examples of disempowering thoughts that I commonly see. I don’t know what’s going wrong. Something is wrong with me. Nothing is working. I don’t know what to do next. So notice how all of these thoughts are representative of a story that nothing is in your control. It’s just extremely disempowering and it will keep you stuck. And then notice how these types of thoughts make you feel emotionally. So you’ll likely feel powerless, helpless. Incapable. If we tell ourselves a story about being out of control, we will be, it will be our experience emotionally, which will lead to us, transferring responsibility for how we’re showing up. Really take a moment to consider how you feel emotionally with these disempowering thoughts. And it’s okay. You can be totally honest. Here we are all human. If we tell ourselves this story about being out of control and we will be with food, this is why we go into student energy, because we believe that we need a teacher or another expert to fix us because we’re incapable. We do not have the ability to be the experts. So with that, now we have thought about where we are in the disempowering thoughts, how, where in student energy. Now I want you to consider what you would be thinking. Instead, if you believed you had 100% control of your results with food, that you were 100% capable of eating healthy with the right process.
If you had this type of expert energy. So here are some examples of thoughts I see in my clients, when they’re in expert energy, I have everything I need. I know what to do next. I know where my work is right now. See the difference. When you have this mindset, you will be the most successful at this work. Nothing will be able to stop you. No setback with food, no failure, nothing will get in your way. You will be on shakable because you’re having the mindset that you are 100% in control of how you react to those failures. And to those setbacks, you believe you are responsible. And here’s really what being in expert energy with solving your food struggles will do for you. What it will do is it’s going to open up all of the doors in your mind in terms of solving for your food struggles. Because notice how, when you’re in student energy, you close all of the doors in your mind. You think you don’t know, you don’t know the best. Next step. You don’t know what’s going wrong. All of the doors are closed in terms of your thinking and problem solving really you’re opting out. That’s the transferring responsibility piece. You’re not even willing to see what you do. Know what you do have access to expert energy means opening up all of the doors in your mind, where you will always have an answer. You are your own solution. And you know, you don’t need to depend on anyone or anything outside of you ever again, to eat healthy and learning his spine support is fine. Obviously, those things are beneficial when we’re solving for our food struggles. The difference is not depending on those things, to do the work for you to save you from that student energy.
All because you think you don’t have control. This is when you keep yourself stuck. So I want you to ask yourself with full honesty when it comes to solving for your food struggles.
Now, am I in student energy or am I an expert energy? Where all I need is a process that will work for me to create the results that I want. If you believe you are an expert energy now, and I highly recommend joining my program own your eating habits. This is going to give you that process. You need to eat healthy naturally and create that long-term control with food that you want.
That is the solution for you. If you find your in student, that’s okay too. I am here to support you because I have been there. I was in this energy for years and notice how this is disempowering you now, because it’s likely showing up in many other areas of your life, just the way our brains work, how we’re showing up to our food struggles is going to show up elsewhere and do not judge yourself for it. But I invite you to just notice. And if you do want support with this mindset, you can still join me inside of own your eating habits. That is a safe, supportive container for you, but know you will be joining to learn how to move into expert energy. So you can take responsibility for your results and create that self trust within yourself that you will need to eat healthy.
Long-Term that is possible for you right now. You can become someone who identifies as an expert of her eating habits with full control. If you’re ready to do the deeper work, there is a process to moving from student to expert energy. And I do believe and have evidence of that. It is possible for absolutely anyone to be an expert of their own eating habits and to whether you’re starting from student or expert energy, where you’re starting from simply represents the lessons that need to be learned for you to become your most powerful self. That version of you who has the results you want with food and your body, without question, without ever having to think about it. All right, my friends, I hope this was helpful. Thank you for being here with me today, and I’ll talk to you next week.


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